Are Electric Bikes Dangerous? Safety Risks Revealed!

Are Electric Bikes Dangerous? Safety Risks Revealed!

Even though many of us are excited about electric bikes, there are also dangerous aspects of e-bikes. However, all are preventable, which is good news about electric bike risks. And it is not debated that an e-bike has many similarities to regular bicycles, but there are differences too. 


Electric bikes are almost similar to ordinary bicycles. However, e-bikes have a motor and battery. Many are with the view that e-bikes are riskier than ordinary bikes. However, this is not a 100% accurate view. And it is not 100% wrong either. 


The risks connected to e-bikes are different and depend on several factors. This article will guide you to the risks associated with e-bikes and the methods to prevent them. 


Risky Aspects of Electric Bikes 

All inventions in the world have their own merits and demerits. So are electric bikes. However, it is no need to reject the product because it has some risks. What you need to do is find methods to avoid those dangers. 


The following is a detailed analysis of the dangers of electric bikes. After going through them, you can understand the risks and take action to avoid them. 


Moreover, many people tend to compare electric bikes with regular bikes. Accordingly, it would help if you understood the difference between an electric bike and a regular bike. That helps avoid risks for you and your loved ones. First, you should know that riding an electric bike differs from riding an ordinary bike. And there are significant parts in an e-bike, like the motor and the battery. 


E-bike Batteries Catch Fire 

We don’t think that anybody wants their electric bike to catch fire. It would be an awful experience. If you search the internet, you will find electric bikes that catch fire while riding and charging. The reason is the batteries. Most electric bike batteries have Lithium. Here you go for those who don’t know Lithium’s riskiness. Lithium is a highly combustible material. So most of these fire incidents have occurred due to the careless treatment of batteries. 


Accordingly, these fires are the most severe danger connected to electric bikes. But don’t worry. More than half of these fire accidents can be avoided. To that, you need proper care. For example, try building a battery pack only if you have adequate knowledge of the subject. You need to understand fully what you do first.


Moreover, when riding, remember to carry the battery system in a metal box. In that way, you can be safe. In addition, you can use a battery management system. This system ensures your safety. 


Also, when you buy lithium batteries, always buy them from a trusted and reliable dealer. In that way, you can be sure of the cell structure of your battery system. As a result, you will have a good battery that supports extreme temperatures and over-charging. 


And the modern e-bike batteries are safe for you to use. The reason is that they have an excellent design. And the next models and designs will be more efficient and safer than the current ones. However, electric bikes have circuits, and therefore, shortcomings in them can still happen. 


There is too much acceleration at the beginning 

Extreme throttle application that comes from an electric gear and that too from a dead stop can cause minor accidents. However, such accidents don’t bring you severe damage as they are minor. The reason is that those accidents take place at a low-speed level. However, this could still be saddening for you as an e-bike rider and owner. 


And this problem can also be avoided if you have the necessary care. For instance, if your electric bike has a throttle, don’t apply complete throttle until the bike begins to move. Moreover, try to have a switch so that you have the option to select various levels of power during your rides. So before every ride, you should ensure that this throttle and the controller have been well dialed up. 


On the other hand, some of you might have a pedelec electric bike. In such an instance, don’t start your e-bike at an excessive gear. For instance, don’t use the Power mode. So always try to start at a less powerful electric gear, and after, you can increase gradually. 


A Fault of the Front Fork

If a serious injury happens to a rider, the cause would be a fault of the front fork. How does a fault in the front fork happen? Usually, this problem happens when the e-bike rider flies over the bike’s handlebars headfirst. As a result, the rider can get serious injuries. And this risk indeed sounds scary. However, there are several methods to avoid this fault. Accordingly, the most popular solution is installing rotation arms on the e-bike. 


Moreover, you must ensure another thing. That is the proper placement of the front-wheel drive hub motor. If you haven’t installed this part correctly, that will also cause a failure of the front fork. So if you find any fault in this part of the e-bike, it is better to take the bike to professionals. 


Apart from the tips above, there is another one. You can avoid using the front-wheel drive during your ride. And it would help if you did this when you use suspension forks. As a result, you can avoid serious risks connected with electric bikes. 


That is not all. There is another solution to this problem. Accordingly, you can avoid motors with high power connected to the bike’s front wheel. Putting extreme pressure on the front of your e-bike can cause the failure of the front fork. 

Riders’ Faults 

Did you know that most e-bike accidents happen due to the negligence of the riders? And not because of the inherent faults of e-bikes. For example, the most common reason is that riders don’t obey the traffic rules. Moreover, the way you treat your electric bike is also meaningful when it comes to this topic. And there is a good point for starters. An electric bike is like a combination of a standard bicycle and an ordinary motorbike. 


And in most countries, there are no strict regulations to supervise e-bike riding. But you need to understand that the functionality and speed of your e-bike are almost similar to a motorcycle. To say mainly, it is similar to a motorcycle that performs low. Accordingly, if you, as an e-bike rider, forget this fact, you and others will be in danger. For instance, you may ride as you wish as there are no strict regulations. But, still, it is worth obeying speed limits and road signals. As a result, you can ensure your safety and other people on the roads.


Think in this way. What would happen if motorbike riders don’t obey traffic rules and regulations? So this is the same case with your electric bike. The reason is that many e-bike models are almost similar to a regular motorbikes. Moreover, some riders try doing foolish things using their electric bikes. For example, they try riding at high speeds. As a result, they end up causing severe accidents. As this safety factor isn’t only about your safety, as e-bike riders, you are responsible for thinking of other people on the roads. 


