Which is more dangerous, an electric bike or a motorcycle?

Some time ago, e-bikes weren’t even a thing! But with the advancement of technology, the ebikes came to the market, taking everyone’s attention. So nowadays e-bikes are very popular among people as it is a top invention built to make our lives easier. At present, the ebike has caught the eye of people worldwide. 

There are many ebike manufacturing companies in the industry. Some of the popular ones are Cannondale, trek, etc. Not even that but the luxury car manufacturing companies also started to sell their specialized bikes. For example the, brands like Lamborghini, Porsche, and Mercedes. (Only for premium)

What is an e-bike?

An electric bicycle (e-bike) is a motor-powered bicycle with a combined electric motor. Which,   helps to drive. Several kinds of e-bikes are accessible all over the world but, in general, divided into two main categories:

  •  a hub motor e-bike
  • a mid-motor e-bike

Both categories depend on the ability of the rider to pedal. So e-bikes are not electric motorcycles.

How do Electric Bikes Work?

Electric bikes are not so different from regular bikes. They have the same qualities but with an additional motor to give extra help to their riders. The e-bikes benefit most people because they assist the riders when climbing hills, long distances, and in windy conditions. The e-bikes come along with a motor, drivetrain, and battery.

  • Motor

The motor is the foundation of an e-bike. The making and breaking of the bike depending on the engine. You can find a motor in these three spots as the front hub, rear hub, and mid-drive

  • Drivetrain

The drivetrain of an e-bike contributes the energy needed for the bike to turn its wheels. So the mid-drive motor redirects the power to the drivetrain making the chain crank effortlessly. So an e-bike is nothing without its drivetrain.

  • Battery

The battery capacity depends on the rider’s riding style. Usually, you can ride for 20 to 60 miles with a standard battery. 

The three different styles of the e-bike riders 

  1. Pedal only – This is the style of the regular bike. The bike will move only if you pedal, so the energy comes from the rider.
  2. Pedal-assist – This helps the rider in pedaling. When the rider starts pedaling, the motor activates and moves the bike forward without much effort. This style enables the riders to work without much physical exhaustion. It made the ride easier.
  3. Electric-only – This is the most effortless ride a person can have. You only have to twist the throttle, and your bike starts moving here and there as you want it to. This style doesn’t need any additional assistance. But the only issue is that it drains the battery rapidly.

Electric bikes VS motorcycles

  • Electric bikes

To charge an ebikes completely, it takes at least two hours. Usually, Electric bikes get subsidies from the government. Typically the range of Electric bikes is from 80 to 100 kilometers. It makes them a decent substitute for short journeys. Apart from that charging, an e-bike battery should be done very cautiously. It needs more than a bit of maintenance. But when compared to a motorcycle, an electric bike produces less pollution. So e-bikes are more eco-friendly than motorcycles. The main concern is that Electric bikes have a lower fuel cost than motorcycles which is an eye-catching thing for people nowadays.

  •  Motorcycles

It’s much easier to top up a motorcycle. The journey to the gas station is simply a few minutes away. Usually, motorbikes do not get any subsidies from the government. It is because the petrol sheds are all across the country and the range is fundamental. So motorbike riders can fill their tanks at any time. Motorbikes require extra maintenance, so they should be serviced regularly. A motorbike pollutes the environment more than an electric bike. The motorbike fuel cost is very high compared to the ebike fuel cost.

The pros and cons of e-bikes and motorcycles

As there are many differences between an e-bike and a motorcycle, there are also advantages and disadvantages that come with them. So let’s look into the pros and cons of the ebikes and motorcycles to get a good idea about which is the better ride. 



  • The e-bikes let you decide if you want to put in your physical efforts or not, which can lead to good health. When using e-bikes, you can do pedaling if you want a good workout. It is incredibly beneficial for your health. Ebikes are more economical than motorcycles. Because it only takes a low cost to travel so many miles when using an e-bike, Depending on the type of power you’re using. If you pedal more, you only need a few cents. 
  • The e-bikes don’t discharge any carbon while riding, so it is much more environmentally friendly. If you’re using pure energy, then it is even more notable.
  • Doesn’t need any type of registration or insurance for motorcycles. This is more similar to a regular bike with no registration. No insurance or registration means no additional cost. So e-bikes are very provident. 


  • Because of the lightweight of e-bikes, it is so much easier to steal, so the rate of theft for bikes is proliferating. So you should put money into a locking system if you want to protect your bike. 
  • Usually, bikes are more costly. Typically around 2000 to 10000 dollar price. So that makes people not buy because few can afford the fancy costs. So e-bikes are used most by wealthy people.
  • They are unsuitable for longer journeys because they can only run a few miles. Around 20 to 40 miles at least, but some e-bikes cover up to 70miles or more can the cost is even higher. So it’s even harder to buy a regular bike, so people would reject buying one. 



  • You can ride it without any physical exhaustion. Even though the riding style is similar to a bike, it will be much easier than riding a car. You just have to sit and do the arm working. That doesn’t need any physical effort.
  • The mileage you can cover from a full tank is really high. Refilling your tank only takes a few minutes, but you can ride for longer. It really saves your time and is very much faster than an e-bike.
  • The motorcycles are hard to steal as it has ignition locking. Some of the motorcycles come with a tracking system. So you can track it if someone steals your bike, and with the lock, none would be able to start it.


  • The cost is quite a lot as there are additional expenses for a motorbike when purchasing. You should take it for registration and the insurance; the maintenance can be pretty expensive too.
  • Typically, most motorcycles make ugly noises for the ears. So when riding bikes on the road, it can cause sound pollution.  
  • Motorcycles play a more significant role in environmental pollution, especially air. It releases carbon gas into the atmosphere, which harms one’s health and nature. So motorcycles are not eco-friendly vehicles. 
  • The accidents that happen on motorcycles are very severe and deadly. It results in more injuries than other types of vehicles because of the speed and power it holds.

Are e-bikes more dangerous than motorcycles?

People tend to buy ebikes more because of the convenience it offers. It is also fun to ride. But some studies state that an e-bike is dangerous compared to a standard motorcycle. Here are some reasons why e-bikes can be hazardous to their riders. Let’s consider these facts before concluding.

  •  Even though e-bikes are slower but can be more dangerous.

This seems ridiculously absurd. This can be more dangerous than a motorcycle even. It depends on the situation. The lazy e-bikes riding on the side of the road with colossal traffic can cause danger. A motorcycle driving continuously with traffic has a low rate of getting rear-ended than an e-bike passing 100times in one trip. So anyone would instead crash at 15 mph on an e-bike rather than 50 mph on a motorcycle because the damage is less. 

In the long run, it is the first reason cities fund protected bike lanes. In the short run, the e-bike can make a huge difference. The speed limit corresponded with European e-bikes, which is slow, is the single biggest reason that people hate riding them in shuttling moments. They feel critically slow when needed to keep up with the traffic. 

  • E-bikes use less sophisticated parts.

The e-bikes can be more dangerous than motorcycles because of the less sophisticated parts. Most motorcycles have rider assistance like ABS brakes & traction control. The US-manufactured motorcycles use DOT-regulated features like mirrors, tires, lighting packages counting turn signals, etc. 

Rider aides are great, but that doesn’t mean that riders understand the basic fundamentals to the same level. The e-bike riders know exactly how the brakes respond and that they don’t have traction control. So the riders don’t put energy hard in slippery conditions.

Someone could say that the rider aides soothe the riders into a false security sense that is way more dangerous. They usually design ebike tires for higher speeds, even without rules and regulations.

  • E-bikes have poor visibility.

Some people say that E-bikes are less visible on the road than motorcycles. But one might say both are pretty invisible because the people who drive cars might not know that bicycles exist. Because the people who drive cars think that the roads are for them. It is all in their mind, but we can all agree that two-wheeler vehicles are much invisible when compared to others. 

Micah Toll on Zero SR/F Electric Motorcycle covers an e-bike; they’re kind of the same size. The e-bike has bigger tires but is not more extensive than motorcycle tires. The motorcycle outweighs the ebike, but it takes the same footprint. We can see a difference at night, though, when the automotive-level motorcycle taillights and headlights put us on nearly equal to the light of the cars, while the e-bike lights are rarely visible. So for that, the bike riders should slip onto something more reflective on late-night rides. But during the daytime, the bike riders should know how to drive defensively to other vehicles; two wheels are typically invisible. 

  • E-bike riders aren’t appropriately gotten ready.

This can be an honest point. But it talks about entirely the rider culture than other transportation modes themselves. When riding faster in high-capacity electric motorcycles, others should be covered in safety gear. So people should wear carbon fiber helmets, leather jackets, and armored gloves to keep their palms and knuckles in the same place. 

 E-bike riders don’t seem to take hold of bountiful use of the safety gear in adoration, at least not in the usual way. It’s nice to see people who ride bikes taking safety measures solemnly. But it is not as established in the e-biking culture as in other transport mode communities. 

Usually, Asphalt doesn’t care what kind of vehicle you’re driving when you go downhill. You’ll rip off your body’s skin on an e-bike just as on a motorcycle. So that doesn’t make any difference in the danger it can cause. The lack of safety gear is a safety measure that the e-bike community should take. 

The ride should randomly jump on 30 mph e-bikes in sandals, but still, it’s not enough. As much as the bike riders don’t wear appropriate dresses when riding, that’s something everyone should work on, as how you dress can also bring danger to yourself. In this condition, we can say that e-bikes aren’t different from equally dangerous motorcycles. But others do nothing policy about safety when simply riding a fast e-bike can bring real danger to oneself. 

In conclusion, we can say that e-bikes can be really dangerous, as we talked about in the above paragraphs. But it’s harder to tell which is more hazardous as the harm caused by e-bikes and motorcycles can be similar. We can conclude that both ebikes and motorcycles can be dangerous when used inappropriately. So you should consider the facts mentioned in the previous paragraphs about how to use a bike properly. To minimize the danger caused by bike accidents, we should take a good look into safety measures and be aware of how harmful it can be to the riders as well as to the people on the road. So yes, e-bikes can be more dangerous than motorcycles as well as motorcycles can be more dangerous than e-bikes, so whether e-bikes are more dangerous than motorcycles can be a rhetorical question.


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