Is it worth buying electric bikes? 

From the beginning of time, our purpose to travel has vastly changed. From the need to want to enjoy, traveling purposes changed, and so did the means. People used to walk until they started taming animals like horses and oxen. With the introduction of vehicles, the use of animals has subdued greatly. 

Bicycles were introduced to replace the use of animals which has its drawbacks. The first bicycle introduced had only wheels and handlebars to direct the bike. It had no means of making the bike move forward and had to kick the ground now and then to keep moving. It was dangerous as I lacked control. 

Though it irked people’s interest In this new invention at first, it was subdued as it was not safe and lacked the controlling power. Later new parts like pedals, brakes, tires, and chains were introduced to this model to overcome the problems they were having. 

Electric motors and batteries for the bike were patented in the 19th century but only gained popularity when reintroduced a century later. Because motor vehicles were all over, motor and battery parts were expensive and weighed a lot, electric bikes did not hike in the 19th century. As batteries and motors were developed using lighter materials and costed low, they gained popularity a century later. 

Two decades later, electric bikes have more features developed, and many are on their way. Batteries and motors got lighter, pedal assistance and sensors, battery level, and speed monitoring are a few of them. 

   With electric vehicles gaining more popularity due to their environmentally friendly features, motor vehicles using petrol and diesel, are going down in demand. Electric bikes hike up in sales, as it is convenient and easy to maneuver. But is it worth it? Considering the following questions and answering them you can find out if it is worth it.


Can you afford it?

   One of the main things to consider before planning to buy an electric bike is to know about its price. They are expensive, and their parts too cost a lot. The best quality bikes with the techiest services are much more expensive. 

   Due to the factor that electric bikes should have more longevity than traditional bikes, all their parts are manufactured using high-quality products that cost more to the production company. The frames, pedals, throttle, and brakes give their best services and are easy to control.

   Due to the high price of parts like motors and batteries, rise in battery theft has increased. Therefore, know that replacing or repairing them would be pricey too. If you are considering ensuring your bike after purchasing them, you can worry less. 

   As electric bikes are expensive, you have to park or store them in a safe place away from extreme weather and theft. But also with foldable features in some electric bikes, you can store them inside your home in a corner when not in use. And by removing the battery you can store it in a safe place. 


Are you an aesthetic person?

   If yes, electric bikes will be a good choice if you are not against getting some help in pedaling now and then. If you love cycling and spend your weekends hiking, electric bikes will help you go to new places and explore them using apps that let you track and GPS. 

   With the pedal assisting feature available in electric bikes, you can climb up using less effort on your side. You can adjust the control option you want and choose between how much support you want in pedaling. If you want to experience the ride of a traditional bike, you can choose to completely off the pedal assistance and ride with only human power. 

   Electric bikes help you be fit and healthy while commuting and arrive at your workplace with less sweat. 

   Electric bikes can be driven by people with special medical conditions too, and enjoy the feeling of riding bicycles. People with heart disease that does not allow them to ride a traditional bike, can ride this, as the acceleration of the heart is low when riding electric bikes. Even older people can ride in it and with the pedal assistance and be healthy. 

   With the busy life we are leading, we need some sort of physical activity to keep us healthy, physically and mentally. By riding the electric bike you can have the convenience of riding a motorbike and also train like you would on a traditional bike. By riding you can sweat a lot and avoid getting serious illnesses like; cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, and mental disorders. 


Do you wish to avoid traffic and crowd?

   An electric bike is a perfect option if you are living in a busy city, and the road is always jamming. You can commute to work sweat-free and faster, avoiding the crowded subways and jammed roads, using bicycle lanes. 

   You can also save on fuel charges that you would need to drive your vehicle to work. Though you have to charge your bike, it costs you lower.

   Going over to the grocery stores and visiting your friends on the jammed road is no more misery. These electric bikes can make even boring routines like visiting grocers enjoyable.  

   Crowded subways and jammed traffic, are not a pleasant experience. Finding your way and moving through the packed subways would exhaust and tire you. And being struck in traffic every single day can exhaust you physically and mentally drain you and affect your productivity greatly.

   By riding the electric bike to places you can take it, you can avoid it and enjoy the traffic-free ride. And thus, improving your productivity. 


Do your friends own it?


   Weekends and holidays are best for going on hiking and trekking. If you and your friends share quality times together on hiking trips, and they own electric bikes, it is your cue to own one. You would not want to be left behind when your friends pedal faster or slow them down for you to catch them up. 

   It can make you feel left out when they have electric bikes and they can climb the steep road with less effort while you have to walk them up and down. To keep up with your mates you can buy one and they will include you on long trips and rides. 


Are you considering saving nature by going green?

   Automobiles use fuels like petrol and diesel that are taken from the ground. An increase in automobiles results in an increase in extracting them. These vehicles also pollute the atmosphere by exhausting poisonous gases. This is harmful to mother nature and electric vehicles are substituting fueling automobiles. 

   Electric bikes use batteries to give power to the motor which controls the bike. These bikes need charging that uses electrical power, which is low in quantity. 

