What Are the Disadvantages of Electric Bikes?

What are e-bikes?

Bicycles that have an electric motor to help you pedal is called e-bikes or electric bikes. The motor is dependent on the rechargeable battery that is in the e-bike. It powers the motor. The motor assists you and makes pedaling much easier. It certainly makes our lives better since it is a unique invention. Famous e-bike companies such as Ariel Rider are catching the eye of people worldwide. The motor power depends on your pedaling pace and the chosen support level. With many modes to choose from, helping you balance the pedaling power and battery life. A lot of cities are already setting up e-bike charging points, so it would be helpful if your e-bike runs out of power while cycling. It is up to you to decide whether you want to ride with it with full effort or not with the help of the motor.


How do they work?

The battery pack powers the motor, and it controls how the motor functions. Gears can set the speed you wish to cycle at, just like how it is on a regular bicycle. All the components contribute to the weight of your bike. The sensors monitor the speed of the bike and turn the throttle while assisting the pedal movement. With the assistance of the motor, you don’t need to pedal much. Mechanical power converts into electrical power.

To power the motor, the battery pack must be sufficiently charged. It is a unique system made-up of gears that are connected to the whole system. The sensors can be monitored through an online application and it can be downloaded on your phone. E-bikes are classified into two types: those with a hub motor and those with a mid-motor.


Importance of e-bikes

The main advantage is that you can choose whether you want to ride the bike with full effort or not. Riders have to anyway still pedal to keep the bike going which improves physical health. E-bikes can go smoothly on hills and mountains with little pedaling effort. E-bikes are also great alternatives to vehicles because E-bikes typically can do almost anything, much faster because they are more reliable. You can reach your destinations much faster, and many people would rather ride their e-bikes than drive. E-bikes are much safer than regular bikes as you can control the movement and pace electrically. 

Also, your destination could be reached faster with less energy wasted, as it is great for traveling long distances. An e-bike is very powerful when compared with a standard bike, with higher mobility and versatility. E-bikes already give all the regular benefits of a standard bicycle. If you are a person who gets tired easily then this is the cycle for you. Make sure when purchasing the bike you have gone through all of the specifications of the bike. Children can benefit too, it can teach them how to ride a bicycle. E-bikes can also help you get ready to ride a regular standard bicycle. 

There are many types of e-bikes, and each one performs differently. It is up to you to decide which kind of bicycle suits you. It also depends on your cycling experience. For example, many workers in a factory may use e-bikes to deliver their goods to warehouses fats and effectively. An Uber eats driver may use a standard e-bike to complete he/ her orders on time, as it is much faster than a regular bicycle. There are so many ways e-bikes bikes are used in day-to-day applications




E-bikes cost more compared to the average bicycle. It is mostly because of the components making up the bike. Engineered to work effectively together to make your ride better and safe. Designing and making sure the battery and motor work well together, is a complex task. Building the circuits in the battery pack takes a lot of time and energy, and the manufacturer should sure the battery does not explode or get damaged since the output is maintained through the pedals. There are many manufacturing stages, and the whole process takes a long time. Initially, prototypes are tested to ensure that the e-bike is free of flaws. E-bike manufacturers always make sure that you get the best experience, and sometimes they may take a lot of time designing testing and modifying components.


Short battery life

The battery is the most important part of the e-bike. If correctly managed, an e-bike battery can last between 2 and 6 years. Over time the battery may lose some of its capacity and the bike will underperform. If the performance reduces in the e-bike, it would be difficult to pedal up hills or mountains. The battery life depends on the charge cycles and most batteries have 1000 cycles. Most importantly, the battery may run into problems such as internal damage and overheating. These issues will affect your e-bike cycling experience and it is very important to always purchase an e-bike from a well-reputed company. If you use your bike regularly you might need to charge it at least two times a day even if the battery is not low. You may never know when you will be needing your bike.


Long charging time

The e-bike capacity determines the charging time. For example, a 500 Watt-hour battery will take about five hours to charge completely while a compact charger will make you wait even longer. Always make sure your e-bike battery is charged fully because poor charging affects the quality of your battery. Most cities do not have charging points and this is a great difficulty for e-bike riders. E-bike charging points will certainly be available in the future with rising demand. If your city is not having any charging points available, it is best to make sure that your battery is charged well. Keep your e-bike readily accessible by having it charged after every ride, also use the standard charger which comes with the bike. People who do not complete their charging cycles may experience faulty hardware.



An e-bike is heavier than a standard bike. Components like the battery, motor, and other mechanical parts contribute to the overall weight of the bike. Sometimes it may be difficult for you to handle it if you are not that familiar with mechanical components. Even the gears are heavier compared to a standard BMX bike. E-bikes weigh around 40-50 lbs while an average bicycle weighs around 20-25 lbs. It is best not to add any additional gear onto the bike as it will make it heavier and end up affecting the pedaling output. As soon as your battery runs out your bike will be hard to peddle if it is too heavy. The heaviness will therefore be a disadvantage as it affects the pedaling performance. E-bikes usually come with mobile applications you can download so you can see analytics of the bike.


