Should I charge my E-bike after every ride?

 Should I charge my E-bike after every ride?

E-bikes or, in a longer form, electric bikes, are a lot more common among people these days. Due to its advantageous features, for instance, it does not emit harmful gases that fuel-consuming vehicles emit and helps people maintain good health and stay fit. As a consequence of all these benefits it offers, many people now prefer using them for their daily work as well. They are indeed eco-friendly as well as user-friendly too. So why not have one if you can still fly over the moon like a superman with this bicycle while you still contribute to saving this world? 

It comes to these electric bikes, you would undoubtedly have many questions, especially if you are new to them, suitable? And it would be best if you got answers to your questions before starting the journey with your electric bike. Because they only you can care for it in the best way possible and reach its maximum use. Right? One main question that would probably be flashing in your mind is, ‘Should I charge my E-bike after each ride?’. If that is your question, you must read further to clarify your doubt!


A little bit about the battery first

Electric bikes have certainly got the name electric with this significant component, the battery, fixed. This whole concept within an electric bike depends on this battery. Subsequently, the battery is one of the most expensive components of an electric bike. So, you must maintain this treasure in the best way possible, so fewer frequent replacements must be made for the battery. None of you would like to repair or replace the battery with a new one frequently, right? And of course, this costs you as well. Therefore, you should know how to charge the battery effectively and use it so that less damage and harm happens to it and also it has a longer lifespan. Usually, you can find lithium-ion batteries in electric bikes. And if they are maintained well, these batteries’ lifespan would usually be around 3 to 5 years. But remember, this depends on its maintenance. 


Consequently, many of you need to know how to charge your electric bike’s battery efficiently. And with this comes whether you must set your battery after every ride.


Charging the battery for the first time

When you have bought a new electric bike, you must charge its battery for at least 12 hours. It means that the battery gets fully set up to 100%. It is essential because when you charge the battery fully, it allows the current to flow through the cells of the storm and makes it ready for work. But, strictly remember that this is only allowed if you charge the electric bike’s battery for the first time. 


Is it necessary to charge the battery after every ride?

Okay, so when it comes to this question, there are things to consider, just like when you would consider things before you buy an electric bike. If I say you should charge your electric bike battery after every ride, you would think about something like this. You go on a ride with your electric bike, return it, and then quickly put it on the charger. And maybe you would even put it on the charger over the night or maybe till your next ride, thinking that it would gain more power by charging more. Yes, there can be people like this too—especially who are new to these electric kinds of stuff and don’t have much experience. 


 Although you will not charge it for overnights or till your next ride, you would fully charge it to 100%. Haven’t you ever done that? Yet, it is not good to fully charge your electric bike’s battery unless it is the first time! If you fully charge it, it is similar to paving the path to its death, which reduces its lifespan. 

So, your electric bike’s battery does not need to get charged after every ride. If you want to set it, it is best to stay until the battery goes down by 30% or 40% or even less than that, but not more! And since it is not good to charge it fully, it would be best to set it up to 80% or 85% maximumly! If you practice charging the battery this way, sure your battery will have a longer lifespan, and there will be no need to buy a new battery regularly or repair your battery frequently. 


Also, remember that if you are riding your electric bike daily, for instance, riding to work or commuting, you should charge your battery regularly. But again, remember the battery percentage needed for you to recharge it and the maximum battery percentage you should set it up.

Another huge mistake that most of us make is waiting until the battery drains up to 0% to charge it. I am not just talking about your electric bike’s battery but also about all other batteries in your smartphone, night lamp, etc. This bad habit would also lead to a reduced lifespan of your battery. 


And also, if you are planning on riding your electric bike for longer distances the next day, it is mandatory that you fully charge the bike’s battery in this case. Because, even though it is not good to charge your battery fully, you have to do so in situations like this. Otherwise, you are the one who falls into trouble if the battery dies in the middle of your journey. So due to reasons like this, only charge the battery when needed and do not do it frequently. 


Why is it not reasonable to charge the battery after every ride? 

Being totally recharged or fully exhausted is not familiar to most batteries designed in the current world. They are not very efficient. And that is why they should not be charged regularly after each ride. Because setting this would cause its lifespan to reduce and therefore more repairs and replacements, more costs are coming, as a consequence. 


