Why do some cyclists hate e-bikes?

 In a short period, e-bikes have become popular all around the world. Especially people with low fitness levels and with daily errands to run. It is because of the convenience of the e-bikes. Ebikes are faster, cheaper, and more economical than cars even. So many people are focusing on busing ebikes. As the world gets busy each day, it is best to have something that works quickly for you. 

Bikes are the newest phenomenal vehicle in the world; they are trendy among people because of their simplicity and efficiency. This is just like a regular bicycle with an added electric motor. With the popularity of this new invention, there are also many negative comments about e-bikes due to various reasons. These hateful comments are especially from the purist cyclists who view the ebikes as competing with regular bikes. And also, think of the ebike as a degradation of natural cycles. Let’s find out why these people hate e-bikes. 

Reasons why cyclists hate e-bikes

Very similar to Motorbike

motor + bike = motorbike. it is simple as that. When you add a motor to a normal bike, it becomes a motorbike, so some cyclists don’t like this idea. They think that it is not a great addition to the cycling world. Just imagine you’ve been riding manual bikes for centuries and also had motorbikes. There is a difference, but here it is a normal bicycle with an electric assist systemAlso, it is tough to change the mindset of the people who think that e-bikes aren’t real bicycles. But it is. You can use it manually without the help of the assist system. so there won’t be any difference. 

Ebikes are for people with busy lives and low health, so there won’t be any problem if these people had a little help using e-bikes. But the purist cyclists are afraid that the ebikes will take over the manual bikes in the future because the advancement of technology and the ebikes getting cheaper each day will increase their usage. There won’t be anyone left to buy manually powered bicycles over green transportation.

E-Bikes on national trails

U.s land management agencies ( bureau of land management, nations forest service) have banned electric-powered bicycles on national lands. Ex. national forests, conservation lands, etc., because the ebikes damage the forests. Motorbikes typically provide more power than standard bikes, so this leads to erosion of soil on land. So some won’t be able to ride in forests.

Using e-bikes is seen as Cheating.

Typically cycling is a good exercise for many people. So this is one of the areas that ebike gets hateful comments from. Because the people who use regular bikes say that using an ebike is cheating. Do you have any idea about this? Let’s see where it is coming from

this means that usually, cycling is supposed to be an exercise that is good for our physical and mental health. So the bikers say that it is charting if you don’t use any muscle power to receive the transportation. Because the question completely changes when there is an added motor; so we can see that there is competition between regular bikes and e-bikes. And people who do have ebikes think it’s not fair, especially in cycling competitions; even though you can use ebikes manually, the bikers things manually that it is cheating. 

And also, these cyclists say that the e-bikes take out the exercising part of the cycling. “cycling is a physical activity, so using a motor to boost the power and do the workout is cheating yourself, and it doesn’t give out the health benefits of cycling using a regular bike.” this is what the bikers say but isn’t it silly?? 

So usually, we can say that e-bikes arent for working out, but there is a manual option too, so if you want a good workout go for that. It won’t hurt anyone. And also using a powered cycle is also compared to fast walking by the study carried out by the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. So what the difference ?? so you can ride as hard as you can till you get tired, and then you can switch up to the electric mode and rest.

Everyone Ride ebikes for various Reasons

So the main thing riders should remember is that different people ride ebikes for various reasons. Some might cycle for a workout, some for competition, and some people just want faster transportation to save time, and some might use them because of the eco-friendliness. So we can’t judge them. So the direct reason for using e-bikes is also the compelling reason that using e-bikes has become popular in the cycling world. By getting an e-bikes, everyone can study their various needs to each liking. Even if you prefer a traditional bike, some young people might be interested in ebikes because it is very convenient. We can’t judge, and it is not fair to do so.

Criticism is terrible, but it doesn’t mean you can describe your choice or you’re not open to giving out any ideas. But it’s better if you don’t hurt others’ feelings for your thoughts. So because it has different uses and their people are various choices, it is better not to criticize ebikes or even regular bikes. The world is a place full of diversity.

The pros and cons of ebikes

though some people criticize ebikes, there are so many advantages of e-bikes over disadvantages. But as humans, we always look for the wrong things and like to judge. So before considering something by only looking out for cons, we should also look for the benefits. So let’s see some pros and cons of e-bikes and get an idea about it.


  • Electric Bikes are Environment Healthy

The ebikes are very similar to electric cars as they are both eco-friendly vehicles for transportation. They are beneficial for short and long rides to school to work for running errands because it doesn’t need any physical effort to ride an e-bike. So if you live in a city, you might find this very useful as there is so much traffic and many people on the roads. 

 Using ebikes, you can reduce the usage of gas that is harmful to the environment because the electrically powered vehicles emit toxic gases into the air that can pollute the environment. Also, there will be no noise pollution because the electric motor doesn’t give off a noise when riding, preventing decay of the domain.