Not suitable for weight loss

They are not suitable for people who are trying to lose weight.  E-bikes are mainly for people who cannot ride a bike or want to ride a bike with assistance. E-bikes suit old aged people well if they find it hard to ride a regular bicycle. There isn’t much to pedal since the motor and the battery work together to assist you. E-bikes are not suitable for weight loss as they are doing the opposite of a regular bicycle. Regular bicycles constantly need a lot of effort to keep the bike stable and up to speed, making them ideal for weight loss. However, if you are overweight you are likely to see long-term results. This might take a year or so since it takes away your effort to fully ride the bicycle. Since e-bikes are reliable they are giving their owners a healthy cycling experience.


Expensive e-bike battery 

E-bike batteries are very costly, as it depends on the brand name and the battery’s performance. Price range from $400 to $2000 and the battery quality depends also on the brand name, so it is best to always buy from a well-reputed company. It is best not to purchase batteries online because there are many scams for e-bike batteries. It is best to avoid shopping for them online. Cheap battery packs will often cause a breakdown and it is also not safe. Some e-bike battery manufacturers include Yamaha and Panasonic. Make sure your battery health is well, a replacement is very costly, and sometimes it might be hard to find one if e-bikes are not popular in your town or city. At one point, a battery replacement should be done. Always remember that the performance of the bike always depends on the battery pack. 


Costly maintenance/repairs 

This depends on how much you ride your e-bike and how well you are maintaining it. Servicing will cost around $200 every year. An e-bike rider usually spends around $150 on parts and the total will add up to $350, making it the final cost for regular maintenance These maintenance service places are not very common, so e-bike riders should always manage and repair any faults on their own. It is not an easy job taking care of an e-bike and fixing component problems can be a difficult task. 

Other than the components, if there are any other faults it won’t be much of a cost. It is best to always get your e-bike serviced once a month if possible to avoid any faulty hardware. If there are no bike service centers in your area it will be difficult for you so make sure that you take care of your e-bike well. 


Low resale value

Most people do not buy e-bikes that are on resale as they are not very trustworthy. E-bike owners always get half the price. The bike should be of a well-known brand if you expect buyers. Most importantly, if you are selling your e-bike it should be in good condition as the components of a secondhand e-bike may underperform. Purchasing a new battery is essential if you’re buying a secondhand e-bike. The e-bikes put on resale also have completed the warranty period, and keep in mind even though e-bikes are popular, most people still prefer the standard bike. Try to always contact the seller of an e-bike personally because they will address any issues regarding the performance. 


Damages the environment

To make an e-bike, fossil fuels and coal have been burned, polluting the environment. E-bike batteries cannot fully recycle. Riding an e-bike does not damage the environment but the production process is not very eco-friendly. E-bike companies use a lot of natural resources when manufacturing e-bikes. If e-bikes become more popular in the future there will be certainly an impact on the environment.



Buying an e-bike is completely up to you. E-bikes are suitable for people who aren’t able to ride a standard bike. This is mainly people who are old age, overweight or simply need assistance in riding a bike. E-bikes do not help weight loss but will keep you healthy. Maintaining the e-bike battery is important for every e-bike owner, and they should always check how the battery pack and the motor is running every day. We can agree that it makes pedaling easier and reduces your overall output effort. E-bikes can replace driving, as they can do many things and is eco friendly. E-bikes will certainly be even more famous in the future and might even advance further.

One thing to remember is that people will not pay much if you put your electric bike on resale. Make sure that your bike is in really good condition and the battery pack is in good condition. Second-hand electric bicycles don’t sell great in the market. Make sure to service your bike at a good trusted place. You don’t want any unnecessary repair costs because components alone are really expensive. Purchase your e-bike battery from a well-reputed company. E-bikes can be heavy, and since it is heavy it would be very difficult to be stolen.

Complete your e-bike charging cycles and make sure that your bike is charged well. If you are thinking of purchasing an e-bike look at its specifications. Some e-bikes may be overpriced for their design. E-bikes overall are a fun experience. It can help old aged people who are unable to get pedaling assistance through a regular bike. Pedaling assistance is achieved through an e-bike. The electric motor and the battery pack work well with the system to support their weight. An overweight person can also benefit in the same way. 

E-bikes contribute to clearing traffic. If more people use E-bikes than cars they may be able to clear roads, with no pollutants. People can reach their location much faster as mentioned earlier because of their sustainability. E-bikes are also less wasteful when compared with vehicle-based current systems. E-bikes will make our transportation system more stable. Vehicles and people, contribute to global warming and it makes the overall quality of life worse. Even if you can’t purchase an e-bike it is best for you to at least use standard bike day-to-day, as it is a great help for the environment. As technology advances the environment is greatly affected, and soon there will not be much greenery left. 


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