How to bike long distances on your electric cargo bike?

   Cargo electric bikes are bikes with a cart to accommodate kids, pets, or your groceries. It is making your life easier and more convenient. An electric cargo bike is also environmentally friendly as it does not exhaust smoke or use fuel like petrol or diesel.


 If space was the problem you were worrying about in an electric bike, it is sorted; you have electric cargo bikes that let you haul anything you want. You have options to choose between front-load trikes and long tails.


 Front-load trikes are tricycles with cargo in front that allow you to store anything you are transporting. It can carry around four people. It is spacious and can help you haul a lot of stuff. A front-load trike is better if you plan on riding your kids or the pet to the supermarket for grocery shopping. It is cheaper than taking your automobiles that need fueling. 


  Long tails are bicycles with long rears, which enables them to haul around two people – mostly children. 


 These cargo bikes would make it possible to travel long distances. You can store your things, food, drinks, and extra batteries in your cargo. As electric bikes tend to drain and you have to charge your electric bike now and then, we will look into ways you can travel long distances in your electric cargo bikes.


Travel long distances in your electric cargo bike?

   We all love traveling, and it can reduce all your stress. You can choose electric cargo bikes if you plan to travel alone or with a company. They have more advantages and can provide you with a new experience. You might how it is possible to travel in an electric cargo bike that needs recharging and tire you up quickly if you pedal too long. But don’t worry; here are the ways you can use your electric cargo bikes for long-distance traveling;

  • Start early and finish early –

The main rule when traveling alone or in a group, on a bike or a car, is to be early to start your journey. Because if you start late, you will not get to utilize the whole day. If you want the maximum out of the day, start early and thank us later. It lets you enjoy and have more fun, and you will feel as if you had a long day and saw much in a day. So start before sunrise.

Whether you start early or not, ensure you rest for the night before the sun goes down. Because traveling alone after the sun has set is not advisable. You would find it hard to find a place to stay at night, or if your electric bike fails, there are minimum chances of finding someone to help you. And when traveling at night, heavy vehicles like trucks that travel at night will not be able to slow down if your bike is not visible.

  • Plan the traveling route –

Plan the route the day before you start traveling. Choose where you will have breakfast, lunch, and dinner beforehand. And estimate at what time you need to change batteries. Planning the day of traveling beforehand will solve many of your confusion on that day and let you enjoy your ride more. 

When planned, you will be able to travel the estimated distance. Plan a resting time too. Even if you are traveling on an electric bike, you will use less now and then minimize the battery draining percentage. And also, you would need to stretch your body and give some relaxation to your body. You can choose a location, such as a park, to go for a short walk or take a nap. 

Planning your travel route will be helpful if you are alone; even if you travel in a group, it can help clear the confusion. 

Choose the roads near cities and lights by the end of the day, as if you happen to travel a little longer than you planned, you can be at ease as you are traveling in the city. 

Pick two or three motels where you can rest for the night. If you are traveling according to your plan, you can rest at the last motel, or if you happen to be spending extra time on your trip, you might get into the nearest.

  • Batteries and charging units –

Batteries are an important article in the electric bike. It provides the energy to power up the motor, which supplies the power for the electrical part of the bike.

You can use the pedal assist or the throttle to help you through the journey. Keep extra batteries with a full charge with you. Change it when you one drains it. Pedal in the morning when you are energetic and use the pedal assistance or the throttle by the end of the day. 

If traveling with only one battery, arrange your trip to get extra hours to charge your batteries at charging units. You can plan to charge it in restaurants where there are charging units. You can get a rest until your battery is full again. But remember to take a portable charger and use it only when you can not charge your battery in a power outlet. 

If you are traveling with one battery, the journey may take more time, so plan accordingly. 

Keep the cord with you, and when you are resting at night, you can charge it or visit the charging station and arrange it in your plan. Or portable chargers will be of use too. 

  • Know the road rules –

As we all know, road rules vary from region to region; we must be aware of the laws of the places we travel. Check whether electric bikes are allowed on the road in those areas. Mostly, in many motorways, electric bikes are allowed. But it should not stop checking the rule of that region. If you want to enjoy your travel without any disruption, you need to follow the road rules. 

Check the need for license and insurance, and be thorough. Going on your stress-busting trip and returning with legal charges will not be worth it. 

  • Maps –

Ensure you check your traveling route in Google Maps and a printout of the route. You can navigate using the printout even if your mobile signal is working. We can’t ensure that we will get our network working in all places; therefore, get a copy of your route and use it. 

You can select bike-friendly routes on Google Maps, which lets you enjoy your ride. 

  • Service the bike beforehand –

Take your electric cargo bike to a technician, and check for any flaws. And do all the servicing needed. It will ensure you a trouble-free ride. Check your motor, batteries, brake, tires, wiring, and everything. 

Inflate the tires to the recommended pressure in your manuals. Change the tire to suit the toad you would be taking if needed. 

Ensure your headlight and taillights are working. Even if you are not going to ride at night, be prepared. If the lights are not powerful, change for a powerful bulb. 

Check the horns, and make sure they are working – electric and traditional. 

Check the mirrors. There are important for your ride. You know you are not treading on the road, even if mirrors are essential. 

  • Hydrate yourself often –

Take lots of fluid with you. You do not have space issues, so that you can store as much as possible. Fill up the bottles in places where you stop to eat. Staying hydrated is important for bikers. It can keep you energetic and active. 

