Christmas Gifts for E-Bike Lovers – Part 2



You’ve arrived at the correct place if you’re searching for the ideal present for your friend who enjoys riding two wheels. The perfect gift for cyclists should either increase their time spent riding, motivate them to go farther, faster, and better, or ensure their safety when riding on crowded bike lanes and highways.


The unusual bicycling gift suggestions listed here are helpful, and we guarantee you’ll like them. I’ve chosen substantial presents that will last across the seasons since I genuinely think giving gifts should originate from the heart.


Gifts Under $10


  1. Socks for bicycles

These are socks with eccentric bicycle patterns. Not specifically “cycle socks,” but cotton socks that express your passion for bicycles.

Every Christmas stocking must contain at least a pair of socks. The biker within your life will need to look at these socks, even if most are boring.


  1. Waterproof backpack Cover

A little cover may be placed over backpacks to protect their contents from the elements.

This cover helps prevent the contents of your cyclist’s backpack from becoming wet if they frequently find themselves caught in the rain. Especially crucial if the luggage contains valuables like computers.


  1. Bottle opener for bicycles

It is a bottle opener that resembles a bicycle manufactured using stainless steel.

Just have a look at it! A playful yet functional gift packaged in an adorable gift box. It is portable and tiny enough to carry about if you need to open a bottle immediately.


  1. Accessory case of Burton

The pannier/frame bag black hole is genuine. You never come across your minor accessories again. 

Keep everything in a case designed for accessories like this one to avoid that from happening. Add this to your list of presents for motorcyclists who enjoy camping and backpacking!


  1. Three-way hex wrench 

This kind of 3-way hex wrench is a need for any legitimate bike shop or technician. Everything is handled by the Y-Hex twist, from significant repairs to routinely tightening nuts. It is among the most valuable presents for cyclists.


  1. Phone Bike Mount

It is a phone holder for bikes that mounts to the handlebars. This safe universal design may accommodate almost any smartphone (4″ to 6.7″).

It allows for convenient smartphone access while cycling, which is beneficial for accessing maps or managing music. A phone may be added or removed in a matter of seconds, and it is kept firmly in place on any surface.


Gifts under $20


  1. Super Light MedPack for Cyclists 

The Cyclist Super Light MedPack will help you be ready for any little accident or injury. It has bandages, chamois cream in a package, electrolyte powder, hand sanitiser, and more. 

Check out the Cycle Medic or Biker Med Pack, which can be fastened to your bike frame if you want more sophisticated equipment.


  1. Waterproof Bicycle Seat Cover with Padding

With this gel cover, practically any bike seat may be made more comfortable. It’s waterproof to prevent damp buttocks.

This gel liner will make cycling much more enjoyable if saddle sores are a concern.


  1. USB-Powered Bicycle Lights

They are a pair of USB-rechargeable front and back LED bicycle lights. It may be quickly and easily connected to and detached from a bike.

It’s a handy set of removable bicycle lights that you can easily attach to your bike for optimal visibility while cycling and store in your backpack or pocket. There are several illumination options.


Gifts Under $50


  1. Rehook Plus: One-Stop Bicycle Tool

It’s a lightweight bicycle tool that may repair spokes, tighten nuts and bolts, put the chain back on, and remove tires.

If there is an emergency, you can keep this tool in your pocket or even strap it to your bike because it is so tiny and light. Rehook even received a favourable Dragon’s Den investment.


  1. Wireless bicycle Indicators

They are a set of wireless bicycle indicators that are simple to control using the handlebar-mounted system control.

It might be challenging to turn on a bicycle while using hand signals. But these indicators will notify you with a quick button press.


  1. Smart Bike Helmet by LIVALL

It is a head-protecting cycling helmet with built-in speakers, lights, and Bluetooth technology.

It enables bikers to make and receive phone calls safely, enjoy music, and improve visibility at night.


  1. Compact Foldable Bike Lock by Foldylock

The smallest and most portable foldable bike lock in its class, the Foldylock Compact, is simple to mount to your bike.

