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Spring is coming up, and shortly after that will be summer. These are times when nature wakes up and gives us bright blossoms and strong smells of the ground. What more excellent chance to stay outside and appreciate the world’s most beautiful things? If humans embark on an electric bicycle, as the F-Wheel suggests, we will take advantage of all the fun. This, at a moment when we hear a lot about eco-friendly cars. We’re giving you our complete analysis of the F-Wheel DYU D1, which came first from the F-wheel as well as the DYU store. 

The aluminum alloy used to make the frame of the DYU D1 electric bicycle gives it a very stylish look. The first benefit comes from the bike’s small size (1020 x 1100 x 505 mm, and lightweight (12 kg). This makes it easy to move around. For example, we can easily lift a bicycle if we need to go up or down stairs. We can load it into our car with no trouble cheers to the big spear handle, which is designed to be convenient.

You can always have the DYU D1 around you and retain it in the trunk of your car, prepared to use because our intelligent bike can fold up into itself. All you have to do is pull the lever on the neck of the front tube, which lets you fold’s entire handlebar quickly and safely to save space. The discharge lever is composed of plastic, but I have yet to see any flaws since the plastic is well-made, strong, and consistent, though a pinch of awareness won’t hurt. Keeping with the chassis, another aspect that makes our DYU D1 stand out is its IP54 certification. This means you can use the electric bicycle even when it rains without worrying.


The DYU DF3 Electric Bike: What Is It?

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The D3F is a tiny, light, and lightweight electric bicycle. Because of its distinctive design and remarkable portability, it stands out from other electric motorcycles on the market.

It’s made for those who want a pleasurable and practical mode of transportation, but only on good roads. On the other hand, you might witness a DYU DF3 being unloaded from the car or on public transport on a day trip, though you won’t see one on the mountain biking trails.

Our environmentally friendly car has two 12-inch rims that can handle stone walls, ramps, wobbles, rough terrain, cobbled streets, and more. On the first use, the tires will be enlarged even if there isn’t a clear sign of how much pressure to use. However, what bike gives you this information? Although the wheels look small, they can improve by adding to 120 kg with no troubles, even on uneven terrain, and despite the lack of dispersion, the DYU D1 doesn’t give any inadequate responses during the contest. This may be because the oversized saddle is slightly padded and well-stuffed, so sitting on it is very comfortable.

Battery Benefits

To start with the specifications, the DYU D3F has a 36V ten Ah charger in the middle of the body. For this sleek design, this is the best place to store an electric battery. It takes some time to recharge the battery from empty to complete, and the bicycle did seem to grab a fee for a long time. This is also where the charging port is, with a cap that needs to be put in place. The little piston caps don’t stay in place on any of the e-bikes we’ve possessed. I rode it through the area for a few hours with ample power left. 

When I talk about the different ways to ride this bike, I’ll talk in detail about numbers. Since the charger is a bit high and the bike has a full steel frame, it has some weight to it. Getting it into the trunk of a car is tricky because it weighs close to 40 pounds. By folding down the bars and reducing the seat back, the bike does become sufficient to fit in the chest of most sedans. That’s a significant advantage that other, more critical types of electric bikes can’t match.


Ride Quality

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I was amazed by how much power this small bike had. The 14-inch bike looks almost funny from a range, but a 240 W engine makes the DYU move quickly across a flat surface. DYU states that the maximum speed is 15.5 MPH because while I don’t ever strike 15 MPH with the accelerator open, I did get close. I felt safe and comfortable riding at ten mph. The first time I turned that accelerator, I was surprised by a tiny bit of immediate thrust whiplash. 

This bike has the feel of a battery-powered motor’s baby release. Because the overall length is so small and narrow, the journey is a bit rocky. All bikes like this must deal with this problem since the radius is so small. You’ll feel the lows and bumps along the way, which will negligible affect how you steer. Even though it’s not impossible to deal with, you should be more careful about decelerating at intersections.

The most remarkable thing about the DYU e-bicycle is that it has two ways to drive. We had a great time using brake assist when Alex evaluated his Mike Blast Greaser. This was fun to move farther on the bike by working with your legs. It gives you the impression like you are carrying out a task with your bicycle. In the past, stacking e-bikes such as the Swagtron didn’t have pedals because they were all about using the accelerator. The D3F has peddled!


Withstanding power

The bicycle has not only pedals but also electronic pedal aid! Even though it is not a complex system that offers varying levels of help, this was nonetheless very obvious and beneficial for the uphills I encountered. By forsaking the use of the accelerator for aided pedaling, DYU claims you may go between 20 and 40 miles on a single charge, based on the quality of the trip. I discovered that the distal portion of that figure is more accurate since it is nearly difficult to find an utterly level route for those many miles. 

DYU estimates a vehicle can go between 15 and 35 miles using speed. If your bike consistently reaches a maximum of 10 to 15 kilometers, your battery capacity on regular roads will last between 15 and 20 kilometers. This is still sufficient for a round journey to a town’s market or coffee cafe.


Functional Applications

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It becomes an exciting market when aesthetic features such as a headlight and a back fog lamp are in the DYU bicycle. As I mentioned, this is not the first time we’ve investigated this design factor. Still, it seems so much more sophisticated and practical than the last time we spent considerable time exploring one of these kinds of bicycles. Front and back disc brakes functioned adequately throughout our entire month with the motorcycle. From a safety standpoint, a small amount of caution is required when using the brakes. For this kind of compact design, there must be ample wiggle area for reaching a complete stop. 

When you first turn it on, you’ll see a blue screen with a plug-in button that activates the electric bicycle finder. Once located, you’ll know the battery’s residual energy and temperature, neither of which can ever reach the red zone, as this might cause permanent harm to the batteries if we don’t take immediate action to cool them down.

A type of arrow appears above the key; clicking it brings up details on the distance reached, the total kilometers covered, and the period of action of the bicycle about the task at hand. If we are jogging, we will be able to see our current speed both here and on the home screen. In its place, we can secure our bike by tapping on the lock icon.

You can connect the DYU D1 configurations (minimal level 5 Km/h limit 30 Km/h), want to start the vehicle with a simple turn of the variable speed grip or a small force, relabel the Bluetooth, alter the Bluetooth password, transform on or off the Cruise Control, and control the headlight illumination manually or automatically using the two buttons below the main display.



The app’s voice instructions for the D1’s Power Supported Gears don’t work, but moving forward. We have the bicycle’s identification number and an identity feature called Self Check that can identify issues with the brakes, the batteries, and so on. This compass icon on the home screen will enable us to plot our route on a map and review it in light of the provided information.

Furthermore, because of the ambiguity and confusion of the laws in our nation, this electric car is “illegal” to operate on roads, bike paths, etc. Sadly, this limits the amount of fun we can have on our DYU D1s. Still, the business has also come out with a variation, the DYU D2, which contains pedals, a belt, and other features to comply with local regulations.

The DYU does have an IP54 rating, making it safe to use in light precipitation. However, exercise caution if you do so, as 12 tires can get quite slick when wet despite being capable of traversing most types of terrain.

Last but not least, we’ll examine the intelligent features of our e-bicycle and how they interact with the DYU app. It can be downloaded by those with iOS devices from the App Store, those with the Android operating system can do so through the company’s website. 


The Application

The DYU D1 app has all the capabilities we’d expect from a device of its kind. It is in plain English so that even a child can understand it. The firm’s app does have room for development; in my experience, it frequently crashed unexpectedly for no apparent reason other than a Bluetooth dispute. If you try to launch the app when the Bluetooth on the phone is already on. You will nearly indeed run into the app being in a blockage. You’ll want to be sure to switch off Bluetooth on your phone before joining and only turn it back on when the app asks for it.


How easy is it to live with the DYU D3F?

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Most individuals will purchase a DYU D3F because it is small and easy to carry. When you decline the bars on this bike, it gets smaller. You can fit it into confined quarters with the help of the built-in handle.

It’s straightforward to get on and off, so you have trouble moving around or wearing long clothes. This electric bicycle might be for you. You’ll also like how comfortable the saddle is, which is surprising,

You can add a cargo shelf to the D3F as well. This can support 45 kg, but keep in mind that the excess weight will make your bike go less far.

The DYU D3F is easy to use from the moment you get it. Because it’s not very big, DYU can break it into a million pieces to ship it. As a result, it’s easy to put together. If your battery is full, you should be able to ride in no or less than 10 minutes.

The D3F is pleasant to cope with because it is simple and quite well. But you must be honest about what it can do. This bike won’t get you over rough terrain or across the country. Instead, it’s for getting around quickly and making short trips without one’s vehicle.



Explosions caused by charging electric bicycle cells have been increasingly common in the previous two years. The DYU Connected Bike has finished its shift and is ready to be set. It has UL certifications and safety features for extreme temperatures, short circuits, excessive current, voltage, excessive charging, and discharging. The DYU Intelligent Bike uses such innovations so that its riders can be absent during the charging process. When people plug in the power source, they are free to pursue their activities without thinking about any imminent danger.

img from

Lithium batteries, like the one used in DYU’s intelligent bike. They have a lifespan that is more than three times those of lead-acid batteries. The recharging time is shorter, and it weighs less. About eight hours is all it takes to charge completely.

When the going is smooth, a rider only needs to keep up a constant pace for three to five seconds for the bike to enter cruise control. Prolonged throttle twisting causes wrist pain. There’s also a built-in self-inspection feature that can detect issues with the body and send that data to the appropriate authorities. It’s intelligent and hands-free, with real-time access to your vehicle’s health data that can inform preventative care.



In addition, building the bike was indeed a breeze. Alex spent just under 5 minutes in the office putting it all together. We both were impressed by how well the seat met our comfort needs. Some bicycle seats are so incredibly stiff that they destroy your posterior region when you sit on them. The center is comfortable without being inappropriately plush for a bicycle. You won’t believe how cozy it is. At its current price of $499, this is hardly a plaything. With the cost of gas at a record high. 

I can imagine many people using this as a viable alternative to their everyday commute. A small bike with pedal assistance is a match for riding about town quickly and easily. This solves a significant issue with the Swagcycle, which prevented it from being as a daily commuting bike. The DYU D3F is not the best e-bike in terms of riding quality or aesthetics. But, it is beautiful and practical in many ways.


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