How to fix an E-scooter not running at full Throttle

How to fix an E-scooter not running at full Throttle

Why E-scooter?

E-scooter is one of the hot topics in the recent past in several major cities of the world. It has become an inevitable mode of transportation due to less impact on the environment compared to other vehicles running with gasoline or fossil fuels.

It incurs a lesser cost on maintenance and cheaper serviceable parts compared to other motor vehicles. However, critical technical problems may result, if the owner does not undertake proper maintenance. However, this inventor has also encountered some issues such as failure to start, unexpected stops in the middle of the ride, the motor does not perform properly or the Throttle does not support the ride. Each of these stated problems are occur due to different reasons for the gadgets and these problems should address separately and carefully.  

We will discuss the specific problem though out this article. It is one of the major issues out of the above issues where E-scooter not running at full Throttle. 

What happens if your E-scooter doesn’t accelerate even at full capacity?

If you have ridden an E-scooter you may have experienced a situation where it is not accelerated even if the battery is at full capacity. In such situations, the rider should actively seek the assistance of a repair guide to solve this issue to avoid accidents on the road. 

This may happen due to several reasons. The main reason for this issue might be a fault in Throttle. What is Throttle? It is the key device that moderates the flow of electricity from the battery to the motor. Out of several Throttles, the most common one is the half-effect Throttle.  Accelerator or Twist bar are general names used for these tools. On and off the Throttle, High-end Throttle, Thumb foot Throttle, and Half Twist are other kinds of Throttles.

Test the issue with E-scooter to find out which device is faulty

We suggest you carry out a test on all devices to identify whether the issue is happening with which device. We have listed down the steps of the troubleshooting for you to undertake easily which takes only a few minutes.

Step 01

  1. Lift the back wheels once you ensure that both fuse and the E-scooter turn off.

 Step 02

  1. The red wire which supplies electricity to the positive terminals of the Throttle must connect to a DC 4.3 volts positive multi-meter. 

 Step 03

  1. The black wire is the –ve terminal which must connect to the DC 4.3 volts ground.  

Step 04

  1. Before replacing the fuse, you must ensure that the voltmeter connects to the black, green, or blue wires properly. 
  2. Then, switch on the E-scooter. 
  3. Check whether the motor of the E-scooter functions properly once you twist the motor.

If you have noticed that there is no issue with the motor, then it may be a fault of the battery, power connection, or the ignition key.  

However, there may be an instance in which you switch on the motor and it does not start as you expect, then the tests should carry out on the battery and ignition key. Because the power generate from the battery is not sufficient enough or the throttle does not control the power received from the battery to the motor. 

Additionally, the fuse and the circuit breakers have also broken or melted due to overheating of the charger.

When the Battery Charger indicates green light, it implies an issue with the charger port, wiring, connector, fuse between the charger port and the controller, harness, and the connector of the battery pack, charger plug, or battery pack. Only smart chargers automatically detect the issue with the battery pack.  

Does your E-scooter indicate less voltage?

You may experience some instances where the scooter functions for a relatively lesser period even if it was fully charged or on the other hand, the E-scooter may refuse to start due to lack of power. 

As the first thing that you have to do in such an instance is to check whether it is undercharged or is not chartered at all. Once you make sure of these the next move has to undergo the inspection with the other devices of the E-scooter while considering the age of the E-scooter.

If this is an issue after two years of buying your brand new E-scooter, it is obvious that the living space of the rechargeable battery. The battery is made out of lithium and the ion is only two years. It implies that the battery or the E-scooter will show off poor performance after two years. 

After two years it is indeed important to check the life span of the battery and make necessary think of a replacement. A faulty charger is another issue we discussed further which is to be addressed properly and quickly. To check the flow of the power of the charger, indicator batteries are not light up and the battery may result not charge. Once the batter is actively used over 60% of the capacity, you may search for a replacement. However, to check the capacity of the battery, the first thing that you have to do is, check the voltage of your battery using a multimeter.  

It will be useful to test the indicator lights of the Throttle. If the light does not function or it is doing its half capacity, then it indicates below voltage where the battery or charger is defective. To maintain the continuous flow of voltage and to ensure the optimum capacity of the Throttle, the battery or the battery pack has to replace. The old or defective battery pack is a common reason for the failure of accelerating E-scooter.

It is important to keep in mind that a lead-acid battery pack needs deep charging before the replacement to ensure that it works at the optimum capacity. In this case, the E-scooter will function when only the charger is plugged into the charger where the battery pack is being discharged with the non-availability of the required voltage to run the motor. It is because of issues with the circuit, connection, or fuse.

 Thorough charging of lead-acid batteries for around 48-72 hours, is the expectation for such kinds of batteries. We recommend you to do it a few times annually in the case where it losses its full capacity.    

Additionally, the power charger and the charging port are the other devices that require similar attention in case of less voltage of the E-scooter. If a battery charger is working properly it shows with an indicator light. Unless there is less voltage, the multimeter will indicate ensure the performance of the charging port and charger. However, you should be careful when dealing with terminals made of metal. 

