Which Is Safer Electric Scooter Or Electric Bike?

Are electric motorcycles or electric scooters safer than each other?

Before purchasing or hiring an electric bike, have you considered comparing the pros and cons of e-scooters and e-bikes? If not, keep reading to know which category is worthy and convenient for your budget and time. Particularly for your safety. 


As you know, e-bikes and electric scooters are getting a high reputation, particularly among city dwellers. The reason is their smart qualities. They help riders in metropolitan cities to navigate easily through heavy traffic jams. Let’s dive into the issue to know which suits you the best. 


There are two different views concerning the safety of electric scooters and e-bikes. Some say that since e-bikes are heavier, they are steadier on roads. On the other hand, the opposite idea is that an electric scooter’s lightness saves riders and pedestrians from accidents. Let’s get into deep of this argument.  


A New Study Says Electric Scooters Are Safer 

According to a UK study, the rate of accidents caused by electric scooters is five times lower compared to e-bikes. RoSPA (The Royal Society For the Prevention of Accidents) carried out this study with the alliance of Operator Neuron Mobility for e-scooters. The data for this study comes from the year 2020. 


According to the report, electric scooter riders have lower casualty incidents. And also, there has been a dramatic increase in the usage of electric scooters since 2020. 


Provided this safety warrant, there is a possibility that the UK government will allow the road for electric scooter riders. However, with speed regulations. 


Safety, A Contrary View 

This element is the most important thing you must consider before buying an e-bike or an electric scooter. The roads are not always smooth. Sometimes they become bumpy. Moreover, there can be potholes on the roads you ride. In such cases, e-bikes are better because electric scooters cannot confront such imperfections on the road.  


In addition, riding a bike in the middle of a busy town is not easy. Due to the heavier weight of electric bikes, they are safer to ride in a city. Electric bikes ensure stability because of their weight. Electric scooters, on the other hand, are lighter in weight. Consequently, they quickly turn over if they get struck by a handicap on their way. 


In addition, e-bikes have been identified as easier to ride for a broad number of people. The reason is they have the experience of riding a bike. Conversely, users might take some time to get adapted to electric scooters. Especially to learn how to balance an electric scooter. 


Moreover, users have found e-bikes to be better in terms of protection for another reason. E- scooters are close to the earth. Hence, the visibility of the e-scooter is an actual problem. Consequently, moving vehicles won’t see electric scooters. 

Fire Safety: A Growing Concern 

As you all know, both e-bike and e-scooter batteries contain lithium-ion. It is a substance that is prone to catch fire easily. Spontaneous combustion of vehicles with lithium-ion batteries poses a significant threat to people. And to the environment as well. In that scenario, both e-bikes and scooters are equally a threat. Despite all the smart qualities these bikes provide the users with, they also bring some unsafe circumstances. The issue seems to be a pronounced one with the proliferation of using electric bikes and scooters. Even though some countries haven’t allowed private e-scooters on the road, fire safety concerns have not dwindled. 


Riders’ Responsibility to Ensure Safety 

No matter the bike type, wearing safety gear is a must. The principal thing is the helmet. Don’t take it lightly, even when you ride e-bikes and scooters for a short trip. Further, it doesn’t matter, even if you ride slowly. In both these instances, remember to wear a helmet. You can choose helmets of different types. That is up to you. But, what is essential is wearing the helmet. 


Most Electric Scooters Don’t Have Lights 

The majority of electric scooters don’t have adequate lights. That becomes a problem when you go out on e-scooters in the evening. And also, at any moment when it is dark outside. This reason makes electric bikes safer again. 


Some scooters have swag lighting. It contains LEDs only. Undoubtedly, it is beautiful. However, it is not safe enough for riders to see the road. It is not a good alternative for an actual headlight. Consequently, you will end up in potholes on the road. 


You can set LED lights that are rechargeable as a solution. In addition, they have ultra-bright properties. 


Other Safety Gear Worth Purchasing 

Most e-scooters have audible warning gadgets. If your electric scooter doesn’t have one, you can add a mechanical or an electronic sound device. These devices are not expensive. On the other hand, electric bikes usually come with adequate sound devices. So, you don’t have to worry about that case. 


Further, protections for your hands and eyes are a must-purchase. This safety action applies to both e-bike and e-scooter riders equally. How are these things relevant to safety?  Well, first, they keep your hands warm in cold weather. In addition, if you fall, gloves will protect you from any injury. And, wearing eyewear protects you from sunlight, dust, and wind. So, no obstacle will come your way, and your ride will be smooth. 


Other things 

Moreover, the safety of an electric scooter and an e-bike depends on several other factors. The physical structure of the bike indeed has a lot to do with it. However, factors like speed, accessibility & charging, the distance you can travel, and the rider’s behavior are equally essential.



It is part and parcel to examine the distance each bike can go. Speed decides your safety as well. Moreover, how riders handle their bikes’ speed is also essential. According to users’ experiences, electric bikes run faster when compared to electric scooters. However, the speed depends on the nature of the surface you ride. If it is a flat and even road, electric scooters can take you at 15mph speed. The e-bikes, on the other hand, can travel at 20-28mph thanks to the propelling it receives from the motor. 


The speed of an e-bike depends on the model of the e-bike you have. Speed, as you see here, is not something fixed for both electric scooters and e-bikes. Their speed depends on varying circumstances. But, e-bikes’ speed is relatively faster. In this light, e-scooters pose less danger. However, you must remember that riders are responsible for taking precautions when riding bikes. The reason is that accidents can occur even when you are going at a slow speed. 



