How do I protect my bike battery from theft?

How do I protect my bike battery from theft?

   The electric bike got a patent at the end of the 19th century. Due to the heavy and costly materials used in assembling an electric bike battery, the battery was costly and heavy for the bicycle frame. Therefore, the limelight on electric bikes was subdued. As science developed, scientists and engineers were able to create smaller but more powerful batteries. A century later, electric bikes were reintroduced to the market with this lightweight yet powerful batteries.


These gave the limelight it lost before; two decades later, it is still shining. In these two decades, many features were excluded and included depending on consumers’ needs. There were numerous changes in the parts of the bike. Though the electric bike’s motor and the controller did not go through many changes, its battery changed significantly. The batteries of electric bikes now use lighter in weight, smaller in size, have a longer lifespan and charge cycle, have a high capacity, and have less time to charge than the old batteries. 


Electric bikes have a strong and heavy frame to bear the weight of the motor and battery. It is what differentiates electric bikes from traditional bikes. With a lighter battery, you can take two more others on your adventure, and it won’t be a burden with its lightweight when your battery drains. 


The battery is one of the vital parts of an electric bike. It decides the range, speed, and power of your electric bike. Knowing about the battery is essential if you start your journey with an electric bike. Electric bike batteries are expensive, and many battery stealings are reported. Manufacturers on their side are designing and developing lock systems to safeguard the batteries. And from our side, we must take measures to protect our batteries.


Here are a few ways to protect your electric bike battery from theft.

   With the increase in demand for electric bikes, demand for their parts is rising. Burglars look into things that are small yet expensive to take, and that can be your electric bike’s battery. You can conceal it more easily than the whole bike. As many food delivery men use an electric bikes to save on gas, they have become the target of these burglars. 


   If we know how to protect our electric bikes from these burglars and also teach others, we can benefit from it. Do not follow one and ignore others; try to do everything if you can, as thieves are everywhere and will try to get through to your battery if they have an eye on it. By following many ideas, they will have to spend more time getting to your battery, and we hope they will give up the idea and leave your electric bike battery alone. Here are a few ways you can safeguard your battery from burglars:

  • Take your electric bike battery inside;

 a Safer place for the electric bike battery is indoors. Detach the battery from your electric bike and take it indoors with you. Please keep it safe in a cool, dry place. 

An electric bike battery is expensive, so anyone will have an itch to get it. Protect it with all the measures. 

Wherever you park the electric bike, please remove the battery and take it with you. It lets you worry less.


Leaving your electric bike outside also is a danger. If you do not own a shed or a garage, chaining your electric bike can be safer. But also you can take it indoors and vertical park it, as it does not take up much space. There are chances for your electric bikes to be stolen, too, as they are lightweight, and you do not need a key to start the bike.

  • Lock your battery to the frame:

Batteries often do not come with locks, though manufacturers are developing batteries that lock to the bike and are only accessible with the electric bike’s key. If your battery has no locking system, you can purchase the locks that attach to the frame. You can purchase the battery that comes with the locking device. Or you can purchase the battery core and then purchase the battery. There are many locks available to purchase from:

  • Folding locks

Folding locks are long sticks with many bends that allow for folding and interlocking. When not in use, you can fold all the bends together. 

You can extend it and bend any side you want. It comes in varying sizes and lengths. You can order the one that fits you.

 You can extend the lock and lock the battery to the bike’s frame. You can only unlock it with the key, which will be safe. 

But there are chances for your bike to be stolen, as they are lightweight. Buy another lock that’s larger and long your bike’s frame on any immovable public property like poles, trees, telephone booths, etc.

  • U locks

U locks look like U and have a bar joining both ends. It has limited space; you cannot use it around wide objects. You can lock your battery into the frame using this lock. 

You can also lock the bike’s frame and the rear wheel. These locks come in different thicknesses. The thicker the steel is, the harder it is to bend. Choose the lock that’s suitable for your purpose.

  • Chain locks 

Chain locks are old and the most common locking system. They are strong and the cheapest too. As this is old school, thieves know to pick it up. Therefore, we do not recommend this. But if you have no other options than this, this lock is better than having no locks. 

These locks are flexible therefore can lock them any way you want. And you can purchase any length you want. 

Besides being easy to pick, it is also heavy, making traveling with it difficult. 

  • Cable bike locks

They are like hard wires, similar to chain locks; you can cut them easily using bolt cutters. Also, you can choose the thickness and the length you want. You can lock your battery to the frame of your bike.


You can also use it to lock the bicycle to a large object. We don’t recommend it unless you have no other choice.


As there are plenty of methods to lock your batteries, take as many locks as possible. By locking your battery with various locks, thieves will find it frustrating to try it open. So the more, the merrier.


  • Set the alarm to your battery:

You can set the alarm for your electric bike battery. There are various types of alarms to choose from. You can set the alarm to beep louder when someone tries to meddle with your battery in your absence. It will scare off the burglar. You can choose between the noises that it will make.


