Luna X1 Enduro Ebike Review

Luna X1 Enduro Ebike Review


Electric bikes are Luna Cycle’s forte, and they do so at reasonable prices without sacrificing quality. However, the Luna X1 Enduro Bicycle combines high-end components with blistering speed.

For that reason, inside this Luna X1 Enduro Ebike analysis, we’ll investigate the specifics to determine if the bike delivers. This article will discuss the features, intended audience, and overall quality of this electric bicycle.

The Luna X1 Enduro Ebike: What Is It?


The Luna X1 Enduro Bicycle is a carbon, purely electric bicycle. Comparing the pricing to other bikes with comparable features, this one is a steal.

It’s Luna’s first time riding an electric enduro bike. Because of their intended use, enduro bikes must be durable and capable of tackling strenuous terrains, such as steep and tricky descents.

If you’re looking for an electric enduro bike, go no further than the Luna X1. It is with a robust motor and several relatively high-end capabilities. Mountain cyclists looking to push their limits and discover new areas will enjoy this book.


Initial Thoughts on The Enduro-Specified Luna X1

Propulsion System: Battery and Motor


The Luna X1 has a strong 750W from its Bafang M600 engine. However, Luna also has a “Farcical Mode” that boosts the output to a whopping 2,000W. With this thing’s strength, scaling the face of a hill is as easy as cycling up a mountain.

Luna’s X1 electric trail bike has a semi-motor that sits between the pedals. With you positioned low and in the bicycle’s center of gravity, you’ll have a much easier time navigating the rough roads the bike was designed for. The motor’s proximity to the transmission also improves the efficiency of pedaling.

Torque detectors on the bike read how hard you’re pedaling and use that data to figure out how much energy to request from the motor. This makes the cycle seem more at home in your hands, despite its potent engine.

Power may be down to roughly 600W with a screw. You can make the necessary changes to comply with the regulations in your area.

An easily removable 14.5 ah / 700 kW battery provides energy for the vast motor. With Lumix GA cells inside, you can rest assured that this is a high-quality battery.

According to Luna, you can travel between 30 and 40 miles (50-65 km). This, however, is conditional on the rider’s style and the journey’s profile. Battery life management is key to having a successful wilderness adventure.

A speed mode on the Luna X1 Enduro particulier makes things even more straightforward. You can go for a trip without having to pedal, making it, unlike another electric bicycle.


Screen and Handling

The screen is well-lit, has sharp text, and appealing visuals, making it a breeze to read. Speed, battery capacity, mileage, pedaling assistance level, and other odometer functions are all displayed.

The buttons are conveniently located close to the handlebars grips, giving pleasant tactile feedback. A thumb pedal on the left handlebar can be used to coast along without using the feet to propel you forward. Like a moped or a scooter, the more you pedal, the faster you move.

The LCD panel does have a little flaw, but we’ll get to that in a minute.



The frame of the Luna X1 Enduro is immediately eye-catching due to its thick tubes and sophisticated style. But when you look at it more closely, you’ll see that the motor is cleverly concealed within the chassis.

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The battery, which can be replaced, is concealed within the body, where it is safe from dust and moisture. Having this knowledge is crucial for enduro cycling.

The carbon fiber frame comes in four different sizes (15.5″, 17.5″, 19.5″, and 21″), and each is designed to be as light and robust as possible.

The X1’s low and loose geometry, designed by Luna, makes it reliable on challenging descents. It looks robust enough to handle rough terrain, but it’s not so extreme that you can only get away with riding it on the bike trail if you’re going fast.


According to Luna, the X1 is an electric enduro bike. Thus, it must have top-notch suspension parts. It was a pleasant surprise and a welcome relief to find that Luna had completed the task correctly. The X1 has been outfitted with a 160 mm RockShox Foppish fork up front and a 200 mm Adjustable coil over Monarch spring in the back.

It’s clear now that the Luna X1 Enduro bicycle can compete favorably with much more new bikes from well-known brands.

