Can I charge my eBike at a car charging station? 

Can I charge my Electric Bike at a car charging station? 

Is it possible to charge my eBike at a car charging station?

The 21st century is advancing in technology day by day introducing brand new items every day. Life is becoming easier as people have many alternatives to make difficult things simpler. A clear example of this is e-bikes which are very similar to a bicycle. This can almost be the alternative for bicycles. The lazy hack for cycling. Ebikes were introduced in the 1990s and have seen a boom quite recently. The sales were high since the pandemic mainly because of lockdowns. It is quite a profitable industry currently. They are encouraging more people to invest in it rather than bicycles.

What is an E-Bike? 

An E-Bike is an electric bike that requires a battery and a motor. The bike has an inbuilt motor allowing the bike to go faster with less manpower required. This bike allows you to go to mountains and hills. Even though E-bikes require less manpower it still allows humans to pedal which will be beneficial for their health. However, there is a common misconception, as people assume E-bike is a motorbike or scooter. This is probably bad for humans as it does not require any manpower thus making the human body indolent.

How does it work? 

The E-Bike has a motor that has different power ratings which changes the speed of the bike. The higher the motor the more expensive the E-Bike will cost. Further the higher the battery power the easier it can handle weights. However, the motors provided with the bike can be ranging from efficient to inefficient. When the weight is more there is an impact in the distance it can travel. These are bikes are expensive as the quality is good. E-Bike is eco-friendly and easy to travel around quickly.

Components of an E-Bike

There are a couple of components for an E-Bike which includes the motor, Batteries, Structure, and brakes. All these parts make up the E-Bike in order for it to automatically work. Furthermore, there are also other parts. The tires, mirrors, sensors, and more are also key factors in order for an E-Bike to function properly. Each part plays a huge role in order to ensure the E-Bike is safe and secure to ride. Though, the key parts are the mentioned four parts that differentiate it from a normal cycle. The components are explained in detail below:


The motor is one of the apparatuses which set this apart from a normal bicycle which is completely manual. The motor reduces the pedaling hard work for the cyclist as it is the automated factor in the bike. Which includes the rear and front and central frame. These are the selected location as it allows the bike to provide grip, gears, and power. All these factors are very important for the E-bike to be indicative of an ordinary pedal-operated bike. The motor is the powerhouse of the bike. As the bits of help start the bike.


The battery is essential for charging and for the motor to perform. As this element influences the motor, which means the E-Bike would not work without this.  The battery is made up if lithium which is very good metal. As it performs well. This battery type is the most sustainable type which is affordable as well. The voltages on the battery are divided into three, which distinguishes the range per charge. Most importantly the battery most used depends on how wanted that particular range is. As the battery range selling mostly depends on the customer preferences.

Other Components 

There are a few more components to the E-Bike which include sensors to help with peddling support and sensor for speed. Which shows the performance levels of the electrical components such as the motor and the battery. The tires fitted on the electric bike are usually three inches and have two different wheel sizes. The front wheel is bigger than the back wheel. The lights on the bike allow you to use it at the night. Which improves safety further and increases visibility. Along with the reflectors which are attached to the lights. The modern versions have more additions such as performance monitors.

In order to reduce the peddling, there is a throttle which is another item to distinguish from a bicycle. The throttle allows the bike to move with no peddling required. The throttle mode allows you to go at a great speed. Mainly advantages for uphill travel and big heights. The brake system is modern and provides powerful braking. These are generally located in the handle, making it easy to stop the bike. The motor switch allows for a safe braking system than an immediate stop which will topple the bike.

The gears have a shifter which also allows changing gears in the bike. Which is in the hand bar to make the peddling adjusted as per your requirement like hills. Normal bicycles have gears that help make cycling easier when cycling on bumpy roads or steep roads. Just like that the E-Bike also has gears to help fix these different needs and wants. The bike comes with a kickstand to ensure the bike is not on the floor. Thus, can be parked at your own convenience. There are bells added to the bike as well so these can be used on the road.

Pros and Cons of an E-Bike

These amazing E-Bikes have numerous advantages and disadvantages. They have currently been trending due to the crisis as people are finding it easier to travel. The disadvantages outweigh the advantages. As the bike is quite heavy which means a light person would find it difficult to move from place to place on the bike. Especially when the bike stops working the individual will face difficulties.  The range it can travel is quite short as its battery powered. Especially when the motor is not big with a higher voltage the traveling distance will be shorter.

These E-Bikes are the perfect item for short distances as they can be handy to grab and go quickly. However, it has high maintenance, and items as sophisticated as this will require maintenance as repairing cost is quite high. Especially in certain countries where there aren’t many facilities, it’s tough to source the necessary items. In terms of requiring a license to ride the bike as of now, you do not require a license at least in Sri Lanka. As the bike can be ridden on the bicycle pathway which is safe. There are tracks for cyclists as well which is convenient.

Conversely, developed countries such as the states are still in talks with regard to having license requirements. This is mainly because the whole trend of these bikes is fairly new and still undecided. Registration isn’t required or existent. However, the helmet must be worn to improve safety. The helmet requirement is because of the speed. So going at a fast speed can be dangerous. However, it is essential to wear a helmet for your own safety. These are the component of a bike that is very important.

