How to fix the pedal assist on your e-bike?


Everything you should know about a Pedal Assist System (PAS)

Typically Electric bikes have two types of motor engagement: the throttle and the pedal assist. The motor takes part only when the pedals revolve with pedal assist. But the throttle takes part in the engine even when you’re not pedalling. The exciting thing is that Europe does not allow e-bikes with throttles. So every bike should have a pedal assist mode.

What is a pedal assist?

PAS is the main feature which is the operation mode on e-bikes. When the pas is activated, the motor boots when you are pedalling. The PAS assists you in pedalling. The different pas settings will help you pedal effortlessly on long rides at the desired speed. When the PAS is on, you would feel extra energy moving you forward, which makes it easier to ride your bikes on long journeys without getting exhausted.

How does the PAS work?

The PAS uses a cadence sensor to assist in pedalling. It builds into the drivetrain of the bike. The sensor monitors the rotation of the pedals when you are pedalling. Then it sends an alert to the ebike motor and mentions how much help to give based on your selected assistance level.

How do the PAS and throttle work?

The most pleasing thing about an e-bike is that you get to select if you’re down for a workout or to relax. So an e-bike gives freedom to the riders, which is lacking in regular bikes. You will be able to ride for longer and farther with the assistance of the throttle and PAS. You can ride faster on an e-bike rather than on a standard bike.

What is a throttle?

The throttle mode is very much comparable to a scooter/motorcycle. When it takes part, the motor gives the power and moves the bike forward. That will provide you with energy with no automatic help involved. The throttle permits you to stay calm and enjoy your ride. If you’re looking for a voyage, you can relax as the bike can operate without you pedalling. You can use the throttle when passing others on a path or speeding up the hill, or stable yourself as you’re about to go on a ride.

Pedal assist bikes VS throttle bikes 

There are many differences between a pedal assist system and a throttle. Some may be advantageous, while others are disadvantageous. So you must check all the pros and cons of the throttle and the PAS and consider what is best for you.

Let’s start with the pros and cons of pedal-assist bikes.

Pros ;

  • The pedal-assist e-bikes offer a natural feeling for the riders if they are intimate with riding regular bikes.
  • It helps the riders to have a free ride without worrying about whether the throttle is in the correct position. You can ride for long journeys freely when you pedal.
  • The function of PAS is more suitable for the riders who identify throttle e-bikes as heavy.
  • By using pedal assist bikes, you can cover the targeted miles more productively. 

Cons ;

  • Some countries have rules when using pedal-assist e-bikes, which limitate the use of them among the citizens. But class 1 pedelecs are allowable so you can use them instead.
  • The e-bikes can be at different prices depending on their brands and models. But the most expensive is the pedal-assist e-bikes. It is more costly than throttle bikes.
  • You might find it challenging to ride a pedal-assist e-bike in traffic. Their function of abrupt acceleration is not very effective in riding in traffic. So pedal assist bikes are dangerous for consumption in towns full of people and vehicles.
  • The poor cadence sensor used in pedal assist can destroy the performance of your bike.

Let’s take check the pros and cons of throttle electric bikes;

Pros ;

  • It is easier to navigate, and you won’t have trouble riding in busy towns and traffic. Most throttle bikes have a boost button that helps you change the speed. So you can quickly decrease the speed on a busy road and also be able to increase the speed on inactive roads whenever you want to.
  • The most pleasing thing about the throttle e-bikes is that you can ride without pedalling. So throttle bikes are more flexible than pedal assist bikes.
  • THrottle bikes are very much helping if you choose between riding along hills or fun rides. 

Cons ;

  • The modulation of a throttle bike can be poor or good. If there’s a good modulation, the riders can generate more power. But if there’s poor modulation, there can be a change in the power or speed. So a throttle e-bike is not a good option for a beginner.
  • There is a limited battery range to the throttle bikes usually. So the drive should be with additional care to prevent it from any harm.
  • In throttle bikes, the gears are not that adjustable to some local conditions because of the hub motors used in them.

The PAS or the throttle is better?


The throttle and Pedal assist has the same outcome on a bike that moves it ahead using electric power. The difference depends on how the rider links with the system. So the answer to this question is some hoe complicated. You should consider what your intention is before riding your bike. If you are looking forward to a relaxing ride where you can sit back and relish the scenery, you must use the throttle. But if you’re looking forward to a good workout and active pedalling, you must use the pedal assist. Mostly the bikes only have one of the two options, but some brands might have both the throttle and PAS. Ex; peageo has throttle and PAS on their bike models. It is very beneficial as it allows you to use both control methods to choose to relax or work out when you want to.