This secure foldable lock is lightweight and small, making it convenient to carry when riding.


Gifts Under $100


  1. Cycling suit from the Ministry of Supply

A beautiful line of business-friendly suits from the Ministry of Supply feels fantastic when you ride a bike. To prevent excessive perspiration when riding, the suits comprise lightweight, breathable, exceptionally elastic material.

Without needing to change clothing during the day, commute comfortably to work. This outfit set even a Guinness World Record.


  1. Combination of Blackburn Dayblazer 1000 with Dayblazer 65 Light

It pays to be visible! We guarantee visibility with the 1000 front lights and 65 back lamps. Blackburn is highly recognizable for its quality and inventiveness in the cycling community, so this holiday, light up your preferred rider to make them more visible to drivers.


  1. Destination Kitchen Set by GSI Outdoors, 24

This practical kitchen set will provide you with the necessary equipment for fantastic culinary diversions, whether you’re going cycling, trekking, or vehicle camping. It fits neatly in its compact carrying box and has 24 pieces. Give the bikers on your gift list a pleasant surprise with this unique but practical outfit.


  1. Rubber Boot Set

The rubber boot kit is a Christmas present that keeps giving since it comes in handy when things are tough, which is why it’s such a terrific stocking stuffer.

Eight Hypalon pads that are thin, strong, and tear-resistant are in the package, along with a container of adhesive. These patches cover sidewalls and tread rips on any tubed tire, allowing you to replace them while riding and finishing your journey.


  1. Sports Team Feedback Mechanic Tool Kit

For the genuine bike mechanic on your gift list! A complete package includes almost everything one may need for maintenance and repairs on any bike. With a quality kit like this, you can easily do the task without making as many visits to the bike shop!


  1. Cloudburst Jacket: Showers Pass Jacket

When the weather is iffy, a reliable storm jacket is required to venture outside. Regarding utility and durability, Showers Pass gear is well-known in the cycling community, and its jacket range is the cornerstone of its weather protection.

It’s a beautiful bargain to buy durable items from Showers Pass since they perform effectively and endure a long time.


  1. A single EDC pump

Although 65 dollars may seem steep for a hand pump, the One Up EDC pump offers a few different characteristics that make it worthwhile. It provides storage for tiny spares like a master connection or the One UP EDC (Everyday Carry) multitool, and it may be used with a CO2 cartridge (sold separately). Kids’ 


  1. Mini Theragun

After a successful ride, every biker needs some downtime to recover. Typically, this entails consuming large amounts of water, eating a protein-rich diet, and taking care of your muscles. Most cyclists have a post-ride ritual, but a decent massager may make all the difference in the world. 

Although we have a large selection of the greatest massagers, the Theragun Mini is currently the most portable and small. This is ideal if you want a terrific massage gun to take with you wherever. 


  1. LED bicycle wheel lights from WheelBrightz

    image from

When riding on special events, fun wheel lights such as these WheelBrightz are great for adding some flare or just trying to make sure you’re spotted. 

You may use them to standout out on nighttime solo rides or to give the impression that you and your other riders are part of a group. To have the wheels glow, WheelBrightz lights give light in various hues.


  1. Bone-conduction headphones from AfterShokz 

When riding a bike, headphones are tricky to use. The environment around the bike might smother them if they are too silent. You run the danger of losing the ability to hear nearby cars if they are too loud or drown out background noise. The finest headphones for bikers provide high-quality music and allow you to keep an eye on approaching traffic. 


The Aftershokz Aeropex bone-conduction headphones significantly improve how you listen to music, podcasts, or ebooks while riding by vibrating noise into your eardrums via locations on your skull. And they are the finest if you want to offer a biker the gift of sound.


  1. CO2 Tire Inflator, COTOUXKTER

Because the small cartridges they utilize are difficult to reuse and frequently wind up in landfills, I’m not the greatest fan of Carbon dioxide tire inflators. My small tire inflator, however, also came in handy when I had a flat tire and was stuck 35 miles from the car in a remote area. 

This prevented me from needing to walk or take a cab home. These tire airbags are a marvel when used correctly. Every rider should have one since you can slip one into your backpack and forget about it.


