Can an e-bike have 4 wheels?

Can an e-bike have 4 wheels?

What are e-bikes

E-bikes or electric bikes are bicycles that contain an electric motor to assist you in pedaling. The motor is powered by the rechargeable battery in the e-bike. It provides electricity to the motor. The motor assists you and makes pedaling much more comfortable. It undoubtedly improves our life because it is a one-of-a-kind invention. People all across the world are taking notice of well-known e-bike brands like Ariel Rider. The motor power is determined by your pedaling speed and the support level you select. With a variety of modes to choose from, you can balance pedaling force and battery life. Many cities are already installing e-bike charging stations, which will be useful if your e-bike runs out of power while pedaling.


How do e-bikes function?

The battery pack powers the motor and controls its operation. Gears, much like on a standard bicycle, can be used to set the speed at which you wish to bike. The weight of your bike is determined by all of its components. The sensors measure the bike’s speed and spin the throttle while assisting with pedal movement. You don’t have to peddle as much with the motor’s assistance. Mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy.


Four-wheeled e-bikes

image from @cityq

There are not many e-bikes that run on four wheels, however, the CityQ e-bike contains four wheels. It was created by a Norwegian company, and it is more of a vehicle than an e-bike. The bike is peddled like a standard bicycle and it contains a 250 Watt motor that boosts the pedaling power. This e-bike consists of a windshield, roof, and doors that protect the rider from weather conditions. It can fit two adults and two children and provides plenty of space for cargo. Even though the bike looks like a vehicle, it is considered an e-bike and it doesn’t need a driver’s license. There are many features in this bike such as automated gears, advanced braking, and a control system. 


Why E-Bikes are the Future of Transportation

The world is becoming increasingly mobile, and with this comes the need for sustainable transportation that is also affordable. This is where e-bikes come in. They are a safer, more affordable, and more sustainable alternative to cars. But with recent advancements in battery technology, the price has decreased significantly while the range has increased. This makes them an ideal replacement for cars or public transit in urban areas where it would be too expensive or time-consuming to take public transit or drive a car.


The amazing 4-wheeled e-bike

The CityQ E-Bikes have many features that make them more desirable than other e-bikes on the market. They are designed to be used in any weather condition and can be charged anywhere there is an outlet. They are also designed to be as lightweight and compact as possible so they can easily fit in any car or home storage space. These features make the CityQ E-Bikes a great solution for commuters who want an environmentally friendly mode of transportation. The CityQ Bike is an innovative bike that makes riding easy, fast, and fun. It has a sleek design that is both practical and stylish. 

The bike has a lightweight frame, which makes it easier to carry around. It also has a handbrake that can be used as an emergency brake when needed. The CityQ Bike comes with front and rear lights for visibility during night rides. The CityQ Bike is not only stylish but also offers the latest technology in cycling with its Bluetooth connectivity and mobile app that allows you to track your distance, speed, time, calories burned, etc. It also comes with two USB ports for charging your phone or other devices while you ride.


CityQ e-bike importance

1) CityQ E-Bikes are an alternative to public transportation:

This means that people can use these bikes instead of buses, trains, or taxis to get around the city. This helps them save money and time as well as stay healthy by not having to take a bus or train during rush hour. All they have to do is charge the bike when they need it and ride it for as long as they want until their destination is reached.

2) CityQ E-Bikes provide a healthy alternative to public transportation:

To use CityQ E-Bikes, one has to have a membership or pay for temporary usage. This means that riders can be sure that when they ride the bikes, they are being safe and healthy. 


E-bike benefits

The main advantage is that you can choose whether you want to ride the bike with full effort or not. Riders have to anyway still pedal to keep the bike going, improving physical health. E-bikes can go smoothly on hills and mountains with little pedaling effort. E-bikes are also great alternatives to vehicles because E-bikes typically can do almost anything, much faster because they are more reliable. You can reach your destinations much faster; many people would rather ride their e-bikes than drive. E-bikes are much safer than regular bikes as you can control the movement and pace electrically. 

Also, your destination could be reached faster with less energy wasted, as it is great for traveling long distances. An e-bike is very powerful when compared with a standard bike, with higher mobility and versatility. E-bikes already give all the regular benefits of a standard bicycle. Make sure when purchasing the bike you have gone through all of the specifications of the bike. Children can benefit too, it can teach them how to ride a bicycle. E-bikes can also help you get ready to ride a regular standard bicycle. 

There are many types of e-bikes, and each one performs differently. It is up to you to decide which kind of bicycle suits you. It also depends on your cycling experience. For example, many workers in a factory may use e-bikes to deliver their goods to warehouses fats and effectively. An Uber eats driver may use a standard e-bike to complete he/ her orders on time, as it is much faster than a regular bicycle. 


How to choose an e-bike to suit your needs

When deciding on the best electric bike for your needs, there are numerous aspects to consider:

  • Riding habits: If you ride your bike to work every day, you’ll need an e-bike that can manage large loads and has longer battery life. 
  • Budget: Electric bikes can range in price from $400 to $5,000 or more, so make sure to pick a good price.
  • Terrain: The terrain on which you intend to ride.


How to ride an e-bike safely

E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular in cities, but they can be dangerous if you don’t know how to ride them properly. 

