Benefits of electric bikes vs. electric (or gas) cars

Benefits of electric bikes vs. electric (or gas) cars

After a year of seemingly never-ending climate calamities, the race is on to convert entire nations to electric automobiles to slow global warming’s destructive path. It may already be too late.

The European Union, Quebec, and Norway have all committed to ending the sale of new vehicles powered by fossil fuels by 2035. Still, Norway has set a more ambitious target of 2025. The number of countries announcing such pledges is growing, and the first buyers of electric vehicles now have more options than ever before.

Do we want to tie in private automobiles controlling our streets forever? Nevertheless, substituting vehicles with much more cars, especially if they are considered environmentally friendly, feels like a huge blunder to reinvent towns. Instead of discussing the remarkable increase of powerful, competent electric bicycles as a solution to eliminating them, we are putting all our faith in the electric automobile to save us.

Vehicles and the facilities we build for them fill our cities worldwide. You’ll see roads, highways, and car parks everywhere you look. I resided in Amsterdam for about five years until relocating to Toronto, Canada. I found that only some people gave this any attention until they visited a city built for bikes. Residents in the Netherlands typically ride bicycles rather than drive (or even buy) a car in their own town.



When people hear how much an electric bike costs, they often say, “I could buy a small car with that money.” Yes, that’s possible. Cost is an obvious thing to consider when choosing between a car and a bike. Usually, an electric bike will cost between $750 and $1,500. Any good bike gear will cost about $200, while a helmet will cost about $100. But a moderately priced car might cost close to $800 a month to pay for. One good electric bike could cost a lot of money.

But someone who rides a bike can save a lot of money compared to someone who drives a car. It costs less than half a dollar a day to charge the batteries of an electric bike, and riders don’t have to pay for a license, taxes, or parking. But if you have an electric bike, you won’t have to worry about how much your traffic time will cost. How much of a discount can you get for having that much freedom?

E-bikes are much less expensive than cars with internal combustion engines (ICE) or electric vehicles (EVs). This is true even though e-bikes use a combination of electric and human power, which makes them much more efficient. Imagine that you rode your e-bike so much that you used up all its 500-watt-hour batteries in a year. You also lived in the most expensive county in the US when it came to power bills (Hawaii).

Cost estimation

The estimated lifetime cost of a bike varies widely, from under $100 to well over $800, with no reliable source. This lower figure needs to include the cost of maintenance adequately. In contrast, the larger one tries to pay for refueling in numbers of more calories for such a rider, both of which are incorrect in my opinion. Although bicycling already has one of the greatest energy-efficient methods of travel, adding a small electric engine means you’ll burn a percent less energy than you would without one. In other words, the number of extra caloric burned when cycling is negligible compared to your typical calorie intake.


Daily Life in the Congested City

No need to worry about missing a friend’s party or being late to work. Now that reliable electricity and shorter routes can be chosen, getting from one place to another takes less time. Motorbikes are quite comparable to electric bicycles. But they can only go on roads that have been paved. With an electric bike, you can ride on any bike path or path made for cyclists. If you want to avoid the frustration of sitting in traffic every day, you could get an e-bike and use the bike lanes. Most electric bikes make commuting much faster than driving a car. Bicycles take up less space on the road, which is a direct cause of less traffic and shorter travel times.


When Trying to Prevent Climate Change

In the United States, transportation is second only to power plants in terms of how much greenhouse gas it causes. If you ride a bike instead of driving less, you can reduce your carbon footprint. This is because half of a car’s carbon impact comes from the energy it takes to make and run it (use phase). The chart that shows both of these things is called a “life cycle analysis.”

Using a method called life cycle analysis (LCA), the carbon emissions from making a product are averaged over the time it is expected to last. The results are often given in grams of CO2 emissions per mile traveled. To sum up, the 2020 Sustainability Report says that an energy Model 3 in the United States has an LCC of 180g/mile, assuming it lasts for about 200,000 kilometers with only minor maintenance (i.e., it shouldn’t need a new rechargeable battery). Using an E-SUV or a truck would cost more, so keep that in mind as you look at the numbers. Depending on how it was calculated, that number can change significantly. Tesla says that the LCA for the Series 3 drops to about 120g/mile in Europe because more renewable and nuclear energy is used than the local power source.

Also, this needs to take into account how connectivity affects the environment. As far as we know, electric cars are neither smaller nor lighter than cars with internal combustion engines. When making a typical e-bike, Trek uses less carbon than it takes to make a parking spot (176 kg).


Commute in peace.

Traditional cycling can be taxing if you’re out for fun or trying to get somewhere; sweat can lead to various issues. The greatest advantage of an electric bike is the ease with which you can conquer hills, thanks to the increased speed and additional assistance provided by the e-bike. Getting on an electric bicycle can alleviate the stress of not wanting to arrive at a conference sweaty and out of air.


Savor the finest of what life has to offer.

It could be the thrill they give you riding an e-bike that makes them so fantastic. Compared to riding a traditional bike, which, let’s all be honest, may feel like a chore sometimes, pedaling an electric bicycle is a refreshing change of pace that allows you to kick back, rest, and enjoy the sights along your route.