You can ride over rocks and through the mud because of the shock absorber and tackle alpine terrain.

Tires and Wheels

Luna bikes have yet to adopt the popular style of having 29-inch wheels. Instead, 27.5-inch wheels were chosen to provide the motorcycle with quicker reactions.

These rims have Maxxis Minion tires that are 2.8 inches wide, giving you plenty of traction for rugged enduro riding.

Even in damp conditions, the grip improves performance.

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You would think that the Luna X1 Enduro, with all of its muscle and off-road prowess, would have good stopping power. You would be correct; high-quality SRAM 4-piston mechanical disc brakes provide superior braking power.

The levers on these brakes feel lovely and provide a great deal of control.

The Luna X1 Enduro bike includes a 12-speed gear system. If you have a 2,000-watt (W) 95-newton-meter (Nm) motor available, you might think this is superfluous. But when your charge is almost dead, and you’re attempting to get home before it dies, those larger chainrings will come in handy.

The Sram SX Eagle 12-speed gearbox is a top-notch option. What this means is that Luna bikes have good parts.

Curious as to the average lifespan of an electric bike. Learn more here.


Pros of the E-Bike

Much travel, gentle landings, and decent shocks make it seem more like a big downhill bike than an e-bike.

The carbon frame is strong and has excellent geometry, and the 21-inch size is enormous.

I incorporated a few free lights and a maintenance kit for your bike.

The bike had a comfortable saddle and pedals, and I liked the handlebar grips, which I usually change out.

What a fantastic dropper post, and so versatile!

The screen is legible even in direct sunlight and features a sleek, discreet design.

It’s legal to ride on most routes as an e-bike even though you don’t pedal with the engine on while passing other riders.

Includes a solid guarantee. The frame is covered for two years, the battery for 1, and the motor and other parts for six months.

Super-sturdy spokes and double-walled alloy wheels.

When you buy a bike from Lunacycle, you also get a free bicycle repair toolkit. I had mine out of the package and ready to ride in less than 25 minutes.

Although the standard M600 is only rated at 500W in China, it can produce 20A at peak power and 750W in reliable power when fitted with a steel gear.

For an additional $300, you can get a particular Ludicrous controller that “shunts” the current, thereby increasing the output by 100%.

Cons of the Luna X1 Enduro Electric Bike

The Luna X1 Enduro bicycle has many positive features and a few negative ones. There are, however, a few minor issues that we’ve brought to light.

We Need a New Derailleur. If we had to be nitpicky, we’d prefer to see a stronger derailleur installed.

Although the SRAM SX Eagle sprocket that is currently installed is adequate, a GX would be preferable due to the increased chain strain it would provide when shifting into lower gears. But if Luna established a GX, they could only offer the bike for a little.

The LCD is both insecure and annoying. The LCD was also a source of some concern. LCD helps provide precise readings of all relevant data; nevertheless, it is also quite fragile.

The LCD screen is dangerously close to the ground on the handlebars. Given the nature of riding intended for the Luna X1, a thinner LCD in a less prominent location would be preferable.

Because of its size and placement, the LCD could be a significant distraction source. The big screen is smack in the center of the bars, always drawing your attention. After a few trips, you may become accustomed to it.

Your electric bike needs to be cleaned, but you must exercise caution due to its fragility. The use of a high-powered hose is encouraged.


How Does It Feel to Ride the Luna X1 Enduro?

People often make comparisons between the Luna X1 and the Specialized Levo. Because of its higher price tag, the Levo does come with a few sacrifices. The transmission on the Specialized Levo is relatively smooth, so the bike’s power is delivered smoothly. The X1’s motor takes a moment to engage after you begin pedaling, but it’s relatively strong once you’re moving.

Using the throttle while pedaling the Luna X1 Enduro comprises various is a blast and opens up a new world of possibilities. It’s nearly like riding a racing bike, but remember that excessive use will drain the battery.