  1. Repair multitool in a compact size

Every biker already has a set of equipment, but mobility is essential when you have issues while out riding. The ability to store your equipment in the smallest feasible container is important because most motorcycles don’t have a lot of storage space. 


The Pro Bike Tool Bike Multitool features 17 tools, including small screwdrivers and a hex key, that are compatible with almost any bike. It is a terrific addition to any current toolkit that may be kept on the bicycle itself and is so compact that it practically fits into a purse (it will fit easily into a bag).


  1. The Neotoez SPATZ

Protecting your extremities is the first step to enjoying a bike ride in bad weather; if your feet and hands get chilly, you won’t survive very long. For the bulk of the year, these Neotoez toe heaters are excellent for keeping your foot warm and dry (you’ll want to check at the overshoes they produce for very rainy rides). Spatzwear is leading the way when it comes to tackling the toughest situations.


Gifts Over $100

  1. Hero 10 Black by GoPro

Action cameras are being sought after by more and more riders to capture their rides. They could do much worse than GoPro’s top-of-the-line Hero 10 camera, but not much better.


The GoPro name is now almost ubiquitous with these ride-ready filming gadgets, much as Hoover did for vacuums. GoPro is doing for camcorders like Hoover did for vacuums.


  1. Alarm Clock, Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150

Regular alarms are a disaster in this respect, frequently jarring you waking up amid Deep sleep and leaving you feeling exhausted and foggy. Sleep is among the great untapped areas for performance increases for many amateurs, and typical alarms are a pain in this aspect.


The Lumie Bodyclock Glow, on the other hand, uses LEDs to simulate actual sunshine to gently awaken you in customizable 20, 30, or 45-minute periods, assisting you in feeling rested and awake as you do so.

Additionally, it features ten built-in sleep/wake noises and can simulate the sunset to aid in relaxing at night.


  1. Bike, Co-op Cycles REV 24 Plus

This top option will make a great present if you want to teach your child how to pedal a mountain bike. A strong, lightweight hydroformed aluminium frame is the foundation of the Co-op Cycles REV 24 Plus. It has a broad 7-gear range, strong mechanical disc brakes, and enormous 24′′ x 2.6′′ tires. 


There is no question that this is a true mountain bike capable of tearing through mild trails and dirt tracks. It makes the ideal introductory mountain bike for any young rider.


  1. 20-inch Diamondback El Oso Nino bike

This tiny ripper features disc brakes and 20-inch tires, making it a terrific first bike for both boys and girls. The 22.68-inch standover height of the Diamondback El Oso 20 makes it appropriate for children between the ages of 4 and 9.

For young adventurers, this fat bike with lots of features is fantastic. With it, your young rider will pick up big-bike riding with shifters and front- and rear brakes very fast. 


Give your budding champion a head start with a bicycle that would make the switch to more challenging mountain bikes — and more enjoyable bicycling — simple.


  1. Garmin Edge 830 computer

For all my road, gravel, and backpacking journeys, I utilize my Garmin Edge 830 bike computer. It is 47simple to use because of the touchscreen. It offers many amazing features, like ClimbPro, which assists you in speeding up your climbing, GPS tracking, and connections to your favorite applications, including Riding With GPS, Strava, and others.


  1. SeaSucker Mini-Bomber

I haven’t personally used the SeaSucker Mini-Bomber bike rack, but I’m quite interested in it. This is a perfect option if you don’t have crossbars or a hitch and need to transfer your bike to a rental car since you’re traveling with it.


  1. Burley Travoy Bike Cargo Trailer

The Burley Travoy Bike Cargo Trailer makes biking to work or running errands easier. It uses a quick attachment that you can install without using tools to fasten your seat post. When not in use, the trailer may be folded into the size of a briefcase.


  1. Shokz OpenRun headphones

The Shokz OpenRun Headphones are the ideal solution if you enjoy listening to music while riding but are worried about hearing traffic. You still can hear automobiles behind you since they don’t sit in your ears but rather sit above them.


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