   It does not produce harmful smoke or create noises like motor vehicles. Electric bikes are environment-friendly and user-friendly. It provides safety ride and gives you the best experience. 



Are you looking for ways to reduce your work stress?

   After a long stressful week, everyone wants to have a peaceful weekend. A day in your home in pj’s, or going on a long ride lets you calm your nerves. The wind on your face, howling in your ears and the sounds of nature away from the busy city can work miracles. If you hope to enjoy your weekends with nature, enjoying them and clicking photos, an electric bike is a good choice.  It lets you save the memories, and by helping you ride them on narrow bumpy roads where your traditional bikes or cars could not take you. 

   Strong and wide tires give more traction, allowing you to ride through bumpy and steep roads. Riding a bike on a stressful day to cool off works a miracle, and boost you up. 

   If you are having a bad day or if you feel messed up and want to avoid everyone, just take a bike and pedal your way as far as you can. You will notice a big difference when you return.


Do you love cycling?

   From young children to older people, we all love cycling. We spent our evenings and weekends street riding and racing them with our friends.  Did the feeling run away or do you still have it in you?

   Many still love cycling and their busy schedules, personal life or medical conditions does not let them ride. For them, electric bikes can come in handy. They do not have to invest time into riding them but can use in your daily life routine. To commute, grocery shop, and go on outings, you can ride them and enjoy your ride. 


   If you own a traditional bike and you are against electric bikes because you feel as if it does not do justice to traditional bicycles, you surely have to try one. Because the electric bike is the same as the traditional bike with few features added to them. They can perform just like traditional bikes if you chose to. 


How to pick the best electric bike?

   From the time electric bikes were reintroduced, many manufacturing companies have started manufacturing electric bikes.  To stand out among the crowd, each manufacturer with the help of engineers is trying to develop and invent new parts to add to the bike. It would be really confusing to select the bike that best suits you. Following are the aspects to consider before picking your best pickup:

  • Value

Electric bikes are expensive and it is because of the quality materials used to produce them and the controlling features it provides. But there are bikes that are overpriced and provide little service. 

  • Unique features it provides

There are many bikes providing different and unique services. Many are copycats and do not provide the best service. Thoroughly research, and learn what they provide and how best are they.

  • How well it rides

Though electric bikes are swift and comfortable, low-quality bikes don’t last long. They might have weaker motor systems and batteries. Ask anyone who owns that brand you are thinking of buying has the capacity they promise to have.

  • What is the battery type?

One of the main aspects of electric bikes is it’s the battery as it decides how long a bike can go without charging in between. They are also of different weights and made using different materials. Check if it is using the best battery. 

  • How well is the controlling motor

The motor of the electric bike is another main part that determines the quality of the bike. It controls the performance of the bike. If the motor used is of low quality, chances are it would soon be standing in front of a repair shop. Know to make motors what quality materials they are using. 

  • Know the manufacturer

Try to find out about the manufacturers and know how unique their products are or what quality products they have. Learning about the materials used in manufacturing electric bikes and searching for their functionality and durability, will convey the bike’s performance.

  • Extras

Manufacturers try marketing their products using another product. Sometimes the extras won’t make any sense. Check whether they are useful or not.

  • Their competitor 

Electric bike manufacturers all compete with each other and add features that would get their sales up by satisfying the customers. Know what services are best and better than their competitors or if they could add more.


What are the drawbacks of owning an electric bike?

   Electric bikes may be convenient and easy, but it has drawbacks too. They are:

  • Expensive

As electric bikes are expensive, not everyone can afford them. Though they are cheaper than automobiles, it’s much more expensive than a traditional bike. People with a limited and lower wage will substitute commuting by electric bike with taking public transportation. 

  • Disposal of battery

Though electric bikes are environmentally friendly, their batteries are not. By extracting the raw materials from the ground, manufacturers make batteries, and disposing of them after their lifespan ends, is crucial. Dispose of it taking special care.

Riding with a damaged battery will result in malfunctioning of the motor and bike, or result in fire due to excess heat. 

If you happen to see the battery damaged, you still have to be careful when handling it. You should not keep leaking or heating batteries inside the house, but out and away where it won’t harm anyone. Take them to recycle and hand them over with plastic covers sealing them. 

  • Weight


The electric bike weighs much more than the traditional bike. Its extra gadgets like batteries and motors add weight to the already weighing bike. The frame and pedals weigh higher in electric bikes than in traditional bikes, as they use strong and high-quality products to make them. 

It can exhaust the one carrying it, even with the battery removed. 



   Though there are many benefits to owning an electric bike, there are also drawbacks to consider. But the features electric bikes possess are greater when compared to these minute drawbacks. Buying an electric bike is worth it if one has the need or want for it and can afford it. 

   For people who are old and with medical conditions and want to experience the ride on a bicycle, this can be a great choice.

   If you are not a person who goes out trekking and hiking seldom and does not enjoy the outdoors much, buying an electric bike is not a good option.



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