If there are no issues with the charging point, connect the e-scooter charging port and the plug on the wall, and check with some additional features that differ from brand to brand.  

A kill switch is one of those advanced features which support the rider to turn while saving energy. Most of the riders are not known that the kill switch has to be turned off in instances where the E-scooter is not functioning or while charging mode is on. Check whether the kill switch is on at the low or dead battery status. If there is no issue with the battery or the motor, the scooter should restart at the kill switch is off.

Another advanced feature of an E-scooter is restarting option or the restart button. You must aware of the features available with your E-scooter at the point of buying. Check the manual or the guide. If a manual is not available search through the internet with your model number. You will find the manual on the internet. 

If you have not noticed any issue with the mentioned devices, then you are to stray your concentration on the Throttle.

Have you encountered a problem with Throttle?

First of all, the E-scooter has to undertake the proper mechanical investigation. If you are not in a position to undertake this, you may get the support of the e-scooter service center or the repair shop to test the voltage of the battery, charger, or charging point. 

Fix the issue with Throttle

Fixing the issue with Throttle is not so difficult with your self-study material available on the internet. If you have experienced that the E-scooter is unmovable even if it is in power-on mode, firstly you should ensure that there is no issue with the wire connection. Open the lead on the top deck and check whether it functions properly.

The throttle of the E-scooter comes with three different colors of wires such as black, red, green, and blue.  

If you found any issues with them, you know what to do with them. Unless you have not noticed melted wires, obviously you must tighten them. 

If there is a burnt smell over there, we recommend you to check thoroughly whether there is any melted component.  

In case, if you noticed a melted wire it may be due to overheated Throttle which needs an immediate replacement. 

If there is no issue with the connection, check then the physical components of the Throttle. This is proved with the low voltammeter reading below 0. If the reading is between 0 to +3, that is the perfect number showing there is no faulty in Throttle. 

It is important to ensure that the above range of voltage is accurate. When the battery voltage increases at a slow speed, it implies that the charger is performing well. Let it charge completely and check the voltage correctly to ensure that the battery is charging at a maximum level of 100%. If you notice any defect in the battery and the battery pack, this means that you should think of a replacement. It is suggested to look for an original or branded item to prevent future issues.  

If you identify the issue, it is important to take not only necessary corrective actions but preventive actions as well.

With this sufficient evidence through the investigation, you can narrow down your findings to the exact problem of the Throttle. Please replace it immediately if you have noticed a burnt or damaged Throttle.

In a case where the failure of the Throttle is identified during the guarantee period, then you can open a complaint and demand the replacement or repair from the merchandiser. we recommend you contact the manufacturer for necessary repairs or replacement of it.  

On the other hand, it is fixable on your own or with the support of a mechanic. 

Replace the E-scooter Throttle within a short time

If you encountered any issue related to your E-scooter throttle and you have decided to go for a replacement, the following is the basic procedure to be undertaken. 

  1. Slope the grip using an air pump.
  2. Once you lose the brake lever, make sure to unplug the LCD as well with 3mm Allen.
  3. Unplug the old Throttle and fix it with the new one into the E-scooter. 
  4. Tight up the brake lever, slide back the LCD, and finally, make sure to fix the hands’ grip and thumb Throttle. 

However, if your E-scooter has not been purchased with a plug-and-play Throttle, the procedure of replacement is slightly different from the above. The below-listed steps will assist you to carry out it easily.

  1. Buy a new Throttle with similar features.
  2. Use the air pump and open the handlebar grip.
  3. Separate the Throttle screws once untie the handlebar grip. 
  4. Make sure that you will fix the new throttle with the respective old colors.
  5. Repair the wires and shield them.

How to fix a Throttle of a Razor E-Scooter?

We suggest you replace the Throttle of the Razor electrical scooter if it is not working. It is a different process that requires operating within the deck. Following simple stems will make your life easy with such a problem. 

  1. Open the deck and remove screws and brackets
  2. Cut the zip ties using two scissors which have to tighten up the cables
  3. Unplug the cables connected to the Throttle beneath the deck.
  4. Untie the throttle and handle the grip.
  5. Once you fix the Throttle, make sure that your handlebar grip is fixed.
  6. Fix the cables properly

 Sum up the story.

The Throttle act as the heart of the E-scooter. It indeed brings life to the E-scooter. It is a vehicle that requires relatively low maintenance and incurs leaser cost on maintenance. 

However, it also depends on the product quality, brand, and availability of the spare parts. 

You should at least be aware of the parts of your E-scooter to ensure that you can fix or address the issue instantly even on road to minimize accidents to have happened on road or to enjoy the rides.  

If your E-scooter is not functioning at its optimum level, you will not be able to ride smoothly. Carry out inspections on battery and motor regularly other than the Throttle. 

It is not difficult to fix the issues with the E-scooter. However, if you require any assistance, you may search for a quality and experienced service provider. Further, make sure that you do maintenance properly. 


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