  • Using Electric Bikes Is Easy

When using regular bikes, you have to put muscle power, so if you want to ride faster, you have to put more power. But using an e-bike is very easy. You can ride without any physical strength when you put it on throttle mode. So no waste of energy means no sweat. So you can reach your destination in minutes without any exhaustion. If you’re a beginner at cycling, this is the best option, and by the time when you master cycling, you won’t need to use the assist system. with time, you will be an expert in cycling, and you will rely less on the assist system. You can always use your feet if you feel like it, but this is an excellent way for starters.

  • Electric Bikes Ride Faster

It usually is famous that you can ride much faster on an e-bike than on a regular bike. Even though you have a low fitness level, you are able to ride faster and climb hills without much effort. This is one of the valuable things to do when living a busy lifestyle. If you’re late to work, why use a car or a regular bike when you can use a bike? ebike are easy to drive through traffic and crowded places, so we can say it is much beneficial. 

The bike’s motor limit is usually around 15.5mph in so many countries, but in the USA, it is 20mph. So if you’re not struggling with health issues, you can ride your bike unassisted and go even faster. 

With extra effort, you can accelerate faster to get an average riding experience, or you can use the pedal assist, which helps you to go faster without wasting any energy from your body. 

  • Electric Bikes Are Sturdy 

So this is very beneficial than a regular bike as it can carry more weight because they are very well built and has more strength. It is because of the thick wheels, robust frames, and chassis, which is perfect in size. You can carry heavy luggage on e-bikes. If you’re going to school or work, you can easily carry your laptop bag or anything that is heavy on your bike.

  • Improves the mental health of the rider

As much as people know, it is a must to do exercises to keep your mental health in a good state. Even a little workout can relieve our endorphins, known as feel-good hormones.

These endorphin hormones help you to relax your body, boost your good mood, calm your chaotic mind, and even helps to increase your sleeping patterns. And also when riding, you can enjoy the outside too. So this can also prevent social distancing that some people have mastered. 

They don’t make any noise or release any gas, which is better for your health and the environment. So it is much beneficial to use an e-bike daily.

  • Electric Bikes Cost Less Than Cars and Motorbikes

The cheaper but quicker vehicle is the ebikes. So the best option in this material world is using an e-bike because it doesn’t cost much money to buy or maintain. And also, you don’t have to get insurance or licenses for these e-bikes around the town or around the country. They are very cheap according to the price of motorbikes but also carry out the same task just as the motorbikes. And also, having an e-bike makes you reduce the usage of your car. You can run short errands by bike while your car can stay home and rest. You can even save up the gas money.

  • Can be used for travel

The e-bikes are best for traveling. You can go to new places far from miles within a short period as your ebikes are known to be faster. 

The fitness level of the bikers is much healthier than the standard bikers. The battery of the e-bike cannot be a problem when you can take a second battery to extend the battery life. This can help you to travel far without exhaustion. And also, the pedal assist enables you to climb hills and travel through terrain some of you might not have ever heard of. You can enjoy the ride while seeing beautiful scenarios. 

  • Electric Bikes Are a lot  of Fun

Using ebikes for fun is mindblowing. Because you can enjoy beautiful scenarios and enjoy your personal time alone by taking your bike outside for a ride, this is an excellent hobby to spend your leisure time. And also you can always go for a fantastic ride which will brighten up your whole day. So this is one of the most excellent benefits of using an e-bike. In this busy world, you can always find a little amount of time to enjoy yourself.

The Cons of Electric Bikes

  • Electric Bikes are more Costly Than Traditional Bicycles

Even though e-bikes are cheaper than cars and motorbikes, traditional bikes are way more affordable than everything. And it takes zero cost to maintain an e-bike. Because the ebikes parts can cost you a little bit but using a standard bike never costs you a thing.

  • Electric Bikes are heavy

There are so many additional parts, and the ebikes body is much sturdier than a regular bike. So typically, e-bikes are heavier than traditional bikes. Standard bicycles are lightweight, but e-bikes can be a little hefty. But there are models of e-bikes that are heavy, but there are also light ebikes too.

If your e a heavy rider, the heavy ebikes would be advantageous.

  • Electric Bike Riding laws can be different 

In this case, there can be strict rules regarding e-bikes when riding on roads in many parts of the country. And sometimes the laws might differ from city to city so that you won’t have an idea about them. So for people who don’t have a clue about these rules, ebike riding can be a little confusing. And also, you can get into trouble by restricting the rules, so if you’re going for a long ride, you might as well check the local laws before taking the bike on the road.

  • Electric Bike Batteries Can Be a nuisance

Ebike can be a huge problem when it comes to charging the battery. So these bikes are only practical around the towns which have charging stations. When using e-bikes, you must keep an eye on your battery. Because your battery can run off when riding your bike for too long. So e-bikes are only practical in towns that have charging stations. The good thing is that you can always switch to manual mode when the battery runs out. But if you only rely on the electric assist system, your battery runs off quickly. So some riders, this can be a real hassle.


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