E-Bike battery life 

The most crucial factor for an E-Bike is the charging facilities as these bikes rely heavily on charging. This is mostly because the battery provided for the E-Bikes is not the largest of batteries. E-Bike’s pro is to ensure portable and lightweight. This cannot be achieved by using big batteries. As this makes the bike much heavier. Electric bikes can be used for short day trips and not for rather long periods. Typically for a single journey, the charge lasts for 20-70 miles. However, this might be less if the individual is riding in full power.

In terms of battery hours, it lasts around two hours depending on battery energy. As there are different loads and battery energy which varies the run time is from thirty minutes to two hours. Thus, to ensure this the lithium battery must be of good quality. The battery life and mileage might differ and be even low. Usually, the good batteries might be marginally heavier than the usually low-quality batteries. This is the main reason why there are price variations in the E-Bike.

Charging Facilities 

There are multiple ways to charge an E-Bike. It includes charging at home or the station along with other cars. Most people who have other electric cars generally prefer to charge them at home. However, the other crowd who do not have the facility try to go to the charging stations. Pedal charging is an option that is available only for some models. Another method is an alternative battery where you connect one battery to another which has parallel voltage.

A solar panel is a great way as well. This method is cheaper as it is environmental. Where you connect an invertor to a 150 watts solar panel. This is moderately complex however doable.  The generator is another great alternative. You have to just plug one end to the generator, and it will charge really fast. As an E-Bike does not require so many voltages a portable charger will also work. E-Bikes require around fifteen amps, thus finding a charger with that capacity would be great. Most portable chargers have that capacity.

As we may know our country does not have many charging stations. Further with the current crisis electricity cuts are quite often. Thus, charging facilities are very limited. Charging E-Bikes are a challenge in this country. Most people have a charging point at their house where they charge the bike. However, petrol sheds have charging stations available, but it is quite limited. With the number of electric cars available there is not much space to fit in E-Bike. Sri Lanka does not have car charging stations specifically. Thus, it can be quite a task to find one.

Ways to charge

An E-Bike usually comes with its own charger. Charging it is not a big difficulty as long as there is a plug point. The charging cable is generally the size of a laptop charger which is quite portable to carry around. However, when you are on the go there are other alternative options. Such as have your battery charge and ensure to have an eye on it. You must always have backup options. People carry the battery with them in their backpacks to use for emergency purposes. 

There is a number of other methods to ensure there is a charge on the go.  In US and European countries there are plenty of charging stations. Further, there are apps to mention where the charging points are. This gives you a good overview of where to make the next pitstop. There are lockers for the battery which stops others from taking it. This way only the owner has access to the battery. The best on-the-go alternative is to have a battery pack. So, if there is no charging point you can always charge it through the battery pack.

How to charge your battery

There are two ways to charge. This includes crammed appeared chargers which permit amending the amps on the charger. So, you can either increase or decrease the time for charging. The voltage can be changed depending on the battery type. However, it should match the model capacity.  These chargers are typically more expensive and tend to be heavy. Though it is quite useful. They also have more features than the usual chargers which have fixed rates.

 Fixed-rate chargers are used to charge the bike. It is easier to use this due to its advantages. The amps mentioned are fixed due to their nature. Their maximum amps are three. In order to charge it faster, you can use a charger with a higher amp. This option is also good but not as good as the previous option. These chargers are not available everywhere to purchase. 

Charging locations

Certain states around the world have started adding in E-Bike charging stations as it is becoming more common. Eventually, there will be many options as the demand is increasing. So as the supply increase the government will try to add more options. As it is an added cost that will not be spent unless or until demand is high. States that are implementing the station always ensure it is free of cost. This will not be the case for developing nations. As they will impose a fee to charge. 

The charging is usually in a separate location and not in the same place as the car charging center. It will be placed in crucial locations to ensure it has been of good use. As Electric bikes promote an eco-friendly space and reduce car fumes. Adding more facilities will increase the number of E-bike consumers which will lead to fewer vehicles producing fumes. E-Bikes are also a sustainable and cheaper mode of transportation. Unlike other vehicles releasing carbon.   

When you are on the go, there will be plenty of coffee shops, bike shops, and more where you can charge. This option is quite flexible with plenty of places to charge and not just limited to one, unlike the car charging station. Which makes it reliable to use as you can charge it on the go rather than at a specific place.


The bikes have charging points all over which include portable and fixed locations. When you are on the go you can charge it everywhere. It definitely can be only in limited places. As E-Bike usage is still not very popular in most countries. Very soon there will be charging points at the car charging station. This is a method of promoting more of these bikes in an effort to make an eco-friendlier space. The battery life is good which is a good factor as well. This bike is good for short distances and for quick distances. 

However, the addition of E-Bike is sustainably very worthy than the usual type of vehicles which produce toxic fumes and ruin the environment. The Electric bike is useful to use and a quick and easy option. Grocery runs are east because of the E-Bike. As parking is not an issue and traffic is not a problem either. The initial cost is high because of purchasing. However, it is a worth it investment. Motivates as there is physical fitness included. This E-Bike already has many options to be charged. It can also be stored easily at home. As it does not take much space.