How to Remove Speed Limiter on an Electric Bike

 How to Remove Speed Limiter on an Electric Bike

The design of electric bikes enables riders to travel safely and regularly. Therefore, many e-bikes aren’t excessively speedy as bikes powered by gas. And many e-bike riders have found methods to accelerate their e-bikes’ speed. To that end, they remove the speed limiter of the electric bike. Moreover, this has become a common practice today.


E-bikes are a substitute for standard transportation methods. Accordingly, if you don’t feel like going by your car on a particular day, you can ride your e-bike. Moreover, you can use an electric bike for fun as well. And the other category that uses e-bikes is professional riders. 


If you ever get a chance to sit on an e-bike, you will understand the feeling everyone boasts about. It is real. And e-bikes not only let you pedal with energy, but the bike itself provides acceleration. Even though this is fun, there is a wrong side also. This acceleration permits the electric motorcycle to exceed the authorized speed limit. 


Professional bikers are the most concerned about this speed limit. The reason is that they use electric bikes both for competitions and their training. So, it must be unpleasant for them to stop their practice when they reach a good point. And people who aren’t professional riders aren’t really happy about this speed limit. It seems a common issue, and people have started to seek ways to remove the speed limiter. 


When your e-bike reaches the maximum speed limit, the system automatically stops you from riding faster. For many riders who enjoy riding, this speed limit has become insufficient. According to them, this limit puts barriers to their fun. As a result, this issue has become popular. But you don’t have to worry much about it. 


Purpose of Removing the Speed Limiter 

Removing the speed limiter of an electric bike is also famous as tuning. You can handle the speed limit of an e-bike this way because the manufacturer puts this limit. And the manufacturers do so to follow legal regulations. So, when you tune in to remove the limit for speed, your e-bike can travel at higher rates than the permitted limits. 


Your bike will demand the battery to stop once the sensor detects the exceeded speed limit. As you know, e-bikes have a system that monitors the rider’s speed. As this system decides how fast a rider can go on an e-bike, riders manually change the speed limit to manipulate the system. If you want to ride above the permitted limit speed, you must convince this system that you are going at a lower rate. That is the purpose of removing the speed limiter. However, remember that there are demerits to doing this. We will be discussing those aspects at the end of this article. 


How Can One Remove Speed Limiter?


E-bikes have a fixed speed limiter. And it guarantees that your e-bike doesn’t exceed the authorized speed limits. Therefore, if you exceed the limit, this fixed system automatically turns off the bike’s engine.  


However, if you want a more adventurous ride, you can do what most riders do. They remove the speed limiter on their electric bike. To this end, riders use three standard methods. Moreover, you can perform these methods by yourself. However, if you have a more complex design on your electric bike, it would be better to consult the experts.


However, remember that removing the speed limiter can incur a lot of things. Even though removing the speed limiter is exciting, it imposes a significant danger in removing a safety guard. Moreover, removing the limiter can bring legal consequences too. For example, the US levies heavy fines if riders exceed the permitted speed limit. Additionally, once you remove the speed controller, the system requires extra energy to satisfy your speed desires. As a result, the components of your e-bike deplete fast. So, it is not easy for you to claim a warrant. And repairing costs are also high. 


First Method: Hand Method

E-bike manufacturers maintain a big competition in the market. To this end, they don’t mind spending money and time to manufacture e-bikes to suit the current demands. As a result, all the e-bikes in the market aren’t equal in their design. Those designs offer different advantages. Your e-bike should have several features to use this method.


Before using the hand method, it is better to know how this speed limiter works.


E-bike speed limiter

Usually, an e-bike contains a fixed electric sensor to identify the bike’s speed. What happens is that the sensor determines the speed and transfers that data to the central controller of the electric bike. After that, this controller uses that information to decide whether the cycle is going at the authorized speed. And if the bike needs assistance to reach the maximum speed level, the central controller will help. For example, suppose that n e-bike’s top speed is 20mph. But the bike goes at 15mph. In such an instance, the controller provides the remaining electrical assistance.So, the electric bike can get more speed to reach 20mph.


However, if you exceed the permitted speed limit, the central controller turns the electric bike’s motor off. After that, you cannot expect additional assistance from the controller.


How does the Hand Method Function?

This method is a trick. The riders use this to manipulate the e-bike’s speed data detected by the sensor. Accordingly, you can input incorrect data about the bike’s maximum speed. Hence, the main controller won’t intervene to stop the motor when you go at high speed. As a result, you can enjoy your adventurous e-bike ride.

And the following things need to be changed if you want to modify the information detected by the e-bike’s sensor.

  • Magnet Position of the Back Wheel of the E-bike


Here, you need to remove the e-bike’s back wheel’s magnet and fix it to another place. This magnet should go to the pedal bracket of your electric bike.


Furthermore, use a neodymium-type magnet instead of using the same one. And it is stronger than the usual e-bike back wheel magnet.


  • 2. Base Sensor of the Frame of an E-bike


This step is the second step after the previous one. Once you alter the magnet position, you should change the base sensor of the e-bike’s frame. Once you remove this base sensor, you need to reattach this upside down. The reason is that the base sensor has to face the relocated magnet of the electric bike. As a result, the gap between the sensor and the e-bike’s magnet increases. Hence, the sensor doesn’t receive strong signals. And the sensor won’t be able to identify the actual speed of your electric bike.


As a result, this new information will go to your electric bike’s controller. And the bike’s motor will keep providing extra assistance.


Merits of Hand Method

There are several benefits of using this trick.