There are two types of sensors for pedal assists

  1. speed sensor
  2. torque sensor

Before you make any purchase, you should consider the difference between these two.

  • Speed sensors

The speed sensor gives a push to your bike when you start to pedal. When you begin pedalling, it carries on with helping you pedal based on the chosen setting. So you can ride around or do a little exercise with little armpit on physical effort.

When you increase the energy, the bike will feel like it’s riding itself without your help. So you can shift the gears and reduce the service to feel your pedalling again. The speed sensor can be detached when your bike reaches the top speed.

  • Torque sensors

Torque sensors are a little bit more progressive in their function. But rather than stabilizing based on your pedal assist like a cadence sensor, the torque gives you corresponding assistance depending on how dense your pedalling is. So if you pedal harder, it will provide more power to the motor. Torque sensors are present in a few Pedego models. EX:  Ridge Rider and Platinum

Nevertheless, if you have which type of assist sensor, the PAS will always help you to ride farther and longer. It also flattens hills and makes riding mostly effortless, withstanding any road you have ahead.

There are some issues that you might face with the pedal assist system cadence sensor. The details about how to fix those problems are as follows, 

  • The bike will stop moving due to some issues in the parts as follows
  • rear or front brake issue

You might encounter a situation where your bike stops moving ultimately whilst pressing the crank. There are several reasons for this problem. 

The rear or front brakes can be a problem because they are always working. So the motor will close and stop working even if you press the crank so many times that the bike won’t move. You can do a test to fix this issue: disconnecting the front and rear cable and clutching the crank to the right hand. You can do this with the rear brake too.

If the motor proceeds to move when the front and rear brakes stop, then the issue might be in the detached brakes. You can also decide if the PAS stops working because of the brakes or not by this. If the break lamps work continuously without stooping, the issue is in the rakes, which avoid motor movement.

  • magnet issues

  • The most popular reason for the pedal-assist cadence is that THe agent next to the sensor is far from it. It causes the sensor to be adequate to measure the magnet movements, and the sensor won’t deliver the signals to the controller that makes the motor move. To fix this issue, there should be a minimum distance ( below 3mm) between the sensor and the magnet.
  • Another problem that arises in the magnets that stop the bike from moving is that there might be dirt or mud on the magnet. This will prevent the sensor from sensing the movements of the magnet. To fix this issue, you have to clean the magnet excellently.


Sensor cable issue


Another problem with the pedal assist system that stops it from functioning is not connecting the sensor and controller cable. To fix this issue, you must check whether the cable is connected correctly or not broken. Before that, you can measure the potential difference using a tester, 

throttle issue

If your bike has a PAS and a throttle, there can be an issue with the throttle that can have an effect on the PAS’ operations. So you must check that it doesn’t happen frequently. If you want to find out if the issue is with the throttle or the PAS, you should disconnect the cable of the throttle and aim for the PAS. If your bike start moving, then the throttle is the one that has issues.

Bike cut out during increasing PAS Speed.

The e-bike can cut off when you increase the speed of the pedal assist. It is proof that the sensor or the battery installation is wrong. That stops the sensor from delivering a signal to the controller. To fix this problem, you should install the magnet and the sensor correctly. You can use cable tires to install the magnet and the sensor.

 The benefits of using pedal-assist e-bikes

The pedal-assist feature is the main reason for the bikes’ popularity among the people and the price getting cheaper.

 Here are some advantages of using an e-bike instead of other modes of transportation.

  1. You will be able to ride further

The pedal assist system in your e-bike helps you to ride for extended distances without getting exhausted. It limits the physical effort you have to apply when riding a standard bike.

  1. You will be able to personalize your riding experience

The pedal assist system is optional and personalised to your liking. So you can choose to balance between using your physical effort, or you can just have a relaxing journey. If you want to be somewhere within a limited time but are too fed up to pedal, the pedal assist system would greatly help save your time and energy.

  1. More people will tend to ride bikes

The pedal assist system is very beneficial for people with less physical power. For example, older people and people who have several injuries. It will help those in need to have a relaxing journey and be able to ride a bike and enjoy the trip without any physical effort. And it is for people who live in hill countries because there are more mountains that you will face to ride, but you will be able to do it without any energy.

  1. They are faster than other transportation modes

t is much faster than different modes and will help you reach your destination without exhausting yourself. The courier services are on board with the installation of the bikes as it is much faster

 In conclusion;

The standard rule is that you can solve the problems of a pedal assist system by ensuring a distance between the sensor and the magnet that is explicitly set. Some parts of the bike influenced the work of the pedal assist system. Ex: front and rear brakes/ throttle.


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