How can I start my electric bike without a key?

Can I start my electric bike without a key?

   Models of electric bikes are like traditional bikes but with extra features to offer more benefits to the rider. These bikes receive power from the motor that gets the energy from the battery. The battery in an electric bike stores the electric energy when charging and transfers it to the motor converting it to the current energy. This process needs a trigger point that will stimulate the battery to work. A key on the ignition will do it.


  Usually, an electric bike’s key helps you start the bike And lock the battery. The key in an electric bike does not work as a car’s key. You can still ride on your electric bike without the key. But you will be unable to unlock or use the battery to start the motor. You have to pedal and not use the electronic parts of the bike.


   Electric bikes don’t work like fueling four-wheelers or two-wheelers; they need the key to power up the motor. You can ride an electric bike without starting the motor or with assistance from the battery to the pedal. With your effort, you can pedal and reach your destination.


   As you can lock your battery in your bike, it protects from theft, though an electric bike can be stolen due to its lightweight feature. The burglar won’t be able to use the electronics or access your battery.


   Though you can ride an electronic bike without the pedal assist or access your battery, you would want to use the electronic parts of the bike. Without those features accessible, it is no different than a traditional bike.


   If you lost your electric bike’s key and trying to access the electronic side of it, here are the ways you can try to start your electric bike with:


  • Connecting wires –

We know the electric bike keys don’t perform like a fueling automobile’s key. Here, the key connects the wire and passes the battery’s power to the motor. You can do this manually. All you have to do is find the wire you need to connect.


The wire that needs connecting will probably be under the keylock system. Try to identify the wires; peel the plastic on the wire and connect them when you have identified them. Now you can ride the bike as the battery has started supplying the power to the motor.


Be careful when you are dealing with open wires. There are chances of getting shocks when connecting them. Follow safety measures and wear rubber gloves.


  • Screwdriver –

You can use the screwdrivers as an alternative key if you know how to do it. Get a screwdriver that’s shaped like your electric bike key. Most likely, the one with the flattened tip will be the one. Try to pry on the keyhole gently.


If you are not careful, you might break the ignition, and then you have to take the bike to repair.


This method might work on the old bikes, but you can try on new ones, too, though chances are minimal for it to work. But be gentle so as not to break the small parts in the ignition system.


  • Bump key –

A bump key is a key that will open up all the locks and is the substitute for all keys. These keys are hard to find. If you have one in your hand or know anyone who owns one, try starting your electric bike with its assistance.


It is not likely to work though you can give it a try. Electric bikes’ lock system can only be undone by the specific key designed for that bike. For this reason, the master key or bump keys will not work on this keylock.


  • Removing the battery –

It is the safest way to start your electric bike without its key. Removing the battery and disconnecting it allows you to turn your electric bike into a regular bike that starts manually.

Usually, an electric bike’s motor receives power from the battery. By starting the bike using a key, the battery passes the power to help you pedal and power to all the electronics. Without the battery, the motor can acquire through pedaling. Though you won’t have any assistance in pedaling, the bike’s motor and electronics perform through your pedaling speed.


Use this method until you figure out how to start your electric bike without the key and ride with pedal assist.


  • Shim –

Shim is a strip of material you can use to fill up or adjust into anything you want. It is the cheapest method you can try. It is also safe.

To make a shim:

  1. Get an aluminum tin – a soda can and cut a thin strip.
  2. Try to cut into the shape of your key by measuring the keyhole width and length.
  3. Insert the shim inside the keyhole and turn to start your bike.

You cannot assure that this method will work. Electric bike keylocks are designed to accept only that key. You might get lucky, and shim might work for you. Try it.


  • Plastic pen –

You should try this method as a last resort, which might damage the keyhole system. 

We don’t recommend this method of starting your bike; only try this if it is crucial to start your bike and you are out of any ideas because this method might injure you or damage the whole keyhole system.


Taking a plastic pen, remove the ink reservoir. You will hold only the cylindrical tube of the pen. Start heating it by keeping it over a flame. Don’t heat it to the point of melting, but malleable. It is dangerous as it might start melting and burn your skin if you are not careful. 


Taking the malleable plastic tube, slowly insert it into the keyhole. After it has gone through, wait until the plastic hardens. Then turn and try starting the bike.


There are chances for the plastic to get stuck inside the keyhole, and removing it might be arduous. 


We don’t advise this method; try this method if you have no other option and are in dire need of starting your electric bike. 


   Electric bikes do not need a key to ride but to access the battery and other electronic parts. You can ride your electric bike manually by pedaling and powering up the motor by removing the battery. And also, you can use your electric bike like a regular traditional bike. Without working the electronics and accessing the battery, it can still function.


   These methods can come in handy if you want to enjoy the electric side of your electric bike and have some aids in pedaling by giving some rest to your legs. Read through all the methods and try which will be convenient for you. You can try multiple methods and choose the best-suiting one until you find your misplaced key.


What to do if you lose your electric bike key?

