Can you ride an e-bike without the battery?

Can you ride an e-bike without the battery?

It’s a long question, to begin with, isn’t it? Don’t be afraid; today I am going to talk about a question that you have in your mind but you’re afraid to as anyone. Because even if it is from our best friends when we ask something we don’t know, they are waiting to laugh at us. I said okay, didn’t I?

Even if we buy a storybook, the first thing we get to see is an introduction to that story. If I go on and on about E-Bike here, it won’t matter. Because if you read this article, you probably don’t know what this e-bike is. That’s why I will first give a short introduction to what this e-bike is.

                            ‘’Okay, so let’s what this e-bike is all about’’

It’s really amazing sometimes when you compare the past with the present. In the past, humans used animals like horses, cows, and donkeys for their transportation. If you are a catholic, you have probably heard that the Blessed Virgin Mary, who was preparing for the birth of Jesus, was carrying Jesus on a donkey. That’s how traffic used to be.  

Now let’s consider the facts about the current traffic situation. Today, there are various modes of transportation in society. Various manufacturers have been able to vehicles for occasions such as air, sea, and land. In fact, we should be very happy about it because it makes our daily work easier.

               The main purpose of these electric bikes is to add convenience to our traffic and in talking about this we can see different types of electric bikes.

  1. One type is an electric bicycle that can be ridden like a bicycle.
  2. The second category is the types of electric-powered bicycles that can be used to travel in the form of motorbikes.

  Therefore, considering the various modes of transportation that we talked about above, the inventors in today’s society have been motivated to create more vehicles suitable for these modes. It is mainly due to the fierce competition in today’s society. ‘’That is why e-bikes can be described as being made with the comfort of the rider in mind.’’

                 Another important thing is that many countries are currently facing a petrol crisis, so this e-bike system is very valuable for such countries

          In talking about this article e-bike or electronic bicycle, we can see e-bikes manufactured to a different standard. In some countries, we can see that bicycles with all these devices are used in a very good way, while bicycles that are made very simply with fewer devices are sold at a higher price. We call it the Battery Powered Bicycle.

When considering the facts about these e-bikes, we can see what makes it possible is that it has a battery attached and a motor attached to the wheel.

In addition to that, several other electronic devices are attached to it because it works from the battery. We all have definitely ridden a bicycle. It’s like that, isn’t it? I said something like that considering the facts in general. Okay, let’s look at some of the differences that separate an e-bike from a regular bike.

       I took data from e-bikes to show these differences.

  1. FRAME.

6061 Lightweight Aluminum Alloy

  1. COLOUR.

Featuring a beautiful color combination. Consisting of 2 or more flours rather than a single color.

           .REAR DERAILLEUR.

Shimano Tourney TY4007-Speed.

        Again, I would like to remember that the I am presenting is about an electric bicycle that is made from a normal bicycle, a bicycle mine. Since we can see a lot of different types of e-bicycles toddy, consider some of the differences that are used to give you an understanding of how big a difference there is between a normal bicycle and an e-bicycle.


Shimano and Trigger Shift 7- Speed.

  1. TYRES.

DSI 26.


Easy spring action heavy-duty side stand.

  1. BELL.

Ring Bell.

  1. Lights.

Powerful front and rear LED Lights.

  1. CHAIN.

Anti-rust strong steel chain.

  1. FORK.

Suspending for a fork with 80mm travel.

  1. RIMS.

Strong double-walled alloy rim.

If we talk about an electric bicycle, it immediately comes to our mind that it needs electricity. So, there must be a battery to generate that electricity. Here we can take care of a battery with a beautiful battery cover. We have received a key along with the battery of this electric bicycle. We remove the battery from it. We can say that such a thing is given because of the high value of these batteries.

Because if we have to go somewhere suddenly and leave the bike on the road, we can remove the battery and take it with us.

So we know that a battery needs to be charged. This can be used for that too.

If you live in a limited space removing the battery and charging it as mentioned above, charging this way advantageous and very convenient. It takes 4 hours to charge this electric bicycle. A small square piece in the battery pack determines whether it is charged or not. If the square is red, it is still charging. If it is green, it has finished charging. There is a button to install this battery again and turn on the power. It is essential to turn it on. There is no need to cover the place where the battery is connected to the electricity, even if it is not specifically mentioned as waterproof.

It cannot be said that it works with electricity because after the battery charge is reduced, we can ride with the help of our legs. So I will give a small example of this battery. It proves that it is waterproof.

       ‘The Spark 5 has an EU Certified Detachable Smart 40V 7.8Ah Lithium-ion Battery with ‘Waterproof Casing. ‘After charging, you can install the battery again. Electric power goes to the rear wheel of the bike through the wires of the bike and the reason is that the motor is in the rear wheel.’

