How to ride electric bikes safely in Vancouver?

How to ride electric bikes safely in Vancouver?

   Riding electric bikes are fun and one of the best way to relieve your stress. It is a convenient way of transporting and a good workout. They are traditional bikes with extra features and gadgets induced in them. Battery and the motor in electric bikes add weight to the bike; therefore, a stronger frame than the traditional bike frames is assembled, thus increasing the weight of the frame of the electric bike. 


Electric bikes have replaced traditional bikes and are a convenient way to commute. You don’t have to wait in traffic but pass through them sooner. Electric bikes can be used for physical training and gain better results in a shorter time.


 Electric bikes have two main features; pedal assists, throttle, and varying speed levels. You can use them depending on the ride you want. If you want fitness training, you can completely shut down the electric side of the bike and cycle. But if you are starting your physical training and do not want to exert more pressure on yourself, you can use the pedal assist. Or, if you want a relaxed ride without bothering your legs after an exhausting day at work, you can choose the throttle.


Electric bikes have become trendy and fashionable with many more features. But due to the varying law of each state and country, electric bike laws on the road vary. Most commonly, bikes with a maximum speed of 20mph are allowed in bicycle lanes and wherever traditional bikes are allowed. Electric bikes with a maximum speed of 28mph are restricted on the bicycle lanes but can use the roads. But in a few states, they are not even allowed on the motorways. And electric bikes with more speed than 28mph are restricted on motorways and should ride off-road. 


Safety measures to follow when riding electric bikes in Vancouver.

   In Vancouver, the use of the electric bike as a recreational activity and a commute has become widespread. As the popularity of electric bike is increasing, the safety of pedestrians, electric bike riders, and other motorists are to be considered. Therefore, all-electric bike riders and other motorists should know the best on-road practices and follow them. It might keep you safe and help you avoid legal issues. 


Here are some safety tips to follow;

  • Inflated tires –

When you have proper tire inflation, you can get more control over the bike on the road, as it improves the contact with the road. Always make sure your tires are full-blown. It will reduce the chances of blowing your tire out and enhance the riding experience.

  • Carry less –

According to the law of Vancouver, you should always have one hand on your handlebar on electric bikes. If you have anything to carry, get a basket or a bag that does not require you to hold it with your palms. 

  • Stay visible –

In many cases, the motorists do not see the two-wheelers driving along or opposite them. It is important to make them know of your presence.

When turning around, use hand signals to convey it to other vehicles. Have eye contact with other motorists when needed. 

Wear some bright clothes to let other motorists know you are there. Though it may not be necessary, it is important to let them know of your presence at night. Wear a jacket with fluorescent sketching or words. Use the headlight and taillight on your electric bike. 

  • Steady line ride –

Do not try to impress or show off your riding skills on the road. Ride in a steady straight line, following the rules.

  • Stay alert –

Stay attentive to your riding. It is not the time to daydream or doze off; look out for cyclists, pedestrians, and other motorists. 

  • Good working brakes –

We are responsible for checking our electric bike’s brake for tear or wear. Know your brake type and how to check for tear and wear; each brake is different. 


The types of electric bike brakes are: mechanical, hydraulic, and disc. Check the user guide to identify the wearing and tearing of your electric bike brake; if you find any wear or tear on the electric bike’s brake, repair or replace it soon to avoid crashing into another vehicle due to your torn brake.


According to the bike law of Vancouver, electric bike brakes should be in good working condition. You should be able to skid stop on a dry road. However, the wet pathway will compromise the effectiveness of the brake. 

  • Lights –

Though lights are not essential during the daytime, it is vital at night. It can power up your path and let other motorists and pedestrians know you are also on the road. 

It is the law of Vancouver bike rules to attach a white light in the front and red light in the rear. Some electric bikes already come with this requirement fulfilled. If you do not have it in your electric bike, you can purchase and fasten it to the bike.

  • Horn –

It is better if you have a working bell and a horn. As electric bikes are not noisy, you might want to warn the pedestrians or other motorists of your presence. Therefore, you can use the bell as they are not too loud to signal the pedestrians. And use the horn to alert other motorists as they are louder than the bell and should be heard. 

  • Riding with traffic –

It is a well-known myth that a bicycle should ride against the traffic to make other motorists know their presence and avoid accidents. But it is not true; it is a dangerous feat to take. Always ride with the traffic, and it will ensure you are safe riding while riding opposite to it will make other motorists confuse themselves and create chaos. 

  • Bicycle lane –

Whenever you see the bicycle lane, try to ride in them. Mostly bicycle lanes are built as a safety precaution for the traditional bicycles in high-traffic areas. These bikes are slow and have high chances of crashing with other motor vehicles. Though you can ride on the motorways, bicycle lanes are better options than overflowing motorways. 

  • Do not try the sidewalks –

It might seem like a good choice since it is like the bicycle lane. But it is not, as it can distract and confuse you more and has a high chance of accidents. It would disturb the ongoing pedestrians too. Therefore avoid riding on them.

More than being a nuisance to pedestrians, it is against the Vancouver rules to take an electric bike on the sidewalks. Only children under 14 are allowed to ride their traditional bikes on them. No other vehicles are allowed. 

  • Maintenance –

Maintaining your electric bike and servicing it now and then is important. Maintaining your electric bike can give you a safe and effective ride in traffic without buckling in the middle of the ride. 