Or you can set the alarm to notify you on the phone when someone tries to steal it; it only notifies you and does not beep or scare off the burglar. It can be a good idea if you can reach your electric bike battery before the thief runs away with it. 


Some alarms have GPS in them, allowing you to track your battery. If your battery is stolen, you can easily locate it. Or even if you misplace it, you can get to it soon.

  • Park under light:

Battery thieves don’t follow you to your home and steal after everyone has gone to sleep. They are everywhere and will steal anywhere. They will notice your bike, and when you leave it unattended, they will casually go near it and try to steal it. If you park in the dark, the thief will have time to try your lock where nobody sees them. But if you park in a place with light, anyone near them will notice, or city cops will notice. 


Even if you have fastened the battery and your bike, make sure you leave in places where there are people and light.

  • Park in the right place:

You will know where it is safe to park and where it is not safe for your electric bike. It is your city, and know the safe spots, and avoid the spots that give red flags. 


If you go to those areas, park your electric bike at a safe place and walk the distance yourself. It is not only safe for your battery but also for your electric bike.

  • Camouflage your bike battery:

Camouflaging your battery to look damaged can prevent thieves from stealing it. You can duct tape your battery or spray paint to look old and worn off. Remove stickers that give away your battery type, voltage, power, etc. 


If your battery looks new and flashy, it will attract thieves, but if it looks worn off and damaged, they won’t waste their time on it.

But still secure it, as the coveting thieves are all around; no battery is safe. 

  • Insure your battery:

Insuring your battery will not prevent your battery from getting stolen, but it is additional protection in case of theft. It will help you financially if it is damaged or stolen. Because of its expensive nature, you will have to worry less about missing your battery.

  • Install GPS:

You will know where you left your battery by installing GPS. And if it is not there and you find it moving, you can follow them and give a shock to the thief. 

Even if you misplaced it when carrying it around, you can check the phone and find it.


   Batteries are the life of your electric bike; without them, you will not be able to get maximum use. Of course, it will work without the battery, but what difference will it have from a traditional bicycle than the extra weight? Though you can get another one, it is expensive and will cost you a lot. Therefore take as many solvents as possible and protect your battery from thieves. 


Why do electric bike batteries have a high chance of theft?


   The electric bike battery is one of the vital parts of the electric bike. Due to the costly materials used to assemble the electric bike battery, its price is high. Though the batteries used in the starting are cheap, heavy, and larger, the batteries used in new models are lightweight and small. It has a long lifespan and long battery cycle, though it takes a short time to charge. 


   Electric bike batteries are easy targets as it is easy to hide under the jacket or a carry bag and look like they are not carrying something precious. Of course, it is precious because of its importance in electric bikes and the price you pay. 

   Though it has many advantages, it can damage sooner and is flammable. Due to this reason, people’s demand for batteries is increasing. If we could buy a good secondhand battery for a way low price than a new expensive one, more than half of us will go for the cheap one. It looks new and will have all that a new battery could give you but a slightly less lifespan; who would want to say no? Due to the high demand for batteries, thieves get any batteries they can get and sell them.


   The electric bike battery is a safe part for stealing in the electric bike and is easily removable. If the thieves steal the whole bike, the chances of getting caught are high. But with the battery, they can easily get away. Therefore, the target has shifted from the electric bike to the bike’s battery. 


   Batteries are easily removable, but now manufacturers are designing lockable batteries that are accessible only with a key. If your battery is easily removable, use the technique from above and protect your battery from theft. 


Importance of insuring your electric bike battery.

   Insurance is a way to manage your risks. It helps you overcome the loss of a valuable asset financially. If you get a policy for your valuable assets, you will be paying an amount every month, depending on the value of that particular asset. The higher the value higher the amount. The insurance company will pay the amount of the loss of your asset if it is stolen or damaged due to accidents. The well-known insurance policies are housing, automobiles, and life insurance. 


   It is the law of most countries to get at least third-party insurance if you are an automobile owner. In States and countries where electric bikes are classified as motorcycles, you must have an insurance policy. But if it is classified as a traditional bicycle, it is not necessary for you. Still, it is a good choice to insure and get financial support in a crisis.


   But do you need to ensure your bike’s battery? The answer is yes; due to the high theft in electric bike batteries, insuring is an additional benefit for the safety of your battery. It will not directly help you save the battery, but you will have financial aid if it is damaged or stolen.


   You can insure your electric bike battery by including it in the contents of the housing insurance policy. In this way, you can worry less in times of crisis.



   Electric bike batteries are targeted due to their size, weight, and demand. There are demands for even a used but in good state battery for a low price. Therefore, safeguarding your bike’s battery is important. 


   You can protect your electric bike battery using various methods like; camouflaging it to look old and damaged, locking it to the bike’s frame, setting the alarm, installing GPS, parking the bike in light and crowded places, and most importantly, taking it everywhere you go. If you follow as many methods as possible, you can prevent your electric bike battery from stealing.


   Also, you can insure your bike’s battery under the contents of your housing insurance. By this, you will get financial aid during a crisis.