How to replace a bicycle chain?

A bicycle is a convenient and environmentally friendly method of transport. It is environmentally friendly because it has no emission of toxic gases. Most motor vehicles, especially the ones using petrol and diesel as fuel lead to the emission of toxic gases. Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide are such gases. As a result … Read more

Why ENVO D35 is Among the Best e-bikes in Canada

  ENVO D35 is the second version of ENVO electric bikes designed. ENVO Drivetrains throughout Canada for Columbia’s steep terrain, Alberta’s cold weather, the Maritime’s cold air, Ontario’s commute times, and Quebec the above adjusted. To give the 500W the highest enforcement authority and up of about 100Km scope, The ENVO D35 layout doesn’t compromise mass, stare, or ergonomy, … Read more

Beginners guide to maintaining your bike’s disc brakes

Bicycles which are also called bikes are a common choice of transport nowadays. Because bicycles are way more eco-friendly, they catch the interest of many. In the Netherlands, most people use bicycles for transportation. The government itself motivates citizens to use bicycles instead of motor vehicles. Emissions from motor vehicles lead to the greenhouse effect … Read more