So please do not charge the electric bike’s battery whenever you finish riding it. It is neither mandatory nor essential to do it. Just set it when necessary, not when you want it to charge. 

Another ultimate consequence of these actions is that your electric bike’s battery would start to reduce faster with the impact of frequent charging. That is because if you charge it more times than needed, the battery now can’t hold the same amount of power as before, right? 


What about overcharging the battery?

So, when it comes to overcharging the battery, this would happen if you leave the electric bike charged and forget to remove the charger. It would set over days or overnights or maybe even more. But remember, there is a limit of 100% for battery power. A limit has been given to have a limit, right? 


Did you know what happens in the battery when you overcharge it this way? Firstly, it gets charged up to 100%. Then, once fully charged, it starts to get discharged and again recharges. Believe me or not, this cycle continues to proceed until you disconnect it from the charger. As a result, it would again significantly reduce the battery’s lifespan and the battery’s performance. In addition, it would cause the battery to overheat and finally break down. 

Fortunately, thanks to technological advances, a device is now fixed to the battery that switches off when it has charged up to 100%. But even if your electric bike’s battery does not have a device, you can keep a timer and switch it off at the correct time once it gets charged to its maximum. 


Battery charging is also affected by the temperature. If the room temperature is too high or too low, it would be difficult for the battery to charge fully. So that is also a factor that consideration should be gone. The best temperature to set the electric bike would be around 20 degrees, the average room temperature. 


When to charge your electric bike?


So as I reminded you before, an electric bike’s battery should not be charged when you need to. It should need set when it is necessary. And probably this necessity will not be regular. So here are some situations where your electric bike would need to be charged. 

  • If you are going on a longer ride the next day
  • Once the battery power reduces up to 40% or less than that
  • If you are riding every day 
  • If you could not charge the electric bike for a more extended period 
  • If you newly bought an electric bike 


Should I set up my electric bike frequently? 

Most electric bikes contain lithium-ion batteries and do not require much charging. But still, when necessary, it needs to be charged. 


And also another situation would be when you have not charged the electric bike for a long time. Have you ever seen any old vehicles that have not been functioning for years? Would their engines start working at once, or would it require much effort? Indeed, it takes more effort, right? The same concept would apply to electric bikes too. If you do not charge them for long, it affects their functioning and will be harder to regenerate. So in cases as such, you should trust them frequently and ensure that they function correctly, so they do not become another waste for the bin. 


Some tips that would help to maximize your electric bike battery’s lifespan

The battery of an electric bike is essential for its functionating. And so, it is crucial to have a longer lifespan and a better performance. 


One way to do it has already been said to you; proper battery charging. With no overcharging of the battery, without charging it frequently, you have to carefully consider its battery percentages and charge it only when necessary. Therefore, it will allow your battery performance to remain relatively higher and increase its lifespan with fewer repairs and no replacements. 

Another factor you should consider in this case is storing the electric bike’s battery properly. As mentioned before, the temperature highs and lows directly impact the battery. Any of us cannot control these natural changes in the environment. So the best option is to prevent the battery from getting exposed to these temperatures. For that, when the electric bike is no longer in use, its battery can be removed and stored in a safer place with no exposure to outside temperatures.


Further, if you are going to keep the battery this way, the battery percentage should be around 60 to 70% rather than 100%, fully charged. This would also affect its lifespan and performance, of course. Also, note that for the best storage of the batteries, they should be placed in an area where the temperature is probably around 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Usually, this would be a dry place. 


An overall view 

‘Should I charge my electric bike after every ride?’. For all those who had this question flashing in their minds, now you might have an idea about the answer to this question. In my view, it simply depends on the situation. The battery of electric bikes should not be charged frequently. Especially if you travel short distances, it is not vital to get set daily. But, on the other hand, if you travel longer distances, then yes, you do need to charge them regularly. But again, only when the battery needs to be charged. 


A battery’s lifespan would depend not only on its model or brand but also on the user who uses and maintains it. No frequent charging, overcharging, and proper storage of the battery, when needed, would result in better battery performance and a longer lifespan. So, it all depends on whether to get the maximum use of the storm, repair it or replace it! So follow the correct steps and make the best use of your electric bike.