This is mainly because it is powered by a motor. Okay, let’s take a quick look at the ways to control the battery-powered motor. Having an accelerator like a motorcycle. That way we can usually go there by motor-bike (Throttle Mode)

But that is not the purpose of this, if that is the purpose, we will buy a motorbike. The reason for this is that when we ride this bike, it reduces our fatigue and gives us something like a little boost. 

We can see that there is a LED Control Panel and there are several buttons. Here, after turning on the power, the power of this panel should also be turned on. Another thing is that it can take care of the charge in this battery.

 Because the battery has been talked about so much here, one thing that everyone thinks is ‘can’t we ride this electric bike without this battery?

Well, let’s consider it here;

                  We can see that various reasons have influenced people to choose these electric bicycles in today’s society. I am going to discuss some of them now,

  • These e-bikes are expected to maintain a healthy and strong body. That is, by riding a bicycle, we will get a lot of space to burn unnecessary fat.
  • High cost of petrol.
  • Ease and Freedom.

So, I say that battery is not necessary for electric- bicycles.

The reason can be stated as follows;

  This is the ability to ride on two feet. That is, it can be ridden like a normal bicycle. It can be ridden like a normal bicycle when the battery is out.

The reason is that by connecting a battery and a motor, they hope to reduce the discomfort felt by the body of the person riding the bike, especially the legs.

       If you are interested in e- bicycles, you probably already know about e-scooters.

Designers and customers say that after charging for nearly 4 hours, the e-scooter can travel a distance of nearly 70KM. Usually, an e-scooter has 5 batteries. You can imagine the maximum distance that this e-bicycle can go on battery power with only one battery left.

But there is no possibility to stop you in the middle and the reason is that you can ride this e-bicycle as said before.

The answer to the main question that was sought was whether it is possible to ride an electric bicycle without a battery. But since we have drawn the topic of e-bikes, let’s examine the facts about e-bikes further.

In general, while talking about this e-bicycle, we should be aware of the things that should be taken care of when buying this e-bicycle.

    Things to consider when buying an E-Bicycle;

Purpose of use.

Purchase requirement. We can divide this into two parts;

  1. for commercial purposes.
  2. for domestic purposes.

Maximum Speed.

  1. The elderly adult should have the speed of the bike suitable for them when riding bicycles, especially when riding an e-bike for their safety. The speed can be indicated as a maximum value of 50KMPH.
  2. But today’s society’s younger people in today’s society drive their vehicles at the speed they want, so the speed limits for the elderly do not suit them, so they should choose e-bikes that correspond to the appropriate speed limits. That speed limit is more than 80KMPH.


Load Carrying Capacity.

         Applies to those using a commercial purpose.

Motor Power.

        E-Bicycles have different battery capacity sizes like 750W 100W 2000W.

Motor type.

Battery Type.

 There are two types here;


        *High cost

        *Low maintenance

        *Taking a long time to charge.

       *Weight is low. That is light.


      *Low cost.

      *High maintenance.

     *So heavy.

    Battery Capacity and Mileage.

   Charging Time.

Transmission Type.

  1. Single Mod Transmission.
  2. Multi Mod Transmission

Battery Life and Warranty.


Everything has two aspects called pros and cons. Let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of e-bicycle.

Let’s see if buying these electric bikes at a high cost is beneficial or disadvantageous.

    Advantages of buying E-Bicycles;

  • Petrol price control.

The society we live in today spends a lot on petrol in addition to food. The reason is the acceleration of everyday traffic. Meanwhile, many countries have faced severe shortages of petrol. But battery-operated e-bicycles are a great solution to this crisis.

  • Helping to maintain a healthy body.

Proper maintenance is essential to keep our bodies healthy. If so, daily exercise is essential. It burns calories. Here, too, cycling burns calories.

  • Too much freedom.

Even though it is electric, it can be driven like other pedals, in short, it can be driven naturally.

  • Less fatigue due to battery operation.

Just because the battery is connected to the motor, the motor gives us the power to ride the bike.

      Disadvantages of using electric bicycles;

  • Having to charge the battery.

Because the battery is used to generate electricity, it has to change from time to time. Thus, the distance to ride the bike is very short.

  • E-Bikes are overall pricey.
  • The battery has a rather short lifespan.
  • Battery charge time is long.
  • The riding range remains low.
  • E-Bikes are considerably heavier.
  • Maintenance and repairs are costly.
  • E-Bikes tend to have low resale value.

When I mentioned the relevant matter here, I also brought out the other related information because it is important for you to have a good understanding of it.

When discussing the topic of whether you ride an electric bike without a battery, the battery is not essential for bicycles in the form of bicycles. But electric motorcycles require a battery. Otherwise, after the battery runs out, he has to push himself to go home. There is also a story saying, ‘Do you want to beat the odds that are not for the war?’

‘The uses of electric bikes without air pollution can be seen as a great gift to the future generation. ‘Due to these reasons, the vehicles dealers are very meticulously raising the prices of these vehicles. But it cannot be said that an investment made in such a thing is useless.

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