Eat on time. Have snacks now and then. It is important to fill your stomach and be energetic for your ride. 

  • Packing –

It might be a day-long journey or a days-long journey; pack simply. Even if you have space, do not try bringing extras. Limit it to the necessities. 

Do not try to pack everything from your larder; you can buy from stores and supermarkets on the way. Only get the most important items; you would not be able to continue your journey without them. 

Extra loads will be weighing on you when you pedal without assistance. Even if you use the pedal assistance or throttle, it will take up more power from the motor. So pack smart and light.

  • Protective gear –

Protective gear helps you protect from injuries and infections. Wear body protective gear, and it will ensure your safety. Even if you are careful, it is not only you using the motorway. 

Get protective gear first.

Do not forget to get the helmet. Even if your region and the region you are pedaling to do not require a helmet, ensure you have one. We sure have to enjoy the ride without disruption, but not at the cost of your life. Wear it every time you are using the motorway. If you are not a rash driver, other Motorola vehicles can overspend. 

  • Pedaling –

Electric bikes have the option of using the bike’s energy or your energy. Use both consecutively. You can pedal in the morning when the air is fresh, and you are energetic. Do not overdo yourself; make use of pedal assistance and the throttle. If you keep pedaling with your energy, it might tire you soon, and the legs will start aching. 

Using pedal assist and throttle will cost you the battery charge. Remember to take extra batteries and keep them safe. Exchange it when it drains out, and plug it in charge in your portable charger. 

  • Memories –

Traveling and touring on a bike is fun and joy. Touring in an electric cargo bike will be a different experience. It is cheap and does not cost you extra on gases. You can charge your batteries at night while staying at a motel. 

Try getting souvenirs in places you thought were amazing. Click photos and save them for a memorable walk in places you visited. 


   Traveling on a bike alone or with a group is not a new practice. We all enjoy taking a few days out of the stressful days and trying to bring ourselves together. It helps you build up your self-esteem and refresh you to have a better start. Journeying on electric cargo bikes can be a new experience with so much fun. It is also a cheap way to recharge yourself. Involving physical exercise and experiencing nature on the go will be worth it. 

   Except your trip to last longer than your motorcycle ride will be. Due to the limited speed and pressure exertion, it will slow you down. And if you happen to have only one battery, you will need time to recharge it when it drains off. Include the charging time in your planning and enjoy the surroundings when your battery charges. 

   Like every riding options have its pros and cons, so does traveling in your electric cargo bikes gave theirs. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of traveling long distances in an electric cargo bike will help you weigh your decisions.


Pros and cons of using electric cargo bikes for long-distance traveling.


  • Great replacement for a car –

When comparing traveling in the car to traveling in the electric cargo bike, the electric bike has more advantages and is adventurous. Traveling on the bike saves your gas money and is also an environment-friendly option. 

  • Convenient –

It can be convenient on the bike as you don’t have the problem of finding a parking spot when trying to get something from a store. As you can store a duffel bag or any of your things in your cargo bike, it makes it easy to transport them. 

  • Riding options –

You can pedal your electric bike like any traditional bike. And at the same time, you can also use pedal assistance to lower the exertion on your pedals. Using throttle, you can get relaxation the legs and joints.

  • Low noise –

Electric bikes do not produce any sounds as they have electric motors. Therefore, it does not ring in your ears or disturb the neighborhood. 

  • Parking –

Parking your electric cargo bike is not a problem, as you can find a place quite easily. Or you can use the sidewalks to park it as it does not take up space like other automobiles. But remember to check the local news about parking on the sidewalk.

  • Road safety –

Electric bikes are less harmful to other vehicles because they are lightweight and have a limited speed limit. Crashing into an electric cargo bike is much safer than crashing into a truck.

  • Traffic –

Traffic is one big problem we all hate. Using an electric bike has its advantages. You can avoid traffic by swiftly moving through the vehicles and being out of the traffic in no time. 



  • Takes more time –

Traveling by electric cargo bikes can take more time than it would take to travel in other automobiles. Due to its limited speed and time taken to charge, it will take double the time to travel on motorcycles. 

  • A learning experience –

As this way of traveling is new, it will be a learning experience until you become an expert in it. Every trip will teach you new things by delivering new problems. 

  • Climbing steep roads –

Climbing steep hills are limited ss you gave to carry the extra weights of the bike – motor, battery, and cargo. Even using the throttle or pedal assist, climbing steel paths would still be rigid.

  • Limitations –

Traveling an electric bike has its drawback. Pedaling or using the pedal assist will tire the rider and make him feel fatigued and drained in less time. Therefore, you will need extra napping time if you want to continue.

You can rest while the battery is charging.

And riding in extreme weather conditions is not advisable, in extreme rain, wind and snow. 

  • Road laws –

As electric bikes gain more popularity among the public, road laws have been imposed on them. Each state and country have its own rules. Some even do not allow any types of electric bikes on the motorway. It is better to check before you take them to the road.



   Traveling long distances in electric cargo bikes is a new experience for anyone trying. By planning everything before, you can experience the joy of traveling on electric cargo bikes. By taking extra batteries, you can enjoy a trouble-free ride. Or, if you have only one battery, you can adjust your trip, including the charging time.

   There are many benefits of riding electric cargo bikes, but they also have drawbacks. You can get a good experience knowing and weighing the pros and cons of using electric cargo bikes. 


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