It might seem like a piece of cake for you to ride e-bikes and electric scooters. However, you are not riding e-bikes and e-scooters in your backyard. Once you are on the road, you encounter traffic. And, other vehicles like cars may go at high speed. Therefore, you must adequately practice steering your e-bike and electric scooter well through traffic. 

Regarding e-bikes, riders say managing traffic and crowd is more accessible than electric scooters. The reason is that e-bikes are heavier, which helps them stay steady. You must know your vicinity, even if you don’t encounter traffic. Therefore, experience in riding electric scooters is vital. Moreover, your body movements are an essential factor in riding e-scooters. That is not very crucial for e-bikes. You need practice in turning and braking an electric scooter. It is something similar to riding a skateboard. Having experience in riding bikes ensures your safety and pedestrians’ safety. 


In addition, you can ride e-bikes tandem. But, never do this with electric scooters. In the first place, electric scooters are not made for a couple of riders. It is very light. It might be a bit challenging when you ride with another. If you want to venture into this activity, please wear safety gear first. 



Distance is also an important fact to consider. This factor relates to safety, especially when you go for longer distances. If you seek a trustworthy commute to work, e-bikes are better than electric scooters. The reason is e-bikes have larger batteries, greater power, and more convenience than electric scooters. Conversely, electric scooters have smaller batteries. So, the distance you can ride gets curtailed when you go for an electric scooter.  What if you go camping in the secluded countryside, and the e-scooter battery dies? That is why riders choose e-bikes to go on camping for more extended periods. 

Accessibility & Charging 


Because of the high popularity gained by e-bikes, you won’t face a shortage of places to charge your e-bike. However, the case is different from electric scooters. There is a shortage of rentals for electric scooters. You might wonder how accessibility and charging relate to safety. These are important when you go longer distances at a stretch. Imagine your battery dies in the middle of a forest or a secluded area. When you think in that light, e-bikes sound like a better and safer option. 

Which bike is more fun? 


According to what experts on bikes say, e-bikes are the most suitable for a fun ride. The reason is electric bikes are faster, they can grapple with any type of terrain, and e-bikes are quicker in accelerating. Moreover, electric bikes are more convenient for doing all those things. The reason is you have the time to give an interval for your legs while driving. 



In this case, scooters are better due to their more portable quality. In addition, they are more convenient to store when compared to e-bikes. So, electric scooters don’t require much space from you. This benefit could be good if you are a tiny apartment dweller. However, with the advancement of technology, e-bikes have come to the market with fewer pounds. Sometimes, there can be e-bikes that weigh up to 50 pounds. 


However, convenience is also an essential factor. Even though electric scooters are lighter, e-bikes provide riders additional assistance. Convenience is indeed a relative thing. Some people might find themselves standing on an electric scooter as comfortable.  Others might find e-bikes as comfortable since e-bikes allow you to balance the bike fully while riding. 


You Might Also Like To Know The Following 

Price Range 

It is possible to buy an electric scooter for about $1000. However, the price range of an electric bike varies from $2000-3000. However, the price range of an e-bike can be even lower than that of an electric scooter. Some e-bikes cost only $500. 

Cost For Hiring

Moreover, you need to consider another price range under this topic. That is the cost if you are hiring an e-bike or electric scooter. When it comes to e-bikes, it is a fixed daily fee that you have to pay. But you need to pay relatively more for scooters because they add charges per minute. That can vary according to the dealer and the country where you live. 

How Do You Select The Safest Between The Duo? 

Eventually, the decision depends on your requirements and situation. If you intend to ride longer distances or haul heavy goods, the best option you can choose is an electric bike. On the other hand, electric scooters have become a perfect option for shorter rides. They are more suitable when you go for multimodal voyages. If you intend to shift to the train or any other transportation mode during the travel, the portability of an electric scooter will be helpful. You can lug an electric scooter on public vehicles more efficiently than an electric bike. 


It does not matter whatever your choice is but remember to do the following. First, you must perform a ride to check the condition before purchasing the bike. Moreover, take the roads that you are going to ride into consideration. It is always better to have an idea about where you are riding. 


Final Thoughts 

Before purchasing either an e-bike or an eclectic scooter, the first thing you look for is durability. There is another crucial factor. It is safety. In the above sections, we have elaborated on this topic broadly. Even though a UK-based study has proven electric scooters are safer, there are contrary notions. That study is circumscribed to the UK only. When deciding between electric bikes and scooters, it is essential to look for the bike’s safety. However, that is not enough. Whether it is an electric bike or a scooter, the safety also depends on the riders. Factors like safety gear and the experience of the rider are vital. Moreover, following guidelines of road regulations is also a must. 


Moreover, the distance, speed, accessibility, charging, and portability are also significant. As you saw above, these factors vary according to the type of bike. And we discussed that e-bikes are better for long rides. The reason is e-bikes help you to handle any type of terrain. Further, the availability of charging stations makes e-bikes a viable option again. 


Accordingly, safety depends on particular circumstances.  It depends on the road you ride, the time, and your experience. And the model of the e-bike or electric scooter may be a relevant fact.  


 Both types of bikes can meet with accidents. That is inevitable. But, as a careful rider, you can avoid accidents.


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