What to look for when buying an electric bike

An electric bike is a bicycle that has made things easier for many people today. Unlike the fuel-consuming vehicles that emit greenhouse gases to the atmosphere that contribute to several disastrous events, electric bikes are eco-friendly and do not harm the environment. Many people prefer using them now. Not just this, it has also become a solution for many people’s health issues as workout when pedaling. With the boost given by the motor, it makes it smoother for the rider to ride the bicycle too. With all these benefits offered by electric bikes, the demand for electric bikes has gradually risen in the current world. 

But, one challenging task you must face regarding these electric bikes is choosing the best. You are buying an electric bike by paying for it. You need to use it for a longer time, oo, going to the shop and buying whatever there is, buying whatever the first bike you see or use just by considering its look, will not work in this case, especially if this is the first time you are going to buy one. One reason is appearance will not define its quality. And secondly, there is a lot to consider before you make your decision. 

So, what should we consider?

When it comes to electric bikes, there are hundreds of different types of them. And also, with the technological advances, they are developing too, introducing new features to its users. So here are some significant areas that should be considered before you choose your electric bike!

What’s the purpose?

Firstly, you should consider why you will buy an electric one, and for what purpose. Whether it is just as a leisure activity so you have to consider the battery and weight of it too, whether it is for shopping or carrying stuff so you can move to an electric bike with cargo, or whether it is for daily traveling, maybe it is for traveling to work. And then think about where you will be riding this bike. The location where you will be riding the bike is essential too. Whether you are riding it in urban areas where the roads are carpeted and are in better condition or whether you will be riding it in rural areas where your rides would be primarily off-road, this should be considered especially when it comes to the wheels of the bike. 

There are several electric bikes with specific purposes. Electric mountain and road bikes are designed especially for longer rides with higher speeds. Therefore, they would not be comfortable for purposes like traveling to work. 

Hybrid electric bikes are best for city riding plus commuting. They are cheap too,. However, they are relatively heavier. Folding electric bikes can also be used for commuting, but they have less space. And they require less storage space.  

Battery’s power and size

All electric bikes use the same technology as electric vehicles regarding their battery. They all have different models of lithium-ion batteries which are rechargeable. These batteries can be charged relatively quickly and have a lower weight. 

In your electric bike, its battery could be positioned in some locations. Often, the battery is fixed to the down tube so it can be easily removed if needed. It could even be set to a rear rack. And also, it could be fixed to the down tube or inside the seat post. This can be seen commonly in some of the most expensive models of electric bikes.  

When it comes to considering the battery, you should look for its quality as well as its size, most importantly. A larger battery size could mean more power, but still, you should look for its overall quality, price, and whether it fits in your budget. 

And when it comes to the battery’s power, you should also consider your purpose for buying an electric bike and the location where you will be riding this. If you do heavy work with this, like carrying stuff or riding longer distances, you need more power than just riding from home to work. 

It’s range  

A bike’s range is simply the distance it can travel before it runs out of battery. The battery’s capacity, measured in Watt-hours, is important when it comes to the range of an electric bike. If an electric bike has a higher range, you do not have to charge your battery for longer. So if your battery has more capacity, you can ride your bike a longer distance or range. 

And if you travel longer distances, you surely need a battery with a higher capacity than if you are commuting for shorter distances. But also keep in mind that higher power means the cost is higher as well. 

But an electric bike’s range will not just depend on its battery. For instance, if the battery is in different modes, or even turning on the weather, the rider’s weight, your riding location, and its range would indeed differ. 

Its size and weight

Electric bikes are usually heavier than standard bikes because it has several electrical components, such as the motor, the battery, and the sensor, connected to them, which gives them additional weight. On average, an electric bike could weigh around 40 to 80 pounds. But this would certainly differ with the bike’s material, model and type, battery, and motor size. 

When considering this factor, it is mandatory to consider your purpose for buying an electric bike and where you will be riding it, whether you are riding in groups, whether you ride in hills or city areas, etc. 

Even though electric bikes make your rides smoother with their additional boost, it could sometimes be tricky when carrying your bike, especially if you are a person with specific health issues which could be affected by this. In that case, foldable electric bikes would be a better choice for you as they are smaller, easily portable, and can also be kept in smaller storage spaces. 

But, on the other hand, some of the best model bikes that are ideal for long rides, plus off-road driving, would have relatively greater weights with their more significant wheels and more powerful batteries and motors. 

So, this is why you should consider your riding location and your purpose for buying an electric bike because it all depends on that. 

Wheels and Motor

The wheels and motor of an electric bike play an important role when it comes to the speed of the electric bike. There are several brands of wheels with distinctive speeds. If rates a rollover speed, the best size would be 29”. 

26-inch electric bike wheels are the most commonly used ones as they also suit well with other types of bikes, such as mountain bikes. These wheels have a higher width and are also fatter than the others. Usually, larger wheels suit better with electric bikes than smaller ones.

 And also, when it comes to the motor, this is what gives the boost to the electric bike and makes the ride much smoother. So, having a more powerful engine would make it easier for you to ride. 

Price – A must to consider

So, the sad reality is that even if you find out the best electric bike with the best features, in just the way you want, sometimes, you will not be able to make it yours. Whatever the factors you consider, whatever the bike’s model is if you cannot buy it, right? Simply because it is not within your budget. 

Due to updated features, undoubtedly rich bikes would be more expensive than traditional ones. So, it would be expected for their prices to be high.  

Most commonly, an electric bike’s price would define its quality. If it is an excellent model with fabulous features, it will surely cost more. With high-quality wheels, motor, battery, and all other components, that result in a smooth ride, it would be worth buying one like that so that you can use it for longer. 

But, as said before, it should also be within your budget. And even if you pay a high amount for your electric bike and within days you need to repair it and fix problems, it will not be worth it, and you will regret it. 

So, I think it is neither just the quality and features you should consider nor just the price. It is both. Comparatively, it would help if you viewed all of them and then choose the best out of them. 

Will the electric bike be easy to maintain?

So, this would be a question for most people waiting to buy an electric bike. When it comes to maintenance, not just for an electric motorcycle but for anything else, you must maintain it. 

When choosing your electric bike, it is essential to consider its brand. Because there can be lots of brands, but every brand would not indeed be genuine. For instance, if you buy your electric buy from a new brand that is not that familiar or if you buy it only by just reading its description and photos without seeing it physically for real, you would probably end up buying an electric bike with the cheapest parts that will not last long. And sometimes, even with the most inexpensive details, you would still pay a higher amount for it being unaware. 

So, it is best to buy your product from a well-known brand. And you could check the customer reviews for them and check whether they have provided the spare parts for electric bikes upon their customers’ requests. 

In addition, you should also have maintenance with it to function its best for a more extended period of time. 

The safety features of the electric bike    

Safety is first! So, you should look for the safety features of your electric bike before buying it. You should check whether the brakes have the stopping power equal to the motor. The cycle should have a smooth restarting and stopping. Check for the lights, dynamos, and reflectors that are available. This is important if you ride in the late evening or nighttime. Because these features only indicate yourself to other people on the road. Further, check for the seat suspension and fork suspension as well. 

Safety is essential here. Especially because electric bikes have relatively higher speeds, too, no matter how big or small the features are, if it is related to your safety, you must ensure they are available and work correctly. So, your rides would be safe as much as possible. Again, remember that this should be looked for when you buy an electric bike. Because when you ride at high speeds or try new skills with your bike, these features would be your life savers! 

An overall view

Electric bikes have a higher demand these days and have several benefits. And so, you will also want your one. But remember, do not just buy a bike. Do not judge its quality through its appearance. Consider its battery size and power, the wheel size and quality, the motor, the sensor, the price, height and weight, safety features, and everything else discussed so far. Always keep the purpose of buying it and what sort of locations you would ride it in your mind. Considering that, find what suits you the best. Also, try to buy it from a well-known brand. Indeed, it would be challenging to pick the best, but if you consider everything regarding the electric bike, surely you would be able to make the right decision!



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