Is it unsafe to store an electric bike with a lithium battery in an apartment?

An electric bike is a motorized bike. The First E-bike was invented by Hosea W. Libbey of Boston in 1897. It has the same features as regular bikes like two wheels, a seat, pedals, handles, and body geometry. But the only difference is it has an additional electrical drive system. There are many categories of E-bikes, such as a mountain, cargo, city, cruiser, and commuter. The main three types of electric bikes can be found. One type is pedal assist – which you must pedal to use the motor. Type two is throttle only – an e-bike equipped with an engine controlled by the throttle, and the third one is pedal assist 28mph. Nowadays, lithium-ion batteries are the batteries used in electric bikes. Because they produce about 90% more power output than other types of batteries compared to their weight.


What are these Li batteries?

Lithium batteries are also known as lithium metal batteries. They are primary batteries that anode made up of metallic lithium. Manganese is commonly used as a cathode with a lithium salt dissolved in an organic electrolyte solvent. These batteries are generally used for portable electric devices. These batteries are typically stored at 4 – 21 Celsius (39.2 – 69.8 Fahrenheit) temperature. When the temperature goes up or down, this range could potentially damage the battery capacity. This type of battery is usually used for E-bikes. 

Are lithium batteries safe?

These lithium-ion batteries are highly combustible, that can cause home fires as a result of careless treatment. But those causes can be prevented by undergoing safety procedures. Keeping the battery at a constant temperature when it is not used is recommended. Never leave the bike with the battery at the hot places.

Are there any alternatives for lithium-ion batteries?

There are some cheaper alternatives to lithium-ion batteries that can use for e-bikes. Still, they may not be designed or capable of performing a particular function as much as Li-ion batteries. You can use Lead-acid batteries as an alternative. 

Is it okay to leave my bike under the sunlight?

During hot periods such as summer, you must keep your bike away from direct sunlight because UV radiation can degrade the structural integrity of the battery. Also, color fading and overheating of electrical components may happen when the bike is exposed to direct sunlight for too long. By the way, you can occasionally leave the bike under sunlight. 


How do you protect your bike and its battery? 

  1. Do not overcharge or completely charge your battery. 
  2. Use the provided charger.
  3. Charge the battery at safe places such as places without hot flames.
  4. Do not regularly fully discharge the battery.
  5. If you store the battery for the long term battery must be recharged periodically.
  6. Keep your battery clean and dry.
  7. Keep the bike in a dry environment.
  8. Store your bike at the ideal temperature.
  9. Keep the battery always cool.
  10. Do not open the battery of your motorcycle.
  11. Never leave the charger when connected permanently.
  12. Use quality tires.
  13. Try to ride on smooth roads.
  14. Leave your bike in safe places. 
  15. Use a bike rack to store your bike.

How can you store bikes?

If you store your electric bike in the garage, it should store in a dry and cool place but not in a freezable environment. It is preferred to keep the cycle at a woody surface. 

How long can I store an E-bike battery?


When the charging state of your battery becomes 0%, the battery’s voltage continues to drop, and the battery has become deep discharge state; you can store your battery for around 10.7 months, but after that period, you can’t recover your battery. During the winter, you should keep your e-bike inside the place with a constant temperature between 00C – 200C (32 -68 Fahrenheit) because a freezing environment can lessen battery lifespan. 

Can I store my E-bike upward? 

You can store the bike upright but keep it simply side in the front tire. Also, it can hang safely on the wall or from the ceiling. If there are no such spaces in the garage, you can store your bike vertically as well but make sure to keep it vertically for a short period of time. If you keep the bike outside, it’s better to get the battery inside.

How do I store my Bosch E-bike battery?

The best temperature to store the Bosch batteries is between -10 to 60 degrees centigrade (14 – 140 Fahrenheit). But make sure to keep constant temperature. 

Store the e-bike in cool and dry where the low humidity and not frequently changes of temperature like a garage, an outdoor shed or depending on where you live. When storing the bike, make sure to keep the partial charge battery separately.

How long can I use the battery?

New batteries of E-bikes can use around two to five years, but it depends on the brand of the storm, the type of the battery, and battery charging frequency. If you use the right mode at the right moment, ride and pedal smoothly, use proper tires, reduce weight, and store and use the battery in the right conditions, you can make the battery of the E-bike last longer.

How often can I charge an E-bike battery?

The recommended way to charge the battery is after every ride. But do not charge the battery when the temperature is below 00C. It can be charged when the bike is on or off, but the battery should switch off. The battery should not be covered while charging. The place where you charge the battery should be away from the flammable materials, heating surfaces, and dry surfaces with less humidity.

How can I recognize my battery is dead?


If the LED display of the bike turns off and when the electric gears are not working, you’ll understand your battery is dead. When the battery is slow electric brake light and headlight won’t turn on due to no power supply. Also, the throttle will not provide power anymore.

How can I check my E-bike battery?

You can check the battery with a good multimeter. Before connecting the multimeter with the battery, you need to charge the battery fully (around 6 to 8 hours). You can check the voltage, current, or resistance by this. Connect the multimeter into the connector of the battery without applying excess pressure.

How do I store E-bike in an apartment?

The best way to store your E-bike indoor. The place you store the bike must be cool and have less humidity. You can store the bike close to your clothes, like the laundry room. It is better if you keep the battery and bike separately. But it is necessary to store the battery were not too much cooler, too much hot, or where the temperature changes constantly. Ideal temperature range is 00C – 200 C (32F – 68F). Keep the battery partially charged when it is not used. Make sure to recharge the battery every few months. Therefore it is not unsafe to store E-bike in an apartment when you follow the safety storage conditions.

Can I store my E-bike outside for a longer period?

You shouldn’t leave the e-bike in the basement for a long time because moisture, rain, and humidity can harm the bike’s battery. Also, other parts of the bike may affect by rain, sunlight, and moisture. An electric bike should not expose to the elements. If you live in a small apartment and have no other options to store the bike, you need to cover the bike frame, keep the battery inside, and lock the bike perfectly.

Are there any advantages or disadvantages to E-bikes?

The main advantage of E-bike is easy to ride rather than regular bikes due to having a motor. You can ride faster than traditional bikes. E-bikes are a better alternative to cars. Riding an E-bike improves your physical health (cardiovascular health) and mental health. Also, traveling through E-bikes is more eco-friendly than traveling through vehicles. It has disadvantages too. They are expensive, the lifespan of the battery is short, the charging time of the battery is long, they are heavier than regular bikes, you have to spend much money to maintain and repair it, manufacturing of E-bikes is not eco friendly.


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