Why don’t electric bikes use transmissions to achieve higher speeds?

When we consider our daily needs, transportation takes a significant place. Nowadays, we use different modes of transportation to fulfill our daily requirements. Have you ever stopped for a while and thought about what they are among all of these modes? How are they made? Why do we mainly use them? What are the benefits of using them? Did you pay attention to this stuff? YES OR NO? Probably, your answer will undoubtedly be NO. So in this article, you will be able to know some fantastic things about one of the unique creations invented to travel.

Motorcycles, often called motorbikes, are a very common, widely used mode of transportation. There are various types of motorbikes. With the development of technology, people invent new kinds of bikes to ease our daily activities. An electric bike or what we usually call an e-bike is one of the modest inventions of the motorbike series. Have you ever heard about e-bikes? Have you seen an e-bike? Have you ever gone for a ride on an e-bike? In this article, you will know many things related to e-bikes, and I hope you will enjoy reading this.


When it comes to any type of vehicle, the first thing that comes to our mind is the type of transmission of the vehicle. What does this transmission mean? Transmission is a specifically made application for the activity of the vehicle. There are automatic, semi-automatic, manual, and many more types of transmission. What kind of transmission does an e-bike have? Do you have any idea? Does an e-bike have a transmission? What is the sort of transmission used in e-bikes? Let’s see.

Difference between E-bike and regular Motorbikes transmission

E-bikes do have a transmission. But it is not the same as other motorbikes. Regular motorbikes have a manual transmission with a sequential gearbox with five or six gears to shift into. But in e-bikes, it is not the same. It is somewhat different from the regular types of bikes. Most e-bikes have a single-speed transmission. What does a single-speed transmission mean? Do you have any idea about that? They use a single-speed gearbox in single-speed transmission, which uses a single gear to move the vehicle at all speeds. So in most e-bikes, a single-speed gear is used and gets instructions from a smart drive selector. So as there is only a single-speed transmission in them, they don’t use different gears or transmissions to achieve higher speeds. But in some e-bikes, do have some gears, but they don’t have any clutch or shift mechanism to change the speed, which again differs from a regular motorbike.

Transmission in E-bikes

Then what happens in an e-bike? Do you have any idea about that? If an e-bike has a single gear, is it automatic? How is the speed raised or reduced? How do gears work on an e-bike? Can we add gears to an electric bike?


In the sense that no shifting is involved in e-bikes, we can consider e-bikes automatic to some extent. We need not worry about riding in urban or traffic areas, as we need not clutch or shift gears, which most drivers hate to do while driving. 

E-bikes have a single gear-no clutch mechanism, which is mostly very comfortable to drive. To mention how the speed varies in e-bikes, first, we should know what happens inside an e-bike. Do e-bikes have a motor? As in other bikes, e-bikes have a motor, plus a battery. The specialty of the battery is, it is electric. As the word e-bike stands for, something in the bike should be electric. That means we should charge the battery before using it. We should electrically charge the battery before using the bike. Regular bikes have fuel or manpower as a source of energy. In e-bikes, electrical energy is the energy source. Now I guess you have some sort of idea of how e-bikes work. But, still, you don’t have any idea how the speed is varied while having a single-speed transmission. Let’s see how the speed changes in e-bikes now.

The speed of an e-bike works according to a particular mechanism. Mainly it is based on the voltage difference. The e-bike has a specific controller of speed. This speed controller operates according to the signals that it receives. The speed controller detects the signal as a voltage difference. There are specific voltage differences assigned for different respective speeds. So, according to a particular signal received for one voltage difference, the relevant speed is achieved by the e-bike. When the speed controller receives another signal related to another specific voltage difference, the speed is gained or reduced according to the particular voltage difference. Now I think you have a very clear picture of how the speed of the e-bike is raised or lowered.

How can we increase the speed of E-Bike?

There are so many ways and methods to increase the assigned speed of the bike. Assigned speed means, as I mentioned earlier, when manufacturing the bike, the producers assign a speed for a specific voltage difference. So now it is about how to increase that assigned speed of the e-bike. Do you have any idea? Have you ever heard about it? Any guesses? The best way to increase the bike’s speed is to use a battery with a higher voltage power. The battery means, the battery that the user should charge before using the e-bike, as I mentioned earlier in the article. When we increase the voltage power of this battery, we can easily increase the speed of the e-bike. So if anyone doubts whether a bigger battery will make my e-bike faster, the answer is, yes. You can increase the speed of your e-bike when you use a battery with a bigger battery power.

Is it possible to add gears to E-bikes?

Still, we have another question left. It is, Can we add gears to an e-bike? As mentioned in the article before, there are some e-bikes made with various types of gear. E-bikes normally have a series of speed limits. They are 1, 3, 18, 21, 24, 27, 32, or even 40 speeds. The lower the speed means, the lower the gear, while the higher the speed means the higher the gear. So it is also now clear that some e-bikes can be made by adding gears. Then why do some e-bikes have no gears? This is another reasonable question which is now raised in your mind. In e-bikes, the electric engine used has a much wider range of RPMs, which facilitates rotating much faster than a normal bike. So in e-bikes that have no gears, are capable of extending the battery life, which is a huge advantage to the user when we consider longtime. And also helps in going up hills and keeping a good cadence.



Now throughout the article up to now, you were reading a lot about how these e-bikes work. How do these e-bikes achieve higher speeds, and what are the transmissions of these types of bikes. But didn’t you come across with a question like, why e-bikes are so popular or why do people use e-bikes? Is there any advantage of using e-bikes or any requirements to use? I hope you will also get these questions in your head while reading the article. 

E-bike users can gain various types of advantages by being e-bike users. It is said that e-bikes allow you to ride faster than on a regular bike. Some relevant researches mention that the average and the maximum speed of an e-bike is more about 3mph than a regular bike. Some electric bikes have more powerful motors that enable them to pedal up to higher speeds of 28mph. These are often used to commute longer distances and can only be used on the roads. Because of all these reasons, it helps the rider maintain their energy level for a more extended period while enjoying the travel. That means using an e-bike is energy efficient. Not only is that, using e-bikes eco-friendly as it is a mode of emission-free transportation. No harmful gas or any substance is released into the environment when using an e-bike. It is good to maintain good physical health too. And also, when considering e-bikes with other types of electric vehicles giving the same benefits, e-bikes are low in cost and affordable. So that is also another significant advantage for an e-bike user. These are only some of the advantages of using an e-bike. Not only these but there are so many other advantages too. 

E-bike is a widely used mode of transportation in the modern world. I hope now you have a perfect idea of e-bikes and how they differ from regular bikes, their transmission types, how they achieve higher speeds with gears and without gears, and how to shift speed limits after reading this article. Not only related to technical issues, I think now you have a very good idea of the advantages that can be gained by an e-bike user and why e-bikes are so popular among people.