  • Own a bike that is the appropriate size for you.
  • Always use a helmet.
  • Before you begin riding, ensure that the bike is in good functioning order.
  • Become familiar with the various speed settings so that you can adjust suitably.
  • Don’t be fearful to use the brakes.
  • Avoid riding at rush hour or in inclement weather.


What are the Different Types of E-Bikes Available on the Market?

E-bikes are a type of bicycle that has an electric motor. They’re a popular alternative to regular bicycles because they’re a more effective way to commute in cities. There are many various models of e-bikes on the market, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Pedal assist bikes, throttle bikes, and pedal-only bikes are the three primary types of e-bikes. When you start pedaling on a pedal-assist bike, an electronic motor kicks in. This type of bike is ideal for getting some exercise while cycling without breaking a sweat or working too hard. Throttle bikes have an on/off button for the electric motor which means you can control how fast your bike goes.


CityQ E-Bikes, a Cyclist’s Best Friend to Save Time & Money

E-Bikes are a cyclist’s best friend to save time and money. These e-bikes help cyclists get to their destinations faster and more efficiently. CityQ is the world’s first e-bike company with an e-bike platform that offers bike rental, bike sharing, and bike sales. The company was founded in 2017. In 2018 the company won the “Best Startup Company” award from the TechCrunch Tel Aviv Pitch event. In 2019 they were named one of “The 10 Best Bike Sharing Apps” by Forbes Magazine, and they were also named one of “The Top 3 Most Innovative Startups” by Entrepreneur Magazine.


Downsides of using an e-bike


E-bikes cost more compared to the average bicycle. It is mostly because of the components making up the bike. Engineered to work effectively together to make your ride better and safe. Designing and making sure the battery and motor work well together, is a complex task. Building the circuits in the battery pack takes a lot of time and energy, and the manufacturer should sure the battery does not explode or get damaged since the output is maintained through the pedals. There are many manufacturing stages, and the whole process takes a long time. 


Short battery life

The battery is the most important part of the e-bike. If correctly managed, an e-bike battery can last between 2 and 6 years. Over time the battery may lose some of its capacity and the bike will underperform. If the performance reduces in the e-bike, it would be difficult to pedal up hills or mountains. The battery life depends on the charge cycles and most batteries have 1000 cycles. Most importantly, the battery may run into problems such as internal damage and overheating. These issues will affect your e-bike cycling experience and it is very important to always purchase an e-bike from a well-reputed company. 


Long charging time

The e-bike capacity determines the charging time. For example, a 500 Watt-hour battery will take about five hours to charge completely while a compact charger will make you wait even longer. Poor charging affects the quality of your battery. Most cities do not have charging points and this is a great difficulty for e-bike riders. E-bike charging points will certainly be available in the future with rising demand. If your city is not having any charging points available, it is best to make sure that your battery is charged well. 



An e-bike is heavier than a standard bike. Components like the battery, motor, and other mechanical parts contribute to the overall weight of the bike. Sometimes it may be difficult for you to handle it if you are not that familiar with mechanical components. E-bikes weigh around 40-50 lbs while an average bicycle weighs around 20-25 lbs. It is best not to add any additional gear onto the bike as it will make it heavier and end up affecting the pedaling output. As soon as your battery runs out your bike will be hard to peddle if it is too heavy. 


Expensive e-bike battery 

E-bike batteries are very costly, as it depends on the brand name and the battery’s performance. Price range from $400 to $2000 and the battery quality depends also on the brand name, so it is best to always buy from a well-reputed company. It is best not to purchase batteries online because there are many scams for e-bike batteries. It is best to avoid shopping for them online. Cheap battery packs will often cause a breakdown and it is also not safe. Some e-bike battery manufacturers include Yamaha and Panasonic. Make sure your battery health is well, a replacement is very costly. 


Costly maintenance/repairs 

This depends on how much you ride your e-bike and how well you are maintaining it. Servicing will cost around $200 every year. An e-bike rider usually spends around $150 on parts and the total will add up to $350, making it the final cost for regular maintenance These maintenance service places are not very common, so e-bike riders should always manage and repair any faults on their own. It is not an easy job taking care of an e-bike and fixing component problems can be a difficult task. Other than the components, if there are any other faults it won’t be much of a cost.  


Low resale value

Most people do not buy e-bikes that are on resale as they are not very trustworthy. E-bike owners always get half the price. The bike should be of a well-known brand if you expect buyers. Most importantly, if you are selling your e-bike it should be in good condition as the components of a secondhand e-bike may underperform.  


Damages the environment

To make an e-bike, fossil fuels and coal have been burned, polluting the environment. E-bike batteries cannot fully recycle. Riding an e-bike does not damage the environment but the production process is not very eco-friendly. E-bike companies use a lot of natural resources when manufacturing e-bikes. If e-bikes become more popular in the future there will be certainly an impact on the environment.

E-bikes on a bike rack

Even though you can put an e-bike on a regular bike rack, you need a rack specially made to meet the bike requirements. You can store the e-bike on a regular bike rack, with some changes made. These changes include the adjustment of the bike rack frame. It is advised you remove components such as a battery or horn when fitting it on the rack, for safety. Bike racks are designed to maintain the bike’s weight by balancing and securing it in place so the bike won’t fall off.


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