   Electric bikes come with two keys. If you lost or misplaced one, you can use the other. But if you have misplaced both, you can worry less. Because the electric bike is not a motorcycle that needs the key to start the ignition and only work with the stirring of the key. You can ride the electric bike without a key, which works just fine as a traditional bike.


   You will not be able to remove the battery from the electric bike, access the battery, or use the electrical parts of the bike. Even after searching all the places where you could have kept your bike key and confirmed it as lost, you can order one from your electric bike manufacturer.


   It will cost you some dollars to reorder your bike’s key. You must give your unique key card information when ordering a new key. Depending on the distance from the manufacturer to your home, you will have to pay a shipping fee.


   It would take some time for your new key to arrive; until then, you can ride your bike by powering it up manually. It will be physical exercise for you. You can try any of the above methods to try starting your bike; if you want to o enjoy the electric aid of your electric bike. If all the methods fail, go for the only other option – pedaling.


Electric bike keys are unique and specific to each bike; this you can prevent your battery from stealing or getting access to it. Though a locksmith or a key cutter will be able to make you a duplicate key, it will cost you more. The key lock system is complicated; therefore, making a duplicate can be complicated. Hence the cost for the duplicate key doubles the replacement from the manufacturer.


How to avoid being in this situation?

   Keys are small, and you can misplace them quite easily. But they are not supposed to be misplaced as it will give you big trouble. Even the smallest key can open an enormous door; if you are not careful with the key, you will be in trouble.


   Electric bikes’ unique key lock system makes it difficult to access without a key, like all key lock systems. Manufacturers have designed it that way to protect your bikes against being stolen. Electric bikes are lightweight, and even if the whole bike is stolen, the burglar won’t be able to access the battery and get the real advantage of the bike.


   Key will be one of the items that you can use to get your legal rights against the stolen bike. Here are a few tips you can follow to keep your electric bike key safe:

  • Registration –

When purchasing your electric bike, do all the paperwork and be done with it. Even purchasing a second-hand bike, get the paperwork done. Keep the receipt and the documents safe. It will help you unlock your electric bike without a key or legal issues.


If you have an insurance policy for your electric bike, keep those papers secure, as this can help if you lose your bike.

  • App tracker –

Register your electric bike’s serial number in apps that are designed to track your electric bikes. The app will assist you in tracking your electric bike if you lose it.

  • Keychain tracker –

There are keychains that you can connect to the apps on your phone. If you lost your key chain, you could press on the find my key option, which will make your key give out a noise. This app will be of help for people who leave their keys always.

  • Spare key –

Electric bikes come with two keys. Keep your spare key safe, as this will be your way to start your bike if you lose your electric bike’s key. If you keep your spare key with your house key, it can be of help. But then again, be careful not to lose both keys, and you will not be able to access your home.


If you use your spare key, get a duplicate key and keep it safe. 

  • Clean keylock system –

If you jam your keylock system and are full of dirt, you will not be able to get your key to go through it. Clean it if your keylock system often jams. But don’t overuse lubricants inside the keylock system as it might enter the bike’s electronics and damage it. 


A jammed keylock system is more troublesome than a lost key. Therefore always keep that place free of dirt.

  • Keep safely –

Always keep your electric bike in a safe place. As it is lightweight, chances are high of getting stolen. Keep in a crowded place and always take your key with you.


   Electric bikes are expensive, and with their features, everyone wants one. There are many cases of stolen electric bikes, and it’s the battery. We have to keep it safe. Follow the above steps to ensure the safety of your electric bike, and it’s key, without landing yourself in a situation to search for an alternative way to start your electric bike.


   Though you can access electric bikes without a key, it is a waste not to use its features.


  Electric bikes come with two keys – one spare. The keys are small, and you might lose both keys. If you misplaced both your keys, you can still ride the bike, but you will not be able to access the electric parts of the bike. Your electric bike will work as fine as a standard traditional bike.


   There are a few ways you can start your electric bike without the key. A few of them are: connecting the circuit wires manually, using a screwdriver to pry it open, cutting a shim into your key shape, and the most dangerous one, melting the plastic cylindrical tube of the pen and inserting it into the keyhole.


   And also, you can remove the battery and its connecting wires. Pedal assist will not be functioning. Nonetheless, you can power up the motor by pedaling. The energy from pedaling is transferred to the motor, and the electric bike works with the pedaling energy.


   You can try these methods until you get your hands on your missing or new key from the manufacturer. Using the special key card for the information on the specified key for your electric bike, place the order. It would cost you some money with the shipping too. But at least you can have the key to access the bike’s battery and electrical parts and enjoy the fundamental features of the electric bike.


   There are a locksmith and key cutters who would be able to make the duplicate key for your electric bike. As electric bikes’ key/lock system is complicated, making a duplicate key is strenuous. This option might cost you more due to the electric bike’s unique and complicated keylock system.


   With electric bike prices increasing with the release of new features and designs, many reports of stolen bikes and batteries are also rising. Ensure the safety of your bike and the key. Without the key, you will have to face legal issues if you want to start your bike. Keep the receipts and other papers of your bike safely to get you out of legal issues you might face due to losing your key.


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