Risks Happen Because of Age 

E-bikes are a popular transportation mode among a lot of people irrespective of age group. However, it has been found that there are more risks present when elder people ride e-bikes. And compared to the number of risks imposed by young riders, elder people impose higher risks. 


Moreover, the risks of regular bikes are similar to those of electric bikes for ages 11-60. However, it seems that people don’t take electric bike threats seriously. Moreover, electric bike dangers rise if people of age 60 or more ride the bikes. 


The reasons for older people not being eligible for electric bike riding are as follows. Usually, their body weight is high. And they have weaker reflexes. Moreover, their health is in a degradable status.


How to Choose the Correct Electric Bike for an Older Person

Risks of e-bikes increase when older people ride electric bikes. Therefore, they must keep certain things in mind when riding an e-bike. Accordingly, the first thing to consider is a suitable electric bike. For example, they can look for one with perfect safety, convenience, and stability. These are things that should be in priority. In addition, the weight of the e-bike and the power of its motor are also essential factors. 


Difference Between Electric Bikes And Regular Bikes 

We have reiterated in the above sections that e-bikes have similarities and differences to regular bikes. So for your clear understanding, you will be given the benefits of an e-bike that you don’t receive from regular bikes. Accordingly, you will understand that e-bikes aren’t inherently dangerous. However, most of the risks are created by the e-bike riders themselves. Following are the good aspects of an electric bike. 

Higher speed 


E-bikes are designed to have an extraordinary travel experience. So they have higher speed limits. As a result, the bikes need an excellent brake system to stop or decrease the speed when necessary. Most importantly, the riders must reduce their speed at pedestrian crossings. And also, they must do the same at crossways. Accordingly, most modern electric bike brands manufacture their e-bikes with an efficient pedal-assist system. 


Easy to Handle 

You can navigate electric bikes more efficiently than regular bikes. People prefer electric bikes because they can access narrow paths that a car cannot enter. So the tires, chains, and other components of an electric bike are usually up to an excellent standard. As a result, in addition to a perfect riding experience, riders can have a safe ride during bad weather. 


Moreover, electric bikes are easier on rough terrains. Therefore, many people use e-bikes to ride on steep hills and hunting lands. Because of the high demand, even the manufacturers build the e-bikes in high quality. Therefore, riders have been able to minimize risks. Accordingly, a big responsibility is there on the part of riders to be careful to avoid risks. 


Injuries Connected to Electric Bikes 

There are not enough data to provide conclusive details on this topic. However, various studies have found that riding e-bikes can bring risks for riders. The following is a list of injuries that can result from electric bike riding. 


  • E-bike riders get more internal injuries than external ones.
  • The majority of e-bike accidents happen by crashing a pedestrian. 
  • E-bike riders get mental shocks. 


Moreover, a victim of an e-bike accident has the potential 17% to suffer from an internal injury. On the other hand, it is a 7.5% risk that the victims of accidents of pedal bikes suffer. Moreover, the maximum speed limit of a pedal bike is about 15 mph. This speed is less than the speed of an electric bike. Therefore, it is clear that the high speed of e-bikes is a reason for electric bike accidents


Risk Brought By Product Faults For Electric Bike Riders 

In addition to the mistakes of an e-bike rider, some risks happen because of faults in the bike itself. For example, e-bikes can catch fire because of the flaws in batteries. And tire blowouts are another risk. Moreover, there can happen fork failures in the front-wheel hub. And throttle stickiness is also a fault that can occur in an electric bike. 


If you are a careful e-bike rider, check the bike before every ride. And identify any fault, if any exists. And as soon as you find a spot, fix it immediately. Please don’t take any defect lightly. Sometimes you might have to seek expert assistance to correct the problem. 


Tips for Safe E-bike Riding

Now you know ways that an electric bike can be dangerous. Therefore, you must know how to prevent these possible risks. The responsibility is in your hands. 

Wear a Helmet 

As you already know, electric bike riders tend to go at high speeds. Therefore, wearing a helmet is a must. 


Ensure that You have Installed Lights 

When you are riding the e-bike at night, you should be able to see other vehicles. And the other vehicles should see you too. Therefore, having proper lights is a must. Moreover, you may ride under bad weather conditions like fog, rain, and mist. So under these circumstances also, lights are compulsory. Otherwise, you will have accidents. 


Drive Only In The Lanes

One of the benefits of an e-bike is that riders can access any road. Moreover, many people use this as transportation to work to avoid heavy traffic. But just because e-bikes are accessible anywhere, don’t go out of your lane. If you do so, the other drivers won’t be able to see you. This behavior also can cause accidents. 



What Should You Do After an Electric Bike Accident?


As with other accidents, the first thing to do should be to call 119. Moreover, even though you don’t see any external injuries, quickly seek the help of a medical professional. So you can confirm whether you have got internal injuries. 


And don’t ride an e-bike if you are unsure about its safety. Try riding traditional bikes or walking until you get more information on their safety. 


Final Words 

After going through our guide, what do you think? Are e-bikes dangerous? Well, there can be inherent faults in electric bikes for which you are not responsible. However, nowadays, e-bike models are manufactured with high-quality standards. But you might still find defects. Therefore, you must thoroughly examine it before going on an e-bike ride.


Moreover, there are many responsibilities in an e-bike rider’s hands. Accordingly, following relevant rules and taking safety precautions are a must. If you are careful of these things, e-bikes aren’t dangerous. It depends on the rider and his care toward the bike. 


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