Why Is My Electric Bike Cutting Out? (eight Reasons and solutions to fix it)

The most frustrating thing for the ebike riders is when their bike starts to cut out all of a sudden. Many people who have experienced it say that they don’t want to relive it again. So it’s pretty understandable if you’re searching for answers. Most of the reasons why the ebikes cut out are because of those loose connections in some parts of the bike. The loosened prongs, throttle, and motor can cause the failure of sensors, batteries, pedal assist, and on controllers. So this leads your bike to cut out all of a sudden. 

Even simple things like pressing the bike’s lever without any intention and damaging it can also direct in a power cut out of the cycle. So you might not even know the reason behind the cutout sometimes. So to diagnose the problem, you should check out these parts from every angle. And after analyzing, you should go for solutions to fix the problem and stop your bike from cutting out. So to prevent this from happening all the time, you should look into the issues and the fixes mentioned below.

Why Is My Electric Bike Cutting Out? 

As we talked about in the above paragraphs, there can be many reasons why your ebike is cutting out. So here as some of the explanations of the reason why your bike’s disruption of power transmission and the bike cuts out.

The electric bikes cut out power because of the loose connection in parts.


  • The Prongs

the motor will start misbehaving if your prongs are loose. Sometimes you might not tighten the prongs when fixing the ebike, or sometimes the prongs disconnect when you’re riding on the bike. If ore riding on a road full of bumps or right on right faces, the bike might hit the spot and loosen the prongs. So if something like this happens, you can adjust the prongs and start the motor again, but if the power cuts out fully even after your recharge it, then you should check the charger. If there’s no indicator light, that problem is in your charger.  

Not only do the loose prongs causes this but also the wearing and tearing of the prongs can leads the bike into a cutout of power. If there’s a burned or worn-out prongs in your ebike the power will cut out, and the motor will disrupt the power transmission immediately, so if that’s the case, you can replace the burned prongs with new ones. If you are not able to do that yourself, you should go for a bike expert to remove the worn-out prongs and fix the new ones into your ebike.

  • Throttle

another situation when your bike cuts out is when the throttle of your bike is loose. This can cause a disruption in the transmission of power. But you can fix this quickly by readjusting or taking the throttle correctly into its position. Other than the open throttle, another issue that arises with the throttle is when there’s damage in it, so you should look into its stickiness when yure pulling out the throttle. So you can see the signs if there’s a damaged throttle or not. So if you find you have a damaged or sticky throttle, you should immediately replace the throttle with a new one. 

  • Motor Connections

another reason why the bike cuts out power is when there are issues with the connection of your motor. This causes the bike to shut down immediately because the motor goes off intermittently. So t know what happened, you should look for the motor inhibitor first. The motor inhibitor of the bike is responsible for the cutting out in wire transmission. So if its not fixed properly, you should fix them.

And also look into the connections between the rear hub and the motor. If the wires that connect the motor and the rear hub loose or damaged, you also will have a cut-off in the motor. When talking about wires, you also should look into wires to see if they are meted or burned. They are signs of an overheated motor. So in cases like this, the best thing is to replace the motor in order to protect the controller. And also, you should give an eye on motor connections that are damaged or missing. the components can be broken or missing, which also can cause a power to disrupt.

Your Electric Bike Keeps Cutting Out Due to a Failing Component

there can be failing components on your ebike that will lead to a power cut out and stop the bike from stopping, so it is better to check out the parts of your bike and diagnose where the problem is. 

  • Dead Battery

The possible issue that stops the ebike can be a dead battery. Doesn’t matter if you charge it for a day long, but if the battery is dead. the motor will automatically fail to transfer the power. There can be situations where the battery management system shuts down the battery to prevent it from getting overheated or draining quickly. But as a whole, this means if the voltage drops a considerable amount, that means the battery cells are bad. So it is better to minimize the damage to the battery when using the pedal assist system and se[call the level when ascending. if this doesn’t work, you should go for a new battery to replace it with.

When talking about battery replacement, make sure that you go for a quality battery. So it’s better to doa s each up before buying a suitable battery for yourself. If you have no clue about where the problem is or what the problem is. You should get a battery that is very similar to your bike’s battery and use it. If the problem isn’t there anymore, it is evidence that your battery is dead, and then you should replace it with a new one.

  • Failing Controller

The controller is one of the most important bikes of an e-bike because it is the processor of the bike. The job of the controller is to pick the signals that come from the sensors and the bike controls. later analyze them to transfer the power to the motor. So if the controller has a problem, there won’t be any signals coming from the sensors, so the power won’t transfer to the motor. So the solution to this problem is to check the wires and fix them. If fixing the wires doesn’t work, you should check on the power stitch to make sure it’s turned off. And also, you should look into the circuit breaker to determine if it has burned. But if it’s, you should replace it with the new one to make your ebike work. 