Check out the user manuals to see how to care for and maintain your electric bike, as it will ensure an effective ride. 


Check for the tires, as overinflated or less inflated tires will make your ride slower and uncomfortable. 

  • Using pedal assist mode –

If you are new to an electric bike, don’t start at the highest pedal assist level. Start with the slowest pedal assist and get to know your electric bike. Giving in to temptation and starting with the highest pedal assist level will make you lose control and struggle.


By learning to use the pedal assist, you can ease into a pedal assist now and then, and it will make it easier to get control of the bike.

Remember, if you use more of the pedal assist, the percentage of the battery declining is also high.


 These are some safety measures you can follow to acquire a comfortable and efficient ride without being a nuisance to others. Always follow the road rules, and it can prevent you from facing any legal charges.


Legal road laws on electric bikes in Vancouver.

   Concerning the safety of the rider of the electric bike, other motor vehicles and their owners, and pedestrians, each state and country has its rules on electric bikes. We must know them and abide by them to have a safe ride without facing legal issues. 


 These rules may not apply to all the states, but it is the law of Vancouver. It might be different in some Vancouver regions due to its safety measures. Therefore, knowing your region’s law is important before taking your electric bike on the road. So, these are the road rules many places in Vancouver follow:

  • Power and speed –

Class 1 and 2 electric bikes can use the bicycle lane wherever there is one or take the motorway with other vehicles. These electric bikes do not exceed the motor power of 500W. And the maximum speed you can ride them is 20mph. 

  • Registration –

It is not required to register your electric bike.

  • License –

There is no need to register your electric bike, so the rider does not have to hold a license to ride it. 

  • Insurance –

Insurance is not mandatory on your electric bike, but you can insure your electric bike if you want to. As it is expensive and can cost you to replace or repair its parts, you can have financial aid. You can insure your electric bike under the contents of home insurance. 

  • Age restrictions –

Age restrictions exist on who can take their electric bikes to the motorway. The rider has to be at least 16, to ride an electric bike on the roads. 

  • Helmet –

The helmet is compulsory for all riders and passengers of electric bikes. Not only does the Vancouver law presses the electric bike riders but also the ones riding traditional bikes, roller skates, skateboards, and scooters to wear a helmet. 

If these riders are seen riding without a helmet, they will be fined.

Check your helmets frequently for any cracks or tears, and replace them if it has any. If your helmet has any cracks in them, it is not going to be effective.

  • Pathways –

Electric bikes and traditional bicycles are allowed in the bicycle lanes and the motorways. If a bicycle lane runs along the road, it does not mean you can only ride on the bicycle lane; you can choose to ride where. They cannot ride on the sidewalks; if seen riding on them, it might cause you to pay a fine. 


But the rider’s under the age of 14 can ride on sidewalks on traditional bikes. No electric bikes are allowed for children under the age of sixteen. 

  • Pedal assist –

Your electric bike should support pedal assist; you can not ride an electric bike if it does not have pedal assist. However, you can choose to ride with pedal assist or without pedal assist. 


These are pretty much the same law around Canada. But make sure you know the rule of your area to avoid any legal issues. It not only does save you from legal issues, but it will protect you from calamities.


Why is an electric bike good for the environment?

   With the increase in global warming, we are searching for ways to solve it. But we still keep extracting the maximum from the earth to fuel our automobiles and factories. It will lead to harming the earth more than before. 


Electric bikes are a better way and have little pollution. By commuting and using it, we can have a better future for our young generation. Here are the reasons why electric bikes are a better choice;

  • Electric bikes do not emit smoke and therefore reduce air pollution. Other automobiles exhaust carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and harm it. 
  • Electric bikes are small and comfortable and therefore do not take up space in the traffic. If you start substituting your automobile for an electric bike, you will not have to be in traffic all day long.
  • Electric bikes can be much of a physical trainer than traditional bikes. As you exert more pressure on your traditional bikes, they can sometimes make your legs and joints weary. But with the pedal assist mode on your electric bike, you can choose it to give a rest for your legs now and then. By far, electric bikes will give you better results than traditional bikes. 
  • It is not only a physical trainer but also a stress buster. It will make you enjoy the ride after a tiring day at work. Whenever you are stressing over something, take your bike and go for a ride. It can work a miracle and give your vital energy. 

   Not only these but there are many benefits of having an electric bike with you instead of any other automobile.



   Electric bikes have become a trend, and everyone wants one. Riding an electric bike is fun and convenient too. It can be your safe commute or a physical trainer for a better result. You may want to show off your electric bike, but before taking it to the road, know whether your electric bike can use on the streets.


Class 3 electric bikes are not allowed in the streets or motorways in Canada. And in Vancouver, class 1 and 2 electric bikes with a speed limit of 20mph and motor power of 500W are allowed. No class 3 electric bikes are allowed.


 There are legal laws on how to ride your electric bike on the motorways. Know them before taking Your electric bile. As there is no need to register your electric bike, the rider does not need a driving license to ride one. Insuring your electric bike is your choice, and the law does not demand it. But there is a strict law on who should ride them – anyone above 16 can ride an electric bike on the motorways. A helmet is mandatory for all.


Though we should follow the rule for a safe ride, you also have to know how to be on the safe side of the Vancouver roads. Following the safety measures, enjoy your ride.