The Kaabo Mantis electric pro scooter has emerged as the best choice in speed and dependability. The Kaabo Mantis Electric Pro Scooter isn’t the most affordable e-scooter on the market. It’s slightly more expensive than the other competitors in its range. But it provides tremendous value, proving its relatively high price.

This review covers everything that is essential about the Kaabo Mantis Electric Pro scooter. Considering its design, suspension, speed, braking power, and overall experience of riding. We also highlighted some excellent choices as alternatives if the Kaabo Mantis Electric Pro didn’t satisfy your requirements.

This scooter has great offerings and may exceed any expectations that you hoped from it. Depending on the rider’s weight and speed, it can provide up to a range of 40 miles. This is extremely impressive. This confirms that any traveling between home and work is possible. You do not always want to live nearby.

Riding this scooter with a speed of around 40 mph is thrilling, and great for those expecting more from scooters. On the other hand, the battery takes about 8 hours to be charged fully. But a number of riders don’t care because they really like how comfortable and handy this scooter is.

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Pros of the Scooter

  • The scooter can even reach up to a speed of 37 mph.
  • Reasonable features for the price range.
  • Perfect braking system powered by the hydraulic press
  • The scooter that is portable and also weighs less

When acceleration is considered, the Scooter completely exceeded our expectations, and not in the wrong way. We were having high expectations for this scooter’s system of dual-motors, 60V battery, and 27A batteries. But it even managed to surpass them.

This incredible machinery could accelerate from 0 to 15 meters per hour within 2 seconds. This is incredible for scooters. It made us satisfied when it was able to reach top speed within seconds of 10.4.

When you first get started with the Kaabo Mantis: start at a low fixation to adjust its pull. Since this represents the most impactful scooters available on the market, don’t go to its full potential immediately.

We observed that the acceleration of the Mantis Pro is in line with low velocities. It settles at around a speed of 30 mph. The two motors will pull you forward when you press the accelerator. Even the particular throttle on this scooter is also highly responsive.

The Mantis Pro is a contender to be regarded compared to other scooters in its class. It is quicker than the initial version of the Mantis. When researched, the scooter that can outperform the Mantis Pro is the Kaabo version of Wolf Warrior 11. It can even reach 15 mph in a 1.9 period of seconds.

Features of the Kaabo Mantis Electric Pro Scooter  

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Overview of Performance

This scooter delivers when performance is considered. Besides having a top speed of around 36 mph, it also has a range of about 40 miles. It’s depending on the overall speed that you travel and the rider’s mass. However, for an electric scooter, this is outstanding and very fast.


Acceleration and top speed

The scooter can reach a top speed of around 40 mph thanks to its dual 1,000W motor system. This is impressive for this type of scooter. It can accelerate from 0 to 15 (mph) within 2 seconds, demonstrating its power. 

It’s worth noting that the rider’s weight influences the scooter’s top speed. For example, with a particular rider who weighs 163 pounds, the scooter’s top speed is around 39 mph. But, with a rider who weighs 233 pounds, the scooter’s top speed is around 36 mph.

Terrain and incline are two other characteristics that can affect an e-overall scooter’s performance. The longer it takes to reach the top range, the more terrain is rougher and more inclined.

Extreme roughness and steepness of terrain may prevent the Mantis Pro to reach its officially known top range. So, don’t expect the scooter to reach a speed of 40 mph while hill climbing.

Range and battery life

After learning about this scooter’s speed and acceleration, you’d think it’s lacking in range. Surprisingly, the Kaabo Mantis Electric Pro Scooter makes no hesitance in terms of range.

The official range of the Scooter is 40 miles. It is impressive, given how fast the scooter is. What’s more, in our tests of performance, we could travel more than a speed of 40 miles.

As previously stated, the performance of an e-scooter is encouraged by a variety of factors. They are the rider’s weight, inclination, terrain and so on. So, we can’t always expect the scooter to cover a higher mileage. Also, if it is not completely charged, it cannot reach the maximum height.

We feel compelled to make a reminder that the Scooter can run in single or the mode of the dual-motor. The previous provides more range but less speed, whilst the latter offers more speed but less energy saving.

LG’s ion Lithium battery of 24.5Ah is powering the Kaabo Mantis Electric Pro Scooter. This specific battery is completely fixed into the deck of the scooter. So it will not be damaged by harsh bumps or sudden hits.

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The battery on this scooter is quite manageable, with a maximum speed of 40 miles. It’s pretty expensive, which is why this model is significantly more costly than the initial scooter model. The base model houses a battery of 17.5Ah.

Think that the 40-mile speed range is insufficient for your requirements, and you want to save money. Then it would be best if you considered purchasing the base model rather than the Pro Mantis. If you are looking for something in average, A 18.2Ah battery is included in the Mantis Pro SE. 

The Kaabo Mantis Electric Pro Scooter’s battery requires between 13 – 16 hours in order to charge fully. In comparison with other electric scooters in its series, this one is quite long. Kaabo intends to introduce a rapid charger that will be sold separately. According to them, the charger helps to reduce charging time to a minimum of 4-5 hours.

It’s also notable that the Pro’s battery has a Management System for Battery (BMS). It protects it from short circuits, voltages under or over, currents under or over, and other failures of this type.


Configuration of the Motor

The Kaabo Mantis Pro features a strong motor system with 1,000W and 60V BLDC. This allows you to operate one or both motors at the exact period through a cockpit switch. Having said that, if both motors are set, the system generates a massive motor power of 2000W.

Why not set it up with an individual motor capable of producing as much power on its own? It’s actually not about control. It’s more about being versatile of switching between modes that are single and also double-drive.

If only one motor is active, you get a high range. You get a top speed that has higher speed and acceleration when both motors are engaged. Depending on your needs, you can interchange these two drive modes.

The Kaabo Mantis Pro also has a turbo/eco switch that allows you to switch between speed and range. Turbo mode’s your best option if you need to get somewhere quickly. Changing to eco mode will support the battery to survive longer if it is running low on power.

Quality of Construction and Building

The Kaabo Mantis Pro’s design is a concept we usually like. Everything about this scooter seems sturdy and secure, and it’s built extremely well.

There are cables all nicely packaged and covered. All of the bolts and screws on the e-scooter appear sturdy and well-knit. There is nothing we can say about this scooter’s construction quality.



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The Kaabo Mantis Pro, with its suspension with two coil springs, provides one of the most comfortable rides. The two spring arms absorb bumps and jolts exceptionally well, offering the greatest convenience.

The Kaabo Mantis scooter range is mainly focused on usage in cities. But because of the exceptional system of suspension, the Mantis can easily cross terrain off-road. It also operates admirably in wet conditions, whether gravel, mud, grass, or anything else.


Quality of the Ride

Generally, the Kaabo Mantis Pro provides a comfortable ride. This is because of its excellent twin 10.0 kind pneumatic tires and shock suspension. This maintains the scooter stable even at high speed limits. 

It feels incredibly nimble. When cyclists lean towards a bend in the path they’re riding; they feel comfortable. They are also being assisted at higher speeds because the scooter will work with them. Some larger scooters with similar rates to the model seem unsteady or like if you’ll fall off.



Like the standard model, the Kaabo Mantis Pro has dual-disc hydraulic brakes that are exceptionally reliable at greater speeds. The Pro model has completely hydraulic brakes, while the standard model has partially hydraulic brakes.

Because of their superior performance, hydraulic brakes are significantly more expensive than their original models. This is the reason why the Mantis is one of the most expensive scooters on the market.

What we like best regarding hydraulic brakes are their efficiency and responsiveness. The scooter will respond faster if you apply light pressure to the brakes. The Mantis Pro’s braking was so smooth during our performance test. It wasn’t at all hefty. From 20 to 0 mph, we achieved a braking distance of approximately 13.3 feet. When contrasted to the capabilities of rival e-scooters, this is fast.

Furthermore, the Mantis Pro has dual e-brakes. These brakes’ tensile strength can be easily modified to match the rider’s needs.

The e-brakes include an Antilock Braking System (ABS). This reduces the likelihood of the wheels locking up when braking, assuring quick steering. ABS can be turned on and off.



With a weight of 65 pounds, the Kaabo Mantis Pro isn’t the lightest scooter on the market. Considering it is a professional scooter with plenty of outstanding features, 65 pounds doesn’t seem that bad. This is when you consider the Wolf Warrior 11 which weighs 101 pounds. To your knowledge, the Mantis’ base model weighs 61 pounds.

The mechanism of stem folding on the scooter is fairly reliable. It allows you to disassemble the scooter into a smaller size. This also makes it easier to transport and store in your car trunk. Two locks on the stem prevent this scooter from swaying. Carrying the scooter with one hand on the other hand, is extremely difficult.



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The Mantis Pro has a slew of built-in LEDs. LED lights are positioned on the deck’s front and back. White lights are also installed on the sides.

You will notice that all of your lights are close to the ground. This will make it easier for other drivers to see the person going down the road. Nevertheless, the lights do not project very far forward, making it difficult to see at night.

Fortunately, this simple fix can be accomplished by spending money on headlights and taillights with high mountings. You don’t need to get high-mounted lights if you’re not planning to ride your scooter at night time.



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The Mantis Pro rides on enormous pneumatic tires of 103 inches. The rounded contour of the scooter contributes to its ability to give a relaxing and delightful experience while riding. They also help the scooter’s reactivity and general nimbleness.

The tires are positioned on a split rim. This makes changing the tires and replacing the inner tubes a breeze. In the event of a flat tire, scooters with solid rims are often challenging to work with.


The Mantis Pro deck is roughly 2020 inches, so it has plenty of standing room. The deck has a logo-adorned rubber surface that aids in both dry and wet traction and rainy circumstances.

We like how the mat adheres to the rider’s shoes, lowering the risk of sliding and falling. We also enjoy how it hides every seam and every screw hole in the deck’s top plate. Thus, making the scooter look more aesthetically beautiful.


Display & Controls

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The Mantis Pro’s cockpit is not particularly impressive. It’s merely a basic cockpit with broad handlebars that mimic bicycle handlebars. A thing we dislike regarding the handlebars is that the foam isn’t very good and isn’t long-lasting.

The button for switching between single and dual motors is located on the controls. You’ll also notice the button for switching between modes of eco and turbo. It’s worth noting that this scooter lacks a bell or horn, but you can buy one separately. They’re reasonably priced.

The Mantis Pro, like all professional scooters, includes a throttle for mini motors in the cockpit. It’s a nice feature, but it becomes uncomfortable after a while. The trigger of the throttle is integrated into the display of LED.

In addition, The display LED is sufficiently bright. to read anything properly in direct sunlight. The rear lighting is green, which is helpful for riding at night. The power and motor mode buttons can be used to change the programming presets.

Resistance to Water

This e-scooter does not have a Water-resistant IP rating. Look after its engine and batteries by avoiding puddles and rain or water.


Comparison of Weight and Distance

The Mantis Pro is once again solidly situated in the middle of the pack when we examine its mileage through the lens of similarly weighted scooters, specifically the nine comparable models in its 60 to 70 pounds class.


Reliability, Warranty, and Customer Service

A dual-year manufacturer’s guarantee backs the Kaabo Mantis Pro.


This motorized scooter requires a little more upkeep, primarily if you use it on mud or dust terrain. Other than the odd deep clean, ensure sure the battery is always charged. The tire pressure should always be correct. Also, the tire spike thickness is never less than what is considered harmful.


Known Problems

The Mantis Pro is, in our opinion, the most outstanding available electric scooter right now. But that doesn’t mean it’s flawless. These include a few things that we believe should be improved.

We discovered that the back tire’s mudguard does not accomplish its duty very effectively. It is possible that the scooter’s back is splattered with mud when riding over muddy terrains.


Is this Electric Scooter worth the money, and should you buy it?

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Considering everything, we believe the Pro Mantis is close to ideal. Yes, it might benefit from an improved rear mudguard and locking differential attachment, but that’s just nitpicking.

The Pro version of Kaabo Mantis offers it all. From exceptional range and speed to quick braking and steering, it’s portable and has standing room on deck. Overall, it’s pretty well-rounded.

The pricing is quite excessive and will not suit folks on a tight budget who desire these features.

Overall, it’s such a scooter that satisfies objectives. It’s ideal for those who enjoy cruising and pushing themselves on the road that goes beyond what has to offer.



  • It can go 40 mph over its peak speed.
  • It is still incredibly light and portable. 
  • Its outstanding battery range is 55 miles if we charge it completely.
  • The scooter lacks lighting and has no IP classification, making it not waterproof.
  • Because of the expense, those with smaller budgets will be unable to afford it.