First, completing this task won’t take much of your time. Moreover, you don’t have to be an expert in electrical things. And you don’t want additional help. In addition, this process doesn’t involve any irreversible electrical altercation. Besides, you can claim a warranty easily as the alterations don’t last long.


However, there is a demerit of using the hand method as well. This method doesn’t work for every type of e-bike.


Second Method: unplug the wires connected to the E-bike’s sensor


There are wires in your electric bike connecting the fixed sensor to the other system components. Accordingly, if you detach these wires, you can remove the speed limiter of the e-bike. However, this method is a bit difficult. Hence, most e-bike riders use the first Method. What you have to do in this Method is cut the linking wires between the main controller and the e-bike’s sensor.  


Advantages of unplugging the wires connected to the E-bike’s sensor

Once you disconnect the wires, signals won’t reach the controller. As a result, your e-bike can go at higher speeds.


Disadvantages of unplugging the wires connected to the e-bike’s sensor


  • An e-bike’s system has a lot of wires in it. So, it would be difficult for many electric bike riders to locate the correct one. As a result, riders have to spend some money at an e-bike service station.
  • And if you select the wrong wire and cut it out, repairing the system will cost a significant amount.
  • Moreover, this is a permanent change. Hence, it is tough to reverse this action.
  • Because it is a permanent change, claiming a warrant is also not easy.


Third Method: Use E-bike Tool Kit to Modify Speed Information  

The electric bike manufacturers build a tool kit for e-bikes to get the maximum benefits. Moreover, these kits hinder electric bikes’ speed-managing process.


And the idea that underlies this method is similar to the first method we discussed.


This method also manipulates the bike’s central controller by inserting false speed data. As a result, riders get extra electrical assistance.


But, this strategy is more technical when compared with the hand method. Two types of tool kits are available to remove an electric bike’s speed limiter.


Type One: Disconnecting Electrical Circuit  

Usually, this tool kit comes with an electric bike system. One of the advantages of using this kit is that it is not permanent once you disconnect the circuit. And you can deactivate the kit without effort. 


There is a shutdown system that you can switch on. And this system locates on the lighting system of the electric bike’s keypad. Once you turn it off, the electric bike system goes back to its normal status.


Type Two: Connecting The Tool Kit to The Main Sensor 

Compared with the previous one, this tool kit is easier to use. Moreover, it comes to your hand with an informative manual guide. Here, you don’t have to disconnect the electric circuit. 


Instead, you must fix this tool kit to an e-bike’s data sensor that detects the speed.


Merits of Using the Tool Kits of an E-bike 

  • The tool kits aren’t usually simple hacks. So they don’t bring any lasting damage.
  •  And the first type of tool kit has a helpful switch. And you can use that to turn off the function of the tool kit quickly. 


Demerits of Using the Tool Kits of an E-bike 

  • You need help to use any of these tool kits as they are technical. As a result, you have to pay some money for that.
  •  Moreover, as these tool kits bypass the permitted speed limit, many governments have banned their usage. Thus, it has become illegal. 


Is It a Prudent Decision to Remove An Speed Limiter of Your E-bike?

Many people use electric bikes as a substitute for transportation within the limits of a city. And the e-bikes are designed to safeguard both riders and pedestrians. 


So, even the highest speed limit of an e-bike doesn’t reach the limits of motorbikes. However, it seems that people don’t bother about it and need thrilling riding experiences. 


Even though removing the speed limiter seems smart, it isn’t the most prudent decision to take. The following is a list of reasons why you shouldn’t do so. 



  • After removing the speed limiter, you might be able to have a thrilling riding experience. However, the aftermath of a lack of security isn’t as thrilling as that. High speed has been one of the main reasons behind bike accidents for over a year. So, it is the riders’ responsibility to ensure their and the pedestrians’ safety. To that end, complying with permitted speed limits is better.
  •  Moreover, these speed limits come according to the speed laws in a region. As a result, removing the speed limiter of an electric bike can cause legal consequences. For example, the speed limit for e-bikes in the US is 20mph. The government levies heavy fines if the riders exceed this top speed level. 
  • Besides, the structure of an electric bike is designed to bear a particular speed limit. So, if you force the cycle to go against the built-in system, it can harm your electric bike. And this can happen in several ways. For example, requiring additional energy to go faster will deplete the bike’s battery rapidly. As a result, the capacity of the battery goes down.
  • Moreover, the battery can get overheated when you force it to produce extra energy. And it will reduce the life span of an e-bike battery. 
  • Apart from that, many methods used to disconnect the speed limiter bring permanent or complex damage to the e-bike. As a result, you won’t be able to claim a warranty. 
  • And there are electric bikes designed to ride at higher speeds. They have thicker and larger tires. However, regular e-bikes don’t have that facility. Therefore, expecting high pressure from their tires can cause tires to depreciate. As a result, e-bike owners have to allocate a budget to repair the tires. 


Final Words 

The speed limit of an e-bike is a problem for many electric bike riders. One of the most disadvantaged categories from this limit is professional e-bike riders. Even though removing the speed limiter sounds exciting and fun initially, in the long run, you will have demerits. Removing the speed limiter and riding the e-bike is dangerous and has legal consequences. Hence, it is better to comply with the limits in the regulations. 


However, if owners of e-bikes desire to ride their bikes at higher speeds, you can do this. But it would help if you did this in a region where speed laws are less strict. Apart from that, buying e-bikes that resist higher speed is better. What matters is your safety. Moreover, as you saw in the above explanation, requiring extra assistance will damage your battery. As a result, you may have to spend a lot of money to replace or repair them.