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So why ride an electric bicycle? E-bikes will never be a replacement to a conventional bike but they do open the doors to many new possibilities, like making an untamed backyard trail system more accessible or replacing that pesky car for a formerly laborious commute in to work. Most e-bikes, in fact, still require you to pedal and only help you as much as you are willing to push yourself, so they do still provide a healthy way to burn a few calories. E-bikes make climbing hills much easier and riding longer distances with less effort in less time a reality that we can all benefit from. If your reason for not getting outside and choosing a healthier and more practical way to get to your destination is because of a level of effort you are not attuned to then maybe an e-bike is the answer. So the real question is not why ride an e-bike instead of a normal bike but it is more about the truth of how much more is possible when riding a bicycle that assists you while pedaling.

Today, e-bikes are an incredibly fast growing market with more features and product add-ons being developed all the time. Knowing what works and what needs work is something that is not always that easy to decipher. Some e-bikes are designed specifically for riding on the road while others are capable of tackling more aggressive off-road terrain with ease. Then with no set standard on how each electric bicycle handles power consumption or the way the mechanics of how the motor actually drives the pedal assist system works may be ground breaking or turn out to be a very inefficient method.

E-BikeGuide.com is your source to unravel these mysteries and aide in the enlightenment of what an electric bicycle can do for you.