Electric bikes, or “e-bikes,” are regular bikes with an electric generator added. When the lights go out, they’re just bicycles. There are many positive health effects of riding one. Biking is a great low-impact aerobic workout that uses every muscle in your body, including your brain. Riding an e-bike requires a lot of focus, concentration, and attention. Benefits to your health, such as better digestion, reduced inflammation, and enhanced perceptions of taste and smell, are only now identified due to the thrill you get while riding a bicycle. Riding your e-bike consistently can help you maintain your fitness even if you feel like you need more training, and it’s better than not using the bike at all. You’ll begin to see results if you choose your e-bike rather than your car.


To Improve One’s Existence.

To most people, a large vehicle must be the best option when looking for maximum potential. Even more so when the climate is poor, you have a lot of gear to haul, or you’re leaving town for the great outdoors.

Car excursions are typically short (60%) and one-person (40%), carrying minor cargo payloads like groceries or nothing. Therefore, motorbikes are versatile. Cargo bikes, even the smallest ones, can take at least 350 lbs with the rider on board. The renowned Family front loader version from Urban Arrow does have a box volume of 16 cubic feet, making it more than adequate for a trip to Costco. Do you also need to provide transportation? Most motorbikes can carry 2 or 3 passengers, whether they are of the longtail, small, or front loader variety. Look at the tweets with the hashtag #carryshitolympics to get an idea of how much you can pack onto a bicycle.

It’s impossible to quantify, but the additional happiness you gain by altering modes of operation could become one of the main advantages. It is one of many indicators of quality of life. If more people in your city rode bikes instead of driving cars, it would be a better place for everybody.



With an electric bike, you can travel farther and faster than ever before. However, it cannot compete with an automobile in terms of movement and range. An automobile has a greater degree than an electric bicycle because of its larger engine. And over 20 kilometers, the distance makes a car a far more attractive mode of transportation. An automobile can travel quite far when the tank is full. Refilling a gas tank takes only a few minutes. The charge time of an electric bike’s battery could take a few moments.


Travel to more convenient locations.

We all tend to take the beautiful scenery around us for granted. Still, an e-bike ride allows you to take everything in without exerting too much mental effort. You’ll be able to go where a car couldn’t go before, and you might find some secret areas where you can have lunch or relax in the shade of the woods.


Get involved in making the world a better place

To be more eco-friendly, give up your gas-guzzling car and look into public transportation or an electric vehicle instead.



With this newfound freedom, you can invest more time in the people who matter most to you. One of life’s pleasures is free of charge: bike riding with loved ones. You do something active outside with the people you love while breathing clean air. Thanks to the convenience of e-bikes, you may ride freely without worrying about falling behind. Going on a group drive with loved ones in multiple automobiles would be too expensive. You can go places no car can go with your e-bike, so you can find some hidden gem sites for picnics or pause to enjoy the air among the trees.



An electric bicycle like the KBO Breezy may be together in approximately 30 minutes with a tutorial video. Car repairs are costly. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, the cost to change the oil might be quite high. There are circumstances where the price of only one engine component would be sufficient to purchase a new electric bicycle. Taking care of your e-bike maintenance needs doesn’t even require you to leave the house with today’s models. You should hire a mechanic to keep your car in good working order. Which one will cost you more?


Preservation of the natural environment

Riding an electric bike is an excellent way to reduce your impact on the planet. Vehicles, especially zero-emission ones, are available by the masses but are major contributors to environmental degradation. In addition to being more environmentally responsible, riding an electric bicycle can help in saving. By ditching your gas guzzler, you’re doing your part to reduce global warming by reducing emissions. The e-tiny bike’s size is a clear benefit. The area required to park a single car may easily accommodate a dozen electric bicycles. That will free up several parking spots that have been in use.

Consider the space that are present if the design of electric bikes could be made to fold up. In some locations, parking garages’ cost and environmental impact are substantial. There will be less need for car parking as the number of bicycles on the road increases.



When comparing the two methods of travel, safety is an important factor that depends on many factors. But if we look at the data separately, we can tell which would be more susceptible to mishaps. Regarding the risk of getting into an accident per mile, those on e-bikes had a 26-48 times higher chance than people in cars. Around sixty-four percent of deadly auto accidents in urban areas occur between three and eleven pm in the afternoon and evening.

On either hand, 1.9% of all traffic fatalities in 2009 involved bicyclists. Drivers of bicycles received 53.1%, riders 19.5%, and walkers 13.9% of the remainder. To stay safe, motorists and passengers in any vehicle should practice prudence. There are advantages and disadvantages to both cars and electric bikes.



The shape and layout of a city change when e-bikes are present. It cuts down on travel times and makes the terrain more even. The motor uplift of two to three times your normal output power turns errands and hauling, even with big loads, from a hard job that only the most dedicated (and fit) environmental activists would consider into a fun thing to do for anyone trying to live a healthier life. They let you see more of the world, go on adventures every day, and start interesting conversations, like when you drive by a line of cars waiting to pick up kids from school.

By getting more people to use e-bikes and other forms of micro-mobility and continuing to invest in public transportation, we can eliminate the need for fossil fuels and cripple the main power sources of dictatorships.

If any of the things above are important to you, you should keep your car for as long as you need to. Cut down on how much you use your vehicle and switch to an electric bike for your commute. Please take three months to think about it. Most likely, you won’t come back.