  • Failing Pedal Assist

the pedal assist of the e-bike gives you 20 to 25 percent of power when you’re ascending. But if the pedal assists of your ebike I failing, there will be a disruption of power transmission to the motor. There are two reasons why the pedal assist fails. They are the misaligned magnets in the system and the wrong mounting of the PAS detector. So if the misaligned magnets are the case, you should check if they’re wobbling or not. If they are, you should push the disc closer to the bracket sensor that is in the bottom.

And if the case is in the pedal assist detector mounted off from the disc, you should flip over your bike and adjust the PAS detector. If you’re not able to do this by yourself, if you think it’s too technical, you should always seek help from an e-bike repair expert near your place.

  • Failing Sensors

Another problem that leads to a power cutout in your ebike is when your sensor starts to fail. These issues come up with loose cable connections too. And also, in other instances, there can be moisture clouds or dirt associated with the sensor that can fail the sensors. And also, the damaged sensor can be a problem too in this case so if you take a closer look and find out that the damaged sensors, you can replace them. And if the case is with a speck of dirt that is on the sensors. You can remove the part and clean the diet out. And also check on the moisture. If your sensors are wet, the sensor won’t be able to work. So before riding, you should dey the sensor and place them correctly.

Your Electric Bike Keeps Cutting Out Due to An Issue with the Brake Levers.

So there also can be issues with the brake levers that can cause power to disrupt the motor that your bike wont is able to move. There are two questions that may ask to conclude where the problem is. 

  • Are the brake levers of your ebike broken?

If you have damaged or broken brake levers in your ebike, the safety switch, cuts out the power transfer to the motor. which is known as the inhibitor switch, gets stuck. 

when you have damaged brake levers, the inhibitor switch (a safety switch that cuts the motor power) becomes stuck. So to prevent this from happening, you should always check the brake levers to see if they are damaged or not. if they are damaged. you should replace them, and if the inhibitors switch is broken, then you should replace them. So if you want to get the replacements done, you should go to a repair shop and buy the essential parts that need to replace. Then you can fix the problem immediately. 

  • Do you intentionally press the lever of your ebike?

As we talked about earlier, if the problem is not with the broken levers, then the problem can arise if you have unintentionally pressed the brake levers. Because pressing the levers when it is not needed can make the motor disengages. And that will cut out the power transmission from the motor. So the ebike will stop immediately. The solution for this is nothing but avoiding the pressing of eleven when you’re riding. 

The pros and cons of the ebikes.

The ebikes are very popular in the cycling world because of their many advantages given to people. Little do people know that with the advantages, they are also disadvantages that come along with it. As with any electrical device, there are pros and as well cons that we should consider before buying an e-bike. So, we made a list of the pros and cons of using an ebike that people need to look at before using an e-bike. The list below shows all the pros and cons. So before regretting or being happy about the decision, you make take a look into this and decide.

Pros of an e-bike.

  1. The ebikes are eco-friendly vehicles as they emit harmful gases that destroy the environment.
  2. The operating costs are cheaper than other electric vehicles.
  3. You won’t need to have any physical effort to ride an e-bike.
  4. ebikes are best for your riding for long distances or traveling across the county.
  5. Especially very important for adults (older people) as it does not require physical strength to ride.
  6. Very beneficial for people with health issues, such as people who suffer from heart problems, etc.
  7. Suitable for riding in windy places as it won’t make you go backward because of the pedal assist system.
  8. A very great way to commute
  9. saves time because of its faster riding abilities.
  10. low maintenance costs
  11. reduce traffic jams

Cons of an e-bike

  1. the initial purchasing cost is very high
  2. there can be a high risk of stealing
  3. the weight of the bike can be quite heavy than normal bikes
  4. some countries won’t give permission to travel on ebikes
  5. the batterie of the ebikes gets weaker in time
  6. you will able to take a limited distance before charging
  7. battery replacement cost can be expensive
  8. There won’t is sufficient bike lanes to drive in some countries.

In conclusion, we can say that there are many reasons why your ebike gets cut out. As we discussed in the above paragraphs, there is a solution to fix these problems. So before getting it to repairing place, check out the bike and see where the problem is. Why waste money on repairs when you can do it yourself? So it is better to consider the issues and fix them immediately by yourself. so your bike can start working again. 


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