As is typical of e-bikes, the bottom layer of the pedal aid doesn’t accomplish much. However, the motor’s power becomes apparent at the highest setting (level 5), making steep inclines a breeze.

Personal reviews


Review No. 1

Two mountain bikers passed me as I trekked along a Maryland route. It looked like a lot of fun but was very unfamiliar to me. After selling my road bike, which had been for years, I saw no use in replacing it. I could use it for traveling, which would be quicker than driving my car. Following a week of study, I finally decided on the X1.

I should give you a heads-up on who’s speaking before I go into the X1. My height and weight are slightly different; I am 6 feet 2 inches tall and just over 200 pounds. As a student, I put a lot of miles on my road bike. But I’ve never ridden an e-bike or a mountain bike before, so I can’t say anything about them.

The X1’s compact form factor was the very first thing to catch my attention. Wow, that’s an oversized item. You could call it a motorcycle. Even though I bought the most extensive available size, this bike was the largest I’d ever seen. It is far more significant than typical bicycles. The ample battery storage down tube and the similarly sized top line give this impression. Interoperability is a difficulty because of its size. I discovered my top or underside attachments would only work with the bike.

Review No. 2

When did this become illegal, and why? Do you offer the 750-watt model for sale? Furthermore, the Geo seems OK as well. The Merida E160 and its Reach are identical. Compared to the Haibike Xduro, its chainstays are still longer. The power source of 700 WHr. This is a reasonable offer. My colleague is calculating the final price after import.


My recommendation would be to steer him away from the 2000w Ludicrous version, as it places excessive strain on the motor and can quickly kill the batteries.


Review No. 3

I knew you could adjust the settings. Possessing this option is also advantageous for selling it later. I wondered whether Luna had plans to include a “no assist” option for distances more than 25 kilometers. Otherwise, the 750w would keep exceeding that speed, which is prohibited. They only need to put a few stickers on the bicycles, as they are already tuned to perfection.
APCs are required to include pedals so that their users can move.

Evidence of either:

  • Strength of the current
  • Maker of the engine

It should additionally demonstrate either:

  • The Voltage of the battery
  • Greatest possible bicycle velocity

Because of its electric motor:

  • Must be at most 250 watts in power output.
  • Must be unable to push the bike at speeds above 15.5 mph
  • More than two wheels are possible on an EAPC.


Review No. 4

Another of these Ludicrous electric motorcycles, with a drive system and roll-off, is appealing.

During the four months, I debated whether or not to get the X-1, I was almost out of my purchase. I’m relieved I didn’t because this electric mountain bike surpasses my expectations. The balance is perfect, the motion is superb, and an hour of riding at level 3 only drains roughly half the battery. Thank goodness I didn’t give in and buy another of the less powerful Bosch machines, which may cost more than twice as much as the X-1 but have nowhere near as much power.


Every other thrust, lower-power e-bike aspires to be like this one day. You can preorder an X-1 here for $3700 (we expect delivery in October). Other options may exist, but I have yet to hear of any that offer similar results at a lesser price. Feel free to share your X-1 experiences or a better alternative in the discussion forum below.


The Luna X1 Enduro, According to Us

The Luna X1 Enduro’s look and features make it hard to tell it apart from a bicycle, an electric bike, or a racing bike. Enjoyable and versatile, this electric bicycle can transport you almost everywhere.

The drivetrain isn’t as polished as that of other purpose-built bikes. Although its competitors charge around a third more, you will only be able to surpass its price if you spend significantly more.

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The Luna X1 Enduro is an excellent choice if you’re in the market for an electric bicycle that mimics a traditional enduro machine. Luna has developed a high-performance electric bike with a carbon fiber frame. Despite their lack of top spec, the high-end equipment from recognizable manufacturers will handle enduro racing with no trouble.

We’d give the Luna X1 a 4.5-star rating if we had to provide one. As a result of our preference for a more advanced derailleur, we just had to dock it a single star. The tradeoff is that